10 Tips to Feel Comfortable at a New Job

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how do you feel comfortable at a new job

If you just changed workplaces, you must’ve known how difficult it is to adapt to a new office environment. Different co-workers, different rules, and a different boss character are just a few of the things the old office wasn’t have. Well, in this article, we’re going to show you 10 ways to feel comfortable in your new job!

As the result, the early days of changing jobs became a time that seemed difficult to pass. Because we don’t feel at home at all.

Naturally, people will eventually find comfort in a new place. However, the process is not the same from one person to another. Some take longer, but some adapt more quickly.

What is clear, the sooner you adapt, the sooner you will feel comfortable. Your work performance will be even better when we are comfortable in the new office.

1. Know Important Positions

After preparing yourself, of course you should start getting to know your new workplace. First, identify those who have important positions and who you need.


For example, the boss at work, his secretary, HR at the office.

So, when you need help from them, you can easily find the person. Employees are ignorant about this. They only recognized people in important positions after working there for a long time.

2. Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself that soon you will be dealing with something new. Don’t be too optimistic, and in the same time don’t be too pessimistic. Be realistic while equipping your mentality.

Why is this important? Because many people do not prepare themselves when they become new employees. As a result, they were shocked and felt like going back to their old office after entering on the first day.

In fact, preparing mentally to be able to quickly adapt in a new environment is not a difficult thing to do, you know. You just have to anticipate yourself so as not to be surprised when you find things out of your old office habits.


3. Know the Conditions Around the Workplace

Every office has a different work culture. Relations between divisions, relationships within one division, and others are often different from one another.

If you ignore things like this, you will be confused and face a lot of problems. As a result, you will find it difficult to feel at comfortable in the new job.

Therefore, one way to feel at comfortable in new job can be done by starting to read situations like this. Especially when it concerns something sensitive, such as rivalry between co-workers or rivalry between divisions.

Misbehaving in these situations could lead you into unnecessary conflict.

In addition, do not forget to recognize the ins and outs of the office building and its surroundings. That way, you can find the exact room or place you need.


4. Find a Work Friend You Can Trust

One thing that can make us feel at home quickly in a new environment is the presence of a friend. The sooner we make friends, the easier it is for us to survive and be comfortable in that place.

But finding friends in the office who are completely foreign to you is not easy. Therefore, do not be too hasty to trust your acquaintances.

For the first time in the office, make friends with anyone who reciprocates your hospitality. In the meantime, observe the nature of each of your coworkers, and decide with whom you would like to have a closer relationship.

5. Be Friendly

There is hardly anyone in this world who likes arrogant people. Even if you are accepted into a high position, never show your arrogance. Don’t look for enemies while we can get friends.

Instead, display a friendly attitude as a way to feel comfortable in your new job. Don’t be afraid to say hello or smile when you meet a friend from the new office.


Your hospitality will surely be rewarded positively. They are also sure to be friendly which makes the office atmosphere more pleasant for new employees like you.

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6. Stay Confident

Bullying can happen anywhere, including in the workplace. Therefore, you also have to anticipate this.  The perpetrators are generally seniors who feel their position is threatened or those who are arrogant.

One way that can be done to prevent it is to show self-confidence. This is because bullies often look for weak victims and cannot repay them.

When they see you looking confident and brave, they will hesitate to bully.


7.  Stop Comparing

Don’t get used to comparing the old office atmosphere with the new one. Maybe your old office is better than your new office. Perhaps, in the old office you have loyal friends, while in the new office you don’t.

However, a comparison mindset is not healthy at all. You will find it difficult to move on if you keep thinking like this.

Instead, just focus on the time you are experiencing right now. Be grateful for the conditions in your new workplace while continuing to try to adjust.

8. Ready to Learn More

What is equally important to do as a way to feel at home in a new workplace is our willingness to learn. Why is this important?

Because, even though we work in the same field, it is not impossible that we are required to master different skills.


In the field itself, there are many cases where employees feel uncomfortable because they are pressured by workloads that they have not mastered. In fact, learning a new skill is not as difficult as one might think.

By learning new skills, we can also get its own benefits. We can use these new skills as bargaining power when we later want to ask for a promotion or apply to other companies.

9. Don’t Hesitate to Ask

If you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way. This old adage can actually guide you when you are in a new work environment. Unfortunately, there are still people who are hesitant to just ask questions.

People’s reluctance to ask questions themselves is caused by various reasons. There are those who do not want to ask questions because of prestige, do not want to ask because of shame, and so on.

In fact, in a new workplace, there will be a lot of things we don’t know, including about our own work. If we are reluctant to ask questions, our work might be bad.


Therefore, do not hesitate to ask. Find a friend who is friendly and willing to answer your questions.

But remember, don’t ask too many questions either. If you think you’re asking too many questions, your friends may feel embarrassed and end up thinking you’re too stupid.

10. Show Good Performance Elegantly

Show your good performance in the new job. But remember, don’t be too hasty and don’t brag.

A good performance will make your co-workers respect you even if you are new. Your boss will also feel happy so it is not impossible that he will give bonuses to promotions.

But again, show your performance with elegance. Never put another coworker down. Instead, just show that the result of your work is the hard work of the division team where you are placed.


Bottom Line

You can rely on these ten ways to feel at home in your new workplace to quickly blend in at work. But remember, yeah, don’t be too hard on yourself.

For some people, adapting to a new environment is not easy. So, experiencing failure is not a strange thing. Just keep trying with the 10 ways I shared above, and gradually, you will definitely be comfortable in your new office.