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6 Life Hacks For New Dog Owners

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Getting used to the presence of a new canine family member takes some adaptability. Dogs have lots of needs and wants – it is up to the owner to work out how to efficiently and properly meet them. Here are six simple life hacks for new dog owners.

Always Keep A Roll Of Packing Tape Handy

Dog hair has a habit of getting everywhere. It sticks to carpet, nestles into the crevasses of the couch and weaves its way into your clothing fabric. All you need to easily remove dog hair is a roll of strong packing tape. Simply wrap it around your hand sticky side outwards and rub the hairy area. Although you can get special lint rollers, packing tape does the same job for a fraction of the price.

Make Use Of Your Old Clothes

Your old and unused clothes tan be cut up and woven together to make durable dog toys. Dogs love the smell of their owners and will usually stop at nothing to get their paws on some old clothing. With a toy made of old clothes, everybody wins! There are plenty of great tutorials online for making clothing and rags into long-lasting dog toys.


As soon as you get your new dog you should aim to vaccinate it. Head over to to find your nearest veterinary practice that conducts vaccinations. Vaccinations are essential for preventing rabies, parvovirus and many other rather terrifying canine diseases. All good vets recommend vaccinating your dog before you let it socialize with other animals outside of the house.

Keep Them Cool With Frozen Treats

Dogs do not sweat, and regulate temperature using their mouths and paws. During the summer months, dogs can become overheated and lethargic. Cool them down by feeding them frozen treats during the hottest parts of the day.


The White Towel Test

Almost every dog gets fleas at some point in its life. Fleas, as you probably already know, are stubborn little critters once a sizable colony of them becomes established. It is best to deal with the problem as soon as possible to avoid a large infestation. One way of figuring out whether your dog has fleas before it is too late is to subject your pooch to the ‘white towel test’. Simply groom your dog on a white sheet or towel. This will allow you to see any flea feces that fall onto the floor from your dog’s coat.


Training a new dog can feel like an uphill battle. The secret to success: praise. Positive reinforcement training makes your dog feel loved and satisfied when it performs an action well and easy to command.

Unlike negative reinforcement training (like shouting at your dog when it does not ‘sit’), positive reinforcement allows you to train your pup without damaging your relationship or the dog’s attitude towards humans. Consistency is key in training. If the rewards remain consistent when good behavior is displayed then your dog will learn quickly.