10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Dark Chocolate

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why you should eat dark chocolate

Many people have the bad assumption of consuming chocolate, starting from fattening, heaty and etc. But do you know there also various benefits that came from eating dark chocolate? In this post, we’re going to tell you 10 reasons why you should eat dark chocolate.

If you want to have a good reason to tell your mum about having a dark chocolate, check out below!

1. Improve Concentration

One of the reasons why you should eat dark chocolate during study is so that your concentration improved.

Nowadays, there are many supplements that are made to help improve concentration. Instead of directly taking those supplements, try dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is good for improving concentration. It contains caffeine. With the combination of caffeine and antioxidants in dark chocolate, it is known to be effective in improving concentration. Dark chocolate also improves the blood circulation and makes your brain think faster!


2. Cure Insomnia

Do you have insomnia at night? Having a trouble of sleeping can make the body lack of energy in the morning. This is because the body does not get enough time to rest and regenerate.

Dark chocolate is one of the foods that can solve the insomnia problem. In fact, dark chocolate can make you sleep better. The magnesium content in dark chocolate can relax the muscles. The more relaxed muscles can make it easier for the body to rest.

3. Mood Stability

Mood problems can determine a person’s days whether the day is a happy or a gloomy day. Those who have a mood swing, will face tougher days than people have a stable mood.

Mood problems must be resolved immediately so that it will not mess up the rest of your day. Dark chocolate can trigger the production of the hormone serotonin, which makes you feel good. Eat dark chocolate can also be a way to relieve depression.

4. Controlling Blood Sugar

Eating too many sweet foods can have an impact on rising blood sugar and it can result in diabetes. If you have diabetes, your body will be susceptible to various health problems. Chocolate is one of the sweet foods that can be addictive because of its delicious sweet taste.


If you want to find other types of chocolate that are safe for health, switch to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate does not have as high a sugar content as regular chocolate. Dark chocolate actually contains caffeine and anti-oxidants which are good for the body.

5. Increases Good Cholesterol

Cholesterol is categorized into two types: bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. So when we hear the word cholesterol, we are not immediately frightened since not all cholesterol is bad. Good cholesterol is actually needed for the body and can be obtained by consuming a number of foods.

Did you know that dark chocolate is good for cholesterol? Dark chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids. These flavonoids are able to increase the good cholesterol in the body. Another effect, flavonoids can help to lower the level of bad cholesterol.

6. Good For Skin

Not all chocolate is bad for health. There are still several types of chocolate that are actually healthy. Chocolate that should be considered for consumption is dark chocolate.

There are so many health benefits that can be obtained by consuming dark chocolate. One of them is the skin that can be affected by dark chocolate. Those of you who often have skin problems such as acne, can be prevented with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has anti-inflammatory benefits because it contains caffeine. Anti-oxidants can also help nourish the skin.


7. Lose Weight

To get the ideal body weight, diet and exercise are needed. Just do sports but eat carelessly, don’t expect your dream weight to be achieved. Regulating this food pattern is very important because we only exercise for 1 hour, then the rest of the day we have to choose which one to eat.

Not a few people avoid the name chocolate in the diet. Regular chocolate should be stopped, but not for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can actually help us to get the desired weight. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa butter which can actually make a person full longer. It can also regulate insulin levels, which can help with weight loss.

8. Rich in Nutrients

If it is ordinary chocolate, we really need to consider consuming this sweet food. If you eat in limited quantities, it is still reasonable. But if you are afraid of being addicted, it is better not to eat regular chocolate. Try choosing dark chocolate that is much safer for health.

Dark chocolate contains many better nutrients than regular chocolate. These nutrients are needed by the body. Dark chocolate contains fiber, copper, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, potassium, caffeine, and anti-oxidants. Of course, consumption is not excessive, it is certain that we will get the desired health benefits.

9. Healthy Heart

Heart disease is one of the most frightening diseases. Heart disease can strike anyone and at any time. People who look healthy can suddenly have a heart attack. For this reason, it is important to maintain heart health, not only from diligent exercise but also from food.


It is known that dark chocolate can provide benefits for our heart. Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants that can increase the elasticity of blood vessels. Obviously this will reduce the risk of heart problems. To get these benefits, eat dark chocolate with a minimum level of 70%.

10. Good For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should pay close attention to food. The food you eat must be nutritious. Because pregnant women not only eat for themselves but also for the baby in the womb. Therefore it is necessary to follow a special diet for pregnant women that has been suggested by doctors and health experts.

One of the foods that are good and can be included in the diet menu for pregnant women is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has much healthier and more nutritional value than regular chocolate. Vitamins and minerals from dark chocolate are good for the health of the mother and fetus. The iron, zinc, magnesium and other important nutrients in cocoa plus anti-oxidants are good for pregnant women.