What to Look Out for When Choosing a Print-On-Demand Service

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Many people want to get into the print-on-demand industry. These businesses offer you unique possibilities to grow and become a successful entrepreneur. To get there, business owners need to acquire certain services to improve the operation of their print-on-demand business.

Business owners need to team up with a print-on-demand partner who offers various services. As you take care of the designs and print ideas, your partner should focus on other aspects of the business, such as storage, shipping, handling of products, and printing.

Without these services, a print-on-demand business can’t run properly. You must find a partner who can provide what you need. It will be more time-consuming, and you will need to spend more money if you have to find multiple partners to offer additional services.

Using a service like https://printful.com/print-on-demand, you can work with a partner who offers high-quality materials and additional services. Quality will always bring more customers and create a trusting relationship between the business and the customers. They will come back for more products and even tell others about your service. It is essential to look out for bad reviews when searching for a print-on-demand partner. Let’s see what to look out for when choosing a print-on-demand service.

Lack of Services

All in one refers to all the services provided by a partner. Since you are coming with your website and designs, the partner should cover the rest of the services. It all starts from receiving orders, printing, packing, shipping, and providing receipts.


All these services should be handled by one partner. Communication is difficult between more partners. If they can’t communicate and cooperate, delays, wrong orders, damaged goods, wrong prints, or customization will appear. These will only lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and slow business growth.

You can establish long-term relationships that will benefit both parties with a partner who can cover all your needs. There may be discounts as you build a relationship with your partner. For them, it is beneficial because they know their business is growing. More sales for you means more profit for them. If the relationship is strong, you will gain priority.

Having priority service means faster shipments and additional attention. This can only mean customer satisfaction and business growth. Avoid print-on-demand partners that don’t offer a variety of services.

Bad History

When choosing a print-on-demand service, you need to thoroughly investigate. Check the partner’s history, reviews, website, physical store, and storage capabilities. These are vital factors in making the partnership work and not losing money and time.

You can start by asking for the proper documentation. Each country has a set of papers that legally allow a business to provide certain services. They need to have them in order; if not, don’t choose them. They may be breaking laws regarding taxes or proper operations. This will hurt your business, leading to a decrease in sales.


The next step should be checking reviews from past customers and businesses that worked with the company. You can learn a lot from customers’ opinions; the same goes for ex-employees. If the feedback you see is not pleasing, you should move on and find a different business partner.

Related to their history, you can also check legal documents. In many countries, you can inspect businesses and see if they paid their taxes, were in debt, or broke any laws. If anything illegal occurred, this should raise concerns. You should look more into their background or find another service provider if they have a bad history.

Lesser Product Variety & Poor Customer Service

Variety is necessary nowadays, and it should be a service provided by every print-on-demand business. People aren’t only interested in clothes. Customization became popular for everyday objects like mugs, towels, water bottles, and phone cases. You should avoid service providers that can’t cover this demand. If you only print on clothes, it will limit your business.

When looking for variety, you should not limit yourself to the goods you can print on and sell. Checking your partner’s materials and their quality is also essential. Some customers may be willing to pay extra for eco-friendly fabrics. Your print-on-demand partner should allow customers to choose the fabric they want.

When choosing a print-on-demand service, you should also look out for those that treat their clients poorly with lousy customer service. This can damage your business no matter how good your products sell.