10 Secrets To Get a Better Singing Voice Quickly

How to Get a Better Singing Voice

Falls tone is one of the most common problem for a singer. Just imagine, your voice suddenly falsified or disappeared. In this post, we’re gonna show you all you need to do to get a better singing voice, without taking any lesson!

Do you know that you can overcome false sounds with a practice? And then, do you know that the food and drink consumed can affect your sound?

Not only continuous vocal training can make your voice melodious. It turns out that food and drink are things you should be pay attention too. In order to get a great voice, a singer must maintain his body health by paying attention to the types of food and drink they consume.

Foods & Drinks That You Should Avoid for a Better Singing Voice

1. Oily Foods

Basically, greasy food is not good for the health of your body, especially the throat. According to Aureus Academy, excessive oil content in the food you consume can increase the temperature in your throat. Eventually, your throat will experience vocal cord dysfunction.

2. Nuts and Chips

Other foods you need to avoid are nuts and chips. Both of these foods will make your lips dry easily. This of course will affect your comfort when singing.

So, remember to pay attention on the food and drinks you consume.

3. Cold Drinks

Who is not tempted by cold drinks in hot weather?

However, if you want an excellent quality of your voice, then avoid cold drinks. The cold temperature brought by the drink you consume will make your throat temperature drop.

This declining temperature will actually make your vocal cords harden and lose their elasticity so that your voice will tend to falsify when singing.

4. Spicy Food

Spicy foods are foods that can increase the temperature of your throat. Increasing the temperature in the throat will lead to vocal cord dysfunction.

5. Caffeine

Some drinks that you should avoid to maintain the quality of your voice when singing, are drinks with caffeine content. The caffeine content in the drinks will decrease the elasticity of your voice.

The elasticity of the vocal cords is greatly affected by the level of body fluids in your body. If you frequently consume these types of drinks, the fluids in your body will decrease dramatically.

Not only your voice quality will turn into bad, your body will also lose a lot of fluids and become dehydrated.

10 Tips to Get a Better Voice when Singing

After knowing what kind of foods to avoid, let’s get into the tips on how to get a better singing voice!

1. Avoid Caffeine, Cigarettes, and Alcohol

If you are an active smoker, reconsider the health of your throat and respiratory system. Singing is an activity that is closely related to the respiratory system.

In order to get a better voice, you should avoid smoking and smoke.

The risk that you will get is the irritation of the vocal cords, if you keep pushing your throat to keep smoking during your vocal practice routine.

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2. Avoid Drinks with Excessive Temperature

The vocal cords are very sensitive to temperature changes. To get and maintain the sound quality to keep it melodious, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the drink you are going to drink.

Drinks with excessive temperatures, such as too hot and too cold can irritate your singing voice.

As an alternative, you can choose drinks with lukewarm temperature or warm water to maintain the health of your vocal cords and throat.

3. Avoid Bad Air Environment

Air is an important element for humans because it greatly affects the respiratory system. Air-conditioned room, too hot temperature, and low humidity can make your throat dry quickly.

Try to avoid activities in the AC room or going out at night as much as possible. This will lead to damage to the vocal cords due to disruption of the lubrication process.

4. Get Enough Hydration

The folds of the vocal cords need to be lubricated with mucus in order to vibrate and produce sound. A sweet voice is produced by the vocal cords which are lubricated with enough mucus. This lubrication requires an adequate amount of water, at least two liters per day.

Apart from maintaining the health of the vocal cords and facilitating the lubrication process, plain water will maintain the condition of the kidneys and heart function. The adequate amount of water or mineral water consumption will also prevent you from dehydration.

5. Avoid High Stomach Acid

Gastric acid is an important substance that the stomach needs to digest food, but high stomach acid conditions can affect the vocal cords. The corrosive nature of stomach acid can damage the vocal cords and cause problems with the heart and lungs.

To get excellent vocals, you have to maintain your acid reflux. By eating regularly, getting enough exercise, eating nutritious foods, and improving your lifestyle will keep your stomach acid in good condition and avoid various types of diseases.

6. Don’t Force the Vocal Cords

The vocal cords are constantly forced to scream, shout, and even sing high notes continuously, will make your throat feel tired and your voice will sound hoarse.

To keep your vocal cords in good condition and have a sweet voice, you can do vocal exercises or warm up first. Sing in a relaxed manner so that the sound you produce is pleasant and light.

To relax your vocal cords, you can do the following things in the morning, namely mouth and tongue exercises for better breathing and air circulation. Can be done in the bathroom or on the way to work. Humming or cooing to warm up your voice.

If you want to do a complex voice activity or warm up to a complex singing technique, do a simple warm-up first. Repeat the warm-up several times a day to avoid straining your neck, shoulders, and jaw muscles. When you are done with the activity, cool down in a manner similar to warming up.

Remember, if your throat feels tired and your voice starts to sound hoarse, give it time to rest. The rest time you give your throat and vocal cords will relax your voice afterward.

7. Don’t Clean Throat Too Often

Many people like to clear their throat, but did you know that cleaning the vocal cords is the same as rubbing them? We recommend that if you often experience coughs, sinuses, and diseases related to the stomach and digestive system, you can contact your doctor and get the right treatment.

You can make potions to keep your throat healthy. Here are the ingredients for a sweet voice. The ingredients are 2 lime, a tip of whiting, 1 tablespoon of honey, and salt to taste.

To make it, simply cut two lime pieces each into two parts, then squeeze the whole part and just take the water. Mix with whiting, salt and honey. Potions are ready to be enjoyed. You can make this concoction once a week for at least two consecutive months.

8. Take Care of Your Throat and Neck Muscles

Keeping the vocal cords in good shape means keeping the entire throat and neck in good shape. Even if you’re singing in an up and down note, keep your throat and neck muscles relaxed. Avoid tilting and lowering your head when singing.

This will strain your throat muscles and affect your long-term vocal range. Practice the vibra that you have. When you breathe, your vocal cords will open and air will pass through without producing sound but when you are going to make a sound, your vocal cords will vibrate to produce sound.

So, what is called vibra is a time where the contraction of the vocal cords takes place due to vibrations. To get a beautiful vibra, you need to practice vocal and technique regularly. The trick, take a singing attitude as relaxed as possible. Choose a song and sing it with the right tone shot. Try to pick songs that are ticked too high.

When singing, feel the air flowing from the inside out through your vocal cords or throat. You will feel your throat vibrate, focus and try to get the vibra naturally. Avoid making excessive vibra by moving the throat chart. This will drain your energy while singing and make your voice unstable.

If you have managed to feel the vibration, adjust it slowly according to the expression and needs of the song you are singing. Vibra that is beautiful and delicious when heard is formed naturally and stable. You don’t need to make vibra excessively, so practice slowly and patiently.

9. Exercise Regularly

Sport is an important activity that everyone should do, including those of you who like to sing. By exercising, your immune system will increase and you won’t get sick easily. This will affect your health condition when singing.

In addition, regular exercise can make your breathing stronger and longer, of course this is very useful for you. You can choose several mild sports, such as yoga, swimming, running, and cycling.

10. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is something singers constantly practice. This will come in handy when you sing. To practice deep breathing, you must try pulmonary and diaphragmatic breathing by taking in deep air and expelling it until it runs out.

Practice deep breathing regularly while sitting, standing, and even lying down. If you take a sitting and standing position, you can place your hands on your stomach and force out all the air you inhale. If you take a lying down position during practice, you can place a book on your chest until it doesn’t move.

As an additional tip, you need to practice high-pitched vocals. Starting with drinking warm water before vocal practice and warming up by singing a song with a tone that is not too complicated. Then you can continue with the practice of scales from low to high and vice versa.

Repeat the exercise over and over until your vocal cords become more elastic and wider. After that is enough, then you can start vocal practice by singing songs with complex tones low and high.

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Bottom Line

If you’re not born with a fabulous vocal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a singer. All you need is just follow the tricks explained below, and sooner you’ll get a better singing voice.

Written by Alexandra Stonem

Alexandra is the content reviewer & senior author at Life Hack Solution.