Guide on: How to Write Your First Memoir

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Everyone is the author of their story, and the reason for writing can be based on their own life experience believing that strangers would enjoy it. That is called writing a memoir. Writing based on your own experience requires skills to grab the audience’s attention. You must write a compelling story to make it more interesting. Are you stuck on how to make readers stick to your story to the end? Below are the guides to enable you to deliver a story that will make the audience want more.

Guide on How to Write Your First Memoir

The following steps will help you out

1. Choose a Focus

Being aware of why you are writing a memoir is very significant. Ask yourself, what will the audience gain after reading the memoir? This step is essential as it opens ways for you to think deeply about what you should consider delivering since your aim is for strangers to learn something from it.

2. List Many Experiences

Now it is time to get a paper to note down memories. Think of an intriguing or sad scenario about your journey in life. Be it your marriage, first love, family issues, or a situation in graduate school. For example, during my college time, I failed to submit assignments on time with plagiarized work, which led me to look for someone to rewrite an essay for me. I wish I knew back there about WritingUniverse. It would save me from paying a huge amount that I would use as my semester fee. I had to loan from various apps resulting in a huge debt that I could not pay at once. Instead, I called off the semester. There are so many areas in your life to talk about, so you need time to dig in to spark some specific memory.

3. Choose One and Give a Name.

After listing your experiences in life, select one out of them. Pick the one you cannot stop thinking about or the details that make you remember a lot. Now you have decided, and the experience is about to begin, so what could be the topic? Note that on a second sheet.


4. Note Essential Details

After the title, jog your mind with essential questions like where you were at that time, why you went through that, and when it occurred. These kinds of questions will pave your way for successful writing.

5. Write an Introduction

To begin your memoir, you must have an opening word with a dramatic hook that will grab the audience’s attention to read until the end. Give enough information to make the memoir more interesting without giving the whole story of your life experience. Remember, this is the third draft and the story’s opener that you now want to write.

6. Write the Conclusion

After a scenario, you always have a great piece of information that you have learned. The reason why you have come up with a memoir. Give yourself a question: What is the essence? Note down sentences summarizing the entire story’s importance on this thirst sheet.

7. Write the Memoir

Now it is time to bring together the points you have taken down, from the title to the conclusion. You now know how to write tutorial; writing whatever experience you have settled on is what remains. You have already mastered everything; It is time to pour everything your emotions into the final draft. Make it as interesting as possible and put readers in your shoes. Close it with a good conclusion, and bravo! That is a good step for your first memoir.

Final Thought

Everyone has a book in them, but it takes a step to deliver it greatly to the audience. You have time to think about a scenario in your life and bring it into reality on a sheet of paper. You may want ways to go about it; worry not because the above guides will help you bring good ideas for the memoir you want to deliver as a first-timer.