Bad Smell on Feet? Here Are Some Simple Life Hacks to Eliminate it

Simple Remedies to cure bad smell on feet

Bad smell on feet is commonly happen when we wear closed shoes for a long time.

When we’re wearing shoes, we don’t smell it. But when we take off our shoes, then only we realize the bad smell on the feet.

Having a bad smell feet can be one of the bad impression to people around you. People often to judge you as a dirty person because of the smell on your feet!

Although the bad feet smell can affect anyone, do you know what is the actual cause of foot odour?

The Cause of Bad Smell on Feet

  • Use the same shoes every day without drying and cleaning your feet before and after wearing shoes.
  • Not maintaining good hygiene, clean feet, socks and shoes.
  • Hormonal changes that cause sweat production to rise. Usually occurs in adolescents.
  • Excessive stress
  • A special condition, hyperhidrosis, in which a person usually sweats more than the average person. Read more on why some people sweat a lot and easily.

If you already have a pungent bad feet smell, you should immediately find a way to get rid of it.

So that you can be more confident and the people around you are no longer bothered by the smell of your feet.

Therefore, just check below on how to get rid of bad smell on feet naturally and quickly.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smell on Feet?

1. Clean the Dead Skin on the Feet Regularly

bad smell on feet

The dead skin that has accumulated and is not immediately removed from the feet will become a nest of bacteria that causes bad feet smell.

Therefore, be diligent in cleaning the dead skin on your feet every day. You can get rid of it using a scrub.

2. Cut toenails

Toenails that are not maintained will be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause foot odor. So be diligent about cutting your feet so that bacteria don’t nest. Also clean the edges of the toenails.

3. Lemon

bad smell on feet

Lemon is not only useful as a beauty treatment, but also as a herbal medicine that is good for the health of the body.

Apart from these two benefits, lemon can also be used as a powerful way to get rid of foot odor.

Lemon has anti-bacterial properties that can eradicate odor-causing bacteria on your feet.

It’s easy, you just need to squeeze 6 lemons. Then mix with 1 basin of warm water. Soak your feet for 15 minutes so that the bacteria that cause foot odor die.

4. Salt

how to get rid of bad feet smell

Many people already know that salt is useful to get rid of bad feet smell. Salt works to reduce moisture on the feet and also eradicate the bacteria that cause foot odour.

The method is easy, mix salt with 1 basin of warm water then soak stiff for 20 minutes. Do it every day.

5. Baking soda

Baking soda has been known of it multiple function that is helpful in human life. One of it is to get rid of bacteria that can cause bad smell on feet!

Image: WikiHow

The trick is to mix 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 basin of water. Wait for the baking soda to dissolve. Then soak the feet for minutes. When finished, rinse with a clean towel.

Sprinkle The Shoes With Baking soda
bad smell on feet
Image: WikiHow

Not only for your feet, put the baking soda on your shoes too! Baking soda is also useful for absorbing odors on your shoes and also eliminates odor-causing bacteria that lodges in shoes.

Sprinkle baking soda on the shoes, then flatten them by shaking the shoes. Leave it overnight. Do it every day.

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6. Mouthwash

Get rid of bad feet smell with mouthwash

It sounds strange that the mouthwash that is used to gargle with the mouth is actually used as a way to get rid of foot odor.

This is because mouthwash is intended to kill bacteria. Therefore, mouthwash is also useful as a way to get rid of foot odor.

Mix ½ bottle of 250 ml packaged mouthwash with 1 basin of water. Then soak your feet for 15 minutes.

7. Vinegar

Vinegar to get rid of bad smell feet

Vinegar with high levels of acid is also effective at killing the germs that cause bad smell on the feet.

You can mix ½ cup vinegar with 1 basin of water, then soak your feet for 15 minutes.

8. Anti Bacterial Soap

According to the label, anti-bacterial soap is intended to eradicate bacteria that cause health problems in the body such as bad feet smell.

You need to be diligent in cleaning your feet using anti-bacterial soap every day, twice a day. Clean it thoroughly so that it gets between your toes.

9. Mint soap

Mint, as we already know, is a commonly used ingredient to freshen the mouth. It’s not unusual if it’s used on legs.

But in fact, regularly washing your feet using mint soap, the bad smell of your feet will disappear on its own.

10. Deodorant

This method seems strange, because we are used to using deodorant on the armpits. However, as we know that deodorant is used as an underarm odor remover.

In fact, it can also be used on the feet as a way to get rid of bad feet smell. But of course you have to distinguish which deodorant you use for your underarms and which deodorant you use for your feet. Be diligent about using deodorant every time you want to use shoes.

11. Antiperspirant

Note that deodorants and antiperspirants are two different things. Deodorants are only intended to remove or prevent body odor, while antiperspirants are used to remove odor-causing bacteria and also control sweat. Use the same as deodorant, every time you want to wear shoes.

12. Foot Deodorizing Spray

Of course as the name suggests, foot deodorizing spray is used to get rid of foot odor. Use it regularly so that the smell of the feet is gone.

13. Coffee

Coffee is commonly consumed as a sleep reliever drink. But not only that, coffee can also be used as an effective way to get rid of bad feet smell.

The trick is to mix coffee with water little by little to form a paste and then apply it on your feet. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse.

14. Tea

Tea is already known by many people as a drink with many kinds and properties. The substances contained in tea are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial.

Therefore tea can also be used as an effective way to get rid of bad feet smell. The trick is to wash the feet that have been brewed with warm water. Do it 2 times a day.

15. Cornstarch

Not only is it useful as an ingredient in cakes, you can use cornstarch as a powerful way to get rid of foot odor.

The method is very easy. You just need to spread the cornstarch over your feet like you would with powder.

16. Lime

Lime contains high levels of acid and vitamin C. This content acts as a potent and effective anti-bacterial agent. You only need to apply the split lime to your feet evenly. Let stand for a few minutes then rinse.

17. Wash & Change Socks Regularly

Socks are used whenever we want to use closed shoes. Now, when it is closed, damp, and with less air circulation, socks will actually become a nest of pleasant bacteria for the breeding of bacteria that cause foot odor. Be diligent in washing socks and also make sure that you wash them clean.

Furthermore, do not use socks for more than a day, this is because socks are used in closed, damp shoes and lack of air circulation. Change socks every day and preferably twice a day so that the socks don’t become a nest of bacteria.

18. Use Cotton Socks

Using cotton socks will make the sweat absorb perfectly. Then the sweat that comes out will not stick to your feet and make your feet smell.

19. Put The Charcoal in The Shoes

Adding charcoal is a great way to get rid of foot odor. This is because the charcoal will absorb bad odors from your shoes. Put the charcoal in your shoes after each use and leave it overnight.

20, Wash Shoes Regularly

Wash your shoes at least once a week will keep bacteria from growing in your shoes. Even better if you can wash it 2 times a week.

21. Make Sure to Wash & Dry Your Feet Before Wearing Shoe

Don’t forget to wash your feet before and after wearing shoes minimize the development of bacteria on your feet. Do this regularly.

Now, before you wear shoes, make sure your feet are completely dry. Because bacteria on the feet like to grow in damp places.

22. Dry Shoes Under The Sun After Usage

After wearing the shoes, dry your shoes in the sun, so that germs and bacteria do not continue to grow. That way your shoes won’t be damp and smelly.

Especially, if you used it after went through rain, immediately dry and wash your feet, socks, and shoes so that bacteria do not multiply quickly.

Consumption That You Need to Take Note to Get Rid of Bad Feet Smell

Eat Foods that contain magnesium

Foods that contain magnesium are useful for regulating your sweat, so that the sweat production process is not excessive. High-magnesium foods such as chocolate, avocado, tofu, fish, bananas, and dark green vegetables.

Avoid Consuming Foods That Cause Foot Odor

Foods such as spices, red meat, alcohol, caffeine, junk food, can interfere with your sweat production process so that the resulting sweat will smell. Avoid these foods.

Bottom Line

Again, he emphasized, the bacteria on the feet love damp places. Therefore, don’t force yourself to wear socks and shoes when wet or the bad smell of your feet will be even more pungent.

Written by Jonathan Snyder

Jonathan Snyder is the author for 5 best selling books on Amazon (Development as Service) and part time contributor at Life Hack Solution.