Life Hacks to Remove Stains From Your Clothes

How to remove stains from clothes

Washing is one of the routine activities of every house chores. However, it can turn out to be annoying when you spotted stains in your clothes as well as the way to remove it.

But take it easy, there are always ways to overcome them. It is either using products that are already on the market or using ingredients that are in your home. So, here are 9 effective ways to remove stains from clothes:

1. Wash it with Hot Water

Fill the basin with hot water. Make sure the heat does not exceed that recommended on your clothing label.

Pour liquid detergent into it. Soak the clothes for at least 30 minutes. At most three hours, before washing them in the washing machine.

Wash clothes at the hottest temperature without damaging clothing. Repeat this process if the stain is still there.

2. Bleach Without Chlorine

Bleach can eliminate the faded white cloth effectively and remove stains from clothes.

However, this solution can be too harsh for soft clothing. Make sure your clothing label contains a bleach symbol.

  1. Soak your clothes that get stained in the washing machine.
  2. Put the bleach liquid in one dose of the bleach bottle cap. Or, if you wash by hand, put one bottle of bleach in a bucket of cold water.
  3. Dip clothes with a stain in the solution for 1-2 hours before washing as usual.
  4. Follow the instructions on the bleach bottle for detailed measurements and safety guidelines.

3. Alcohol

If the stain you encounter comes from ink, one of the most effective ways to remove it is by using liquid alcohol.

You can rub this liquid first on the stain until it fades. Then before the alcohol liquid dries, immediately dip and wash the clothes in liquid detergent soap. Do it several times until finally clean perfectly.

4. Solvent Liquid

This method can be used for colored clothes that are affected by fading. Solvent liquids such as rubbing alcohol can be a solution to get rid of faded stains on your colored clothes.

Drop this liquid into a white cloth and press on the stained area. You can see the stains begin to fade. When it is clean, rinse the clothes with warm water before washing it as usual. Install this step until the stain is completely gone.

5. Vetsin Solution and Detergent

Mix detergent with vetsin in a ratio of 2: 3.

Add hot water, adjust to the clothes you will soak. At least you have to make sure the colored clothes are submerged completely in the immersion water.

Let stand for 30 minutes and check. Then wash again with pure detergent and rinse.

6. Acid Vinegar, Salt and Detergent Solutions

You can also use one more ingredient in your kitchen, which is vinegar. Add salt and detergent with the same ratio of vinegar as detergent soap.

Add hot water to the bucket until all parts of the clothes are submerged. If not all submerged, then the stain will move towards the part that is not submerged. Leave the clothes in the bucket for 30 minutes and see the results after you rinse.

7. Lime

Just like starfruit and citrus, lime contains acid which is effective in overcoming stains.

Simply squeeze the lime juice on the stained part, or rub the lime slices in that section. After scrubbing for about 5 minutes, clean the clothes and wash with detergent.

In addition to remove stains from clothes, lime can overcome the yellow stains of teeth, nails, and eliminate fishy odors.

8. Baking Soda

If the smudge you are dealing with hasn’t been severe, just about a few parts with a color that isn’t too flashy, then you need to know that you can also deal with the smudge with detergent mixture with baking soda.

Although not as effective as acidic liquids or vetsin, this method is also quite popular because the ingredients are easier to find and easier to obtain.

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9. Acetone Cleaning Polish

If you store acetone or nail polish remover at home, you can use it to remove faded stains.

The method is to apply acetone liquid to the stain on the clothes. Let stand for half an hour. Then rinse and wash as usual.

Bottom Line

It turned out that it’s not too difficult to get rid of smudged stains, both on white and colored clothes.

But of course, before it happens you should avoid smudging stains, because after all you still need to provide enough time to overcome these stains.

So it is better before washing, separate clothes that have the potential to fade with clothes that do not fade.

Written by Conny Smith

Conny is the senior author at Life Hack Solution focusing on health and development.