11 Hacks to Relieve Pins and Needles

how to relieve pins and needles

Pins and needles can happen just in short while, meanwhile the others experience continuous prickling and tingling on their body part. In fact, you don’t necessarily need some chemical drugs to relieve pins and needles. In this post, we’re going to show you exactly how to relieve them naturally!

But first, if you’re still not sure about what is pins and needles, check out below!

Knowing What is Pins and Needles

What is meant by pins and needles? Actually, the definition is very simple.

If in the midst of a certain activity there is a part of the body that feels sore and is like being grazed by millions of ants. This is a symptom of pins and needles.

The longer the symptoms are allowed, the part of the body that feels fondled by the millions of ants will turn numb.

Pins and needles is not a big threat if it is just happen once in a while and shortly. As mentioned above, some people experienced continuously which could be one of the signs of bad health.

The medical understanding of pins and needles is a condition in which the nerves of your body are pinched by a heavy pressure support for a long time.

The medical term for pins and needles is paresthesia.

Of course this does not only happen to the feet or hands, but can also occur in almost any part of your body.

You can tell whether you are experiencing pins and needles or not from some of the symptoms, such as:

  • Weak hands or feet
  • Cold parts of the body
  • Feel amused suddenly
  • It feels like being pricked by a tiny needle

Causes of Pins and Needles

Usually, the cause of the tingling that occurs in one person and another will vary.

However, in general, it can be concluded that the cause of the tingling sensation is due to a pinched nerve.

The human body has billions of neural pathways that serve as a communication pathway between the brain and the rest of the body.

When the nerves in a certain area are pressed by a heavy load for a long time, it will cause the nerves to be pinched.

As a result, the nerves that are pinched are blocked by blood flow and oxygen and as a result the sensory nerves in the area are blocked.

That’s why you will feel numb after you experienced pins and needles.

However, what must be considered are other causes of tingling in the form of serious problems such as an unhealthy lifestyle or serious illness.

Usually, this problem will cause tingling to occur for a long time.

Some serious problems that cause chronic tingling to watch out for include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Lack of vitamin supply
  • Mostly drink alcohol and smoke
  • Other serious illnesses.

How to Relieve Pins and Needles Naturally

As discussed above, pins and needles are actually a natural phenomenon.

Therefore, you don’t need to rush to take tingling medication if you experience it.

The reason is, there are many ways to get rid of tingling that are easy to try and of course not harmful.

Some ways to relieve pins and needles naturally that you can try are:

1. Snap Your Fingers

Frequent pins and needles that occurred in your hands might be due to a pinched nerve. And this usually occurs while sleeping.

Well, this trick only can be used if you experienced pins and needles in your hand.

First, straighten your hands slowly but don’t force it too much.

After that, try snapping your fingers slowly on the part of the hand that is tingling so that blood flow is smooth and the muscles are more relaxed.

If it hurts, stop for a moment and then repeat a few moments later.

2. Straighten and Massage

If it happens to the feet, you can practice this method to relieve pins and needles immediately!

First of all, change the position of the leg from the starting position and try to slowly straighten it until your leg relaxed.

Then, gently massage the entire foot area so that the nerves return to normal and blood flow returns smoothly.

You actually can try this method to relieve pins and needles if its happen in your hand!

3. Compress with Warm Water

Warm compress! This is what you need if you want to relieve pins and needles.

It is not difficult to practice this method because you only need to compress the tingling part of the body with warm water.

The use of warm water is very effective due to it usage to help make blood flow back smoothly and relax the muscles again.

4. Increase the Consumption of Avocados

Who would have thought, it turns out that consumption of avocados is one way to get rid of continuous pins and needles naturally.

Avocado fruit is rich in magnesium, an important substance that is very good for muscle and bone health in the body.

That is why avocado is very good for consumption to relieve symptoms of pins and needles, diabetes, and kidney disease.

5. Consumption of Cinnamon

Apart from avocado, consuming turmeric can also be a way to get rid of the tingling feeling naturally.

Turmeric contains vitamin B complex which is an important vitamin for muscle and bone health.

Turmeric is also known to have very good nutrition for smooth blood flow so that the pins and needles symptoms relieved.

6. Turmeric Potions

Another solution for treating tingling is by consuming turmeric ingredients.

For a long time, turmeric has been used as a herbal medicine to treat various diseases, one of which is tingling sensation.

How to consume it is quite easy, you only need to process turmeric powder mixed with honey in a glass of warm water and then drink it.

7. Increase Vitamin B Intake

If you want to relieve pins and needles symptoms, try to get enough B vitamins.

There are many kinds of B vitamins that are inside various types of food, from B1, B6, to B12.

Foods high in B vitamins include fish, eggs, milk, cheese, oatmeal and other foods.

8. Increase Magnesium Intake

Magnesium intake is also important to note in order to relieve pins and needles symptoms.

This is because the body with low magnesium levels tends to experience tingling more easily than those who have enough magnesium.

Eating foods rich in magnesium can also increase the blood supply in the body and reduce the risk of tingling.

9. Consume Ginger Water

Traditional tingling medicine that you can also try is consuming ginger water.

Just like turmeric water, ginger function is to relieve inflammation in the body that can lead to chronic pain.

In addition, ginger water can also increase blood supply in the body.

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10. Cut Down on Alcohol and Smoking

As explained in the previous chapter, one of the causes of pins and needles is the consumption of alcohol and excessive smoking.

In other words, you have to reduce your alcohol and cigarette consumption if you want the tingling symptoms to decrease.

Both of these consumption materials are also the source of many serious illnesses experienced by a person.

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11. Routine Exercises

The last way to relieve pins and needles is exercise.

This is the most effective way to treat tingling throughout the body because all parts of the body move when exercising.

This healthy activity also makes your muscles more active and more engaged, which reduces the risk of muscle pinching and tingling.

Is There Any Medicine or Drugs For Pins and Needles?

Based on medical research, if the tingling only occurs for a short time, you don’t actually need to take the tingling medication right away.

You can increase physical activity such as stretching or other simple body movements.

The reason is, numbness that occurs at a glance is still considered normal and is usually caused by a mere position error.

If you still want to take the tingling medicine often, then take a natural tingling medication so that it is not dangerous.

Consumption of chemical drugs is only needed if you experience an acute tingling condition caused by various other serious causes.

Written by Jonathan Snyder

Jonathan Snyder is the author for 5 best selling books on Amazon (Development as Service) and part time contributor at Life Hack Solution.