10 Benefits of Quitting Smoking That Will Shock You

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benefits of quitting smoking

If you’re reading this article, you’ve might be in the process of quitting smoking or just have a thought to do so. However, do you actually know what are the benefits by quitting smoking?

By knowing the benefits of quitting smoking, we hope that it can help you to increase your success rate of stopping. Without further, let’s jump into 10 benefits of quitting smoking!

1. Increase Your Body Immunity

Many disorders are experienced by the body by smoking cigarettes frequently. And it turns out, our immune system or immune system is also affected. The immune system is the body’s natural defense from any kind of virus or disease.

Our body has its own mechanism to fight the incoming virus. Imagine if the body’s immune system decreases, we will become susceptible to disease. Smoking does actually reduces your body’s immune system. Cigarettes contain many harmful substances such as nicotine and tar.

The more often you smoke, the harder your immune system fights against harmful substances from cigarettes. Just like humans who can feel tired, the body’s systems can also become tired and decrease in function.


With weak immune function, external diseases can easily attack the body. When you decide to follow a healthy lifestyle and stop smoking, your immune function will definitely return to normal.

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2. Your Skin Becomes Healthier

Let’s look around, how many people in your environment are smoking? Have this crossed in your mind, comparing their skin condition with non smoker?

Smoking can indeed make a person’s appearance dull. The skin that is most affected by the effects of smoking loses its brightness and makes you look older and duller.

If you don’t want to look older than your age’s look, try quitting your smoking habit. If you stop, your skin will regenerate and the brightness will return to normal. Another benefits if you quitting smoking is your skin becomes healthier!

3. You’ll Stop Snoring

It turns out that snoring is not just because someone is overweight, those who like to smoke also have this problem. For those of us who snore it may not be a problem, but for those who are already paired, snoring can interfere with rest time. Disturbed sleep, mood can also be disturbed.


According to the study results, those who regularly smoke, the risk of snoring is also getting bigger. Trials were also carried out on those who did not smoke. In fact, former smokers have a smaller risk of snoring than those who are active smokers. So, if you don’t want to keep snoring and annoying your partner, stop smoking.

4. Light Up Your Breath

Respiration is a bodily function that will immediately be disturbed once you decide to become a smoker. The more intensely you smoke cigarettes, the more disturbed your breathing will be.

Shortness of breath and coughing, these are 2 things that you will definitely feel while smoking. How to get rid of it?

The way to get rid of it is to quit smoking. Going to the pharmacy and buying cough medicine won’t help much as long as you smoke. It’s the same as you don’t want to crash but still drive the vehicle at high speed. By quitting smoking, your nose, throat, and lungs will return to normal, making breathing easier.

5. More Saving

More money, more saving. Yes, this is one of the benefits that you can get through quitting smoking.


Besides being detrimental to health, smoking makes us more wasteful. Once you decide to quit smoking, there will be some money left to save.

Have you count how much money you could save after quitting smoking? Wouldn’t it be nice to see your wallet thick with money than smoking?

6. Improve Your Sense

Don’t think smoking is fun and cool. You don’t know that there are many health problems experienced by active smokers. Loss of sense function is one of them. In this case the tongue. Active smokers have a problem with their sense of taste where they can’t feel the taste of the food they eat.

You don’t want the food that you bought expensively and it doesn’t even have taste in your mouth, right? If you are active smokers, try to consider this.

Which is better, the pleasure of smoking or the pleasure of the food you eat? If you want your sense of taste to return to normal, give up your smoking habit.


7. Lower Lung Cancer Risk

Fortunately, none of the warnings written on the cigarette packs will happen immediately. Everything just feels after years of smoking. One of the risks of smoking is lung cancer. Smoking even one stick can increase the risk of developing this deadly disease.

If you don’t want to suffer from lung cancer in your old age, it’s better to stop smoking immediately. Active smokers have a 20x greater risk of developing lung cancer than secondhand smoke. By quitting smoking, just a few days, then you have cut your risk of developing lung cancer in half.

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8. Lower Risk of Heart Attack

Smoking can actually increase the risk of having a heart attack. If you don’t want to experience it, then you should stop smoking.

If you decide to quit smoking, your risk of having a heart attack will also decrease. To be precise, after 24 hours of not smoking, your risk of having a heart attack will drop. This is because the body has the ability to restore organs in the body itself.

9. Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Drop

A person can become a smoker because they are trapped in association and curiosity. High curiosity makes a person a smoker. But what is more difficult to resist is if our own best friend offers us a cigarette. Any persuasion can make people try smoking even if it’s only one stick.


Even though it’s only a stick, the effect that cigarettes have on the body is enormous. Maybe you can’t see directly what is happening in the body, but, just one stick, smoking can affect the heart and blood vessels.

If continued, it can lead to heart disease. By quitting smoking, you can reduce your risk of heart disease, your heart rate will return to normal, and your blood vessels will be clean again.

10. You Will Live Longer

Although nobody actually know how long they will live in this earth, every action we take can determine whether we can live long or short.

Smoking is one of them, a habit that can shorten their lifespan. Many people smoke at a young age, some are still in kindergarten but have started smoking.

We don’t know how much age will be cut if the habit continues into adulthood. If you want a long life, quitting smoking is one way to get a long life. Men who decide to quit smoking at the age of 30 have the potential to extend their lives by 10 years.