how to regain motivation

6 Tips to Regain Back Your Life Motivation

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There is a stage of life, where most of us face issues such as lack of Life Motivation. Hence, we’re going to share you some tips to regain back your motivation.

This usually happens when we faced a huge impact in life choices. There are many factors that could cause this lack of motivation. Among the causes are:

  • Sudden realization in getting stuck in a job you hate
  • Failed relationships
  • Change in Interest
  • Maturity level

1. Find a new solo hobby

how to regain motivation

We all should learn to do things alone and have certain hobbies alone. Finding a solo hobby helps you to enjoy a leisure without the need of company. We should not be doing everything with a need of a partner or a company.

Doing things with company will cause us to have happy memories with someone. The nightmare comes when the relationship fails. We would stop doing that hobby that we used to do with someone as reminiscing the happy memories would hurt us.


Here is a book you could try reading to learn some random weekend projects to do on your own:

2. Cultivate independence

how to regain motivation

We need to learn to be more independent in life especially nearing the adulthood stage. It will take time for some of us to develop this habit at a later age. For some of us who grew up in a family with loving parents, we might be pampered by our parents. It is a natural reaction for us to grow up not independently.

It is a family culture instilled since young which we could not shake off easily. This happens because we somehow easily rely and put trust on others so easily for events, we are not comfortable with. It means when we face difficult or stressful situations like for example driving to an unfamiliar road, we would naturally consult our loved ones for help and company.


This habit is all right if your loved ones are with you for the rest of your life. Sadly, nothing lasts forever. Thus, we need learn to save our self and be more independent to move on with life.

3. Only trust yourself

how to regain motivation

Have you ever put all your trust, hopes and dreams on a single person? If you do, please stop dreaming. This is the ugly truth about trust. Family members, love partners and close friends can break your trust anytime.

You never truly know a person until they are tested when a major life event happens. People will show their true colors during bad situations. Never completely trust a person, as when they failed your expectations, it feels like your fragile heart got broken into a million pieces. Like shattered glass, all your hopes and dreams build for many years just got broken easily within a few seconds of life decisions.

Putting hopes on other people is one of the riskiest things to do in life, remember to only trust yourself in life. Being surrounded with trusted loved ones is a rare blessing in life. The harsh truth is we do not live in fairytales. The world of Disney is slowly depleting as we age.


Here is a book for some good reads on learning how to trust yourself.


4. Widen your knowledge and Experience

how to regain motivation

The quote Learning Never Stops and Has No Age, is true. Keep yourself busy with non-stop reading and gaining much life experiences. This can be a way to regain your life motivation back! Learning a new language is a plus point for communication all around the world.

Communication and connections are key for business and relationships. With that, we can generate more income if we meet a right business partner from other countries with the same career goals as us. Grab a book on a chill Sunday morning. You can have some me-time with some good reads for your brain.


In terms of life experiences, you can try travelling solo, with a partner or a group of people. Experiencing all kinds of outdoor adventures keeps our adrenaline rush going. Life experiences are essential to let us discover more of the world, we could see issues in a bigger picture. One thing you may learn is, your personal problems are not as big as the world’s problem.

Statistics had shown, people who spent money on adventures are happier than those people who spent money on material items. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, we could not explore the world as we wanted to. Depression and suicidal rates had increased due to people caving too much at home as we do not have a choice to go out.

5. Work with passion

how to regain motivation

During our college days, we might not even know what our career passion is. As we start our working life, we might slowly discover we had no passion in our current job. The field of work might not be suitable for you. One of the signs we do not like our job is we dread out in the morning to go to work.

Next, we only work for the money, and we feel trapped in a cycle that never ends. Before is too late, remember that we can always start something at any age. Find your passion, start something of your interest and make your passion into real action. Many of us end up being corporate slaves if we only work for the money and not passion. Many of us do not even realize we are stuck in a zombie cycle.


We all need to exit this cycle before it affects our mental health. Start small, stay consistent, do it right in each step to increase efficiency and quality. Emphasize on Quality, not Quantity. Never give up once you find the right and effective ways to earn from your passion.

Age does not matter. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Make sure to set realistic expectations so that you do not get caught up into great disappointments. There are late bloomers that succeed at a later age ranging from 35-56 years old. An example for famous late bloomers:

  • Jack Ma (35 years old)- Alibaba Group: China
  • Tahir (35 years old)- The Mayapada Group: Indonesia
  • Martin Lorentzon (37 years old)- Spotify: Sweden
  • Giorgio Amani S.p.A. (41 years old)- Giogio Armani: Italy
  • Eduardo Eurnekian (56 years old)- Corporacion America: Argentina

6. Stay healthy

how to regain motivation

Stay healthy is one of the way to regain your life motivation.

At such a young age, we are thought to maintain our physical hygiene. We were thought to bath and brush our teeth to maintain our physical health. However, our education system lacked teachings on mental hygiene.


Mental health problems, like depression due to a failed relationship is the most dangerous because our loved ones cannot see a broken heart. Internal problems cannot be healed with medications. As compared to being physically hurt, like a bleeding knee which could be seen externally/ We could have been taken to a clinic to heal the wound by our loved ones.

Being healthy mentally is the starting point to be physically healthy. Our minds control our actions. Thus, having a healthy mindset is more important which eventually leads us to also eating right for our body and regain your life motivation

Optimum health internally and externally is important for us to ensure we are motivated enough to keep us going in our lives. Without health, we cannot do anything. Imagine yourself laying on the hospital bed about to die, will you be thinking of your running business? Nope, you will be thinking of all your loved ones and the best memories you had with them.

With health, we can achieve more things in life. Think right, Eat Right and Love your body. We are what we eat. Regain back your life motivation!

Bottom Line

Never give up on life. You can regain the motivation  back. If one day, you had loss the purpose of life, remember that you can always find a new source of motivation to keep your life moving forward. Learn from your mistakes, be careful not to repeat it. Love yourself more, slowly you will be happier as an individual.


Reach for the moon, if you fail, you might at least fall among the stars which is still above the rest one earth. Set realistic goals and make sure to do it for yourself. Self-motivation is key for sustenance as planning your life around someone is not going to work.

Stay positive, our life is precious.