Great Methods to Improve Concentration When Gaming Online

2 mins read

Online gaming has been on the rise for several years, with increasing prize funds for those at the top end of the industry.

Did you know that a win in the Dota 2 tournament known as The International can net you a slice of a $40m prize pool? A good finish in the online shooter Fortnite’s World Championship could see you bring home close to $1m. That’s significant money and yet also very niche games. You’ve likely heard of the latter only through the news, whilst the former is not well known outside eSports circles.

However, that is not the length and breadth of online gaming. Almost everyone games online, and you need to concentrate even without millions of dollars on the table. How many of you have played Wordle today? Plenty, we’d imagine, and you may have gone into deep concentration doing so. Game Spot even reveals people are getting help with their technique, and that’s just for a game that asks you to come up with six words. Then there’s the online casino industry, another popular form of online gaming that demands concentration. The range of online games featured on Ladbrokes includes titles such as Bonanza Megaways and Devil’s Nightmare, which are far more complex than just pulling a lever and hoping to line up cherries. They have different ways to win and bonus screens to play, which means you need to concentrate longer.

How can you achieve better concentration levels, playing online shots, shooting other players or doing anything online? We’ve got some handy hacks that might give you the extra edge you need.


Some gamers like to add a little something to their repertoire with supplements. Consuming caffeinated drinks is not a good idea; it can raise stress levels beyond acceptable limits and be counterproductive for your gaming session. However, supplements are known to help improve concentration during a gaming session, and many are now marketed directly at gamers. Known as Nootropic Supplements, they are often herbal solutions to modern-day problems without the sugar of energy drinks. Some, such as Turmeric, are reported to have other health benefits, helping memory, concentration and even working as an anti-inflammatory.


Exercise Regularly

Surely, stepping away from the screen is not a good way to improve concentration? It sounds counterproductive, but it isn’t. Studies show that a quarter of an hour of cardio exercise before a session can significantly improve gaming performance. It will stimulate blood circulation and raise oxygen levels in your body, helping you not only to concentrate but improve reaction times and focus. If you are a committed gamer, remaining sedentary can have health implications, so regular exercise should be the norm before or even during a gaming session.

Mindfulness Training

What would you do if you were a boxer and had a fight coming up? You’d train, right? The same goes for all athletes, so why not for online gaming? This applies to online casinos, poker, word games or anything. We’re not discussing binge playing but rather preparing your body and mind for the session through mindfulness training. Mindfulness is quite a deep topic, and you must find the right approach for you, but a typical training session simply consists of sitting comfortably, closing your eyes, and trying breathing exercises while listening to relaxing noises such as soft flutes and piano or even rain. It is a form of focused concentration, and those who explore the field will find an exercise or program to suit their needs.

Another good topic to help you improve online gaming is sleep patterns. Good sleep can help you be better at online gaming or any aspect of your life. Be sure to check out our recent article ‘10 Negative Effects of Sleeping Late’ to help fill you in on the importance of a good sleep routine.