Interesting Dorm Life Hacks for College Freshman

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When you become a college freshman, there are so many things to learn that it can be mind-blogging at times! There is a small catch here: these are not only the academic subjects that you must master because there are also various dorm tricks that will make your college life much better and more enjoyable! From the ways to make more free space in your room to the innovative use of Keurig, there are many life hacks that will make you smile each time you feel just like Einstein or Steve Jobs!

Interesting Dorm Life Hacks for College Freshman

– Blackout Curtains Hack.

We all need to rest our eyes from the hours of college learning and sitting with books. The majority of college forms barely have workable blinds and are mostly of no use. According to healthcare specialists, one must sleep in the dark as the brain has to get some rest and your eyes must be relaxed even when you are fast asleep. As a freshman going through lots of stress, you will definitely belong to students that will wake up when the sun rays or passing cars will drive by. By getting quality black-out curtains, you will keep your college dorm dark (when necessary) without paying a fortune.

Laundry Bags Save Your Precious Dorm Space.

Now we all have been there as the time to do our laundry comes up! College dorms are usually a mess, which is why keeping your laundry in one place can be truly challenging. It’s even valid for dorm vs apartment issues because you still have to visit the laundry room. As a way to keep all your clothes in one place, using one or several laundry bags with straps will be quite helpful. There are also solutions that have wheels to them, which can be essential for those fashion types among us! Just pick your stuff together and there you go!


– Microwave Can Handle Scrambles.

Now for the tasty things: when you are running out of time and feel hungry like a wolf, this smart life hack will keep you fit and happy. As you might have used your microwave for all types of cooking, this one might be new to you! Have your share of eggs in the morning by keeping things simple. There is no need to go out and wait in the queue as you can make scrambled eggs by using your microwave. It will maintain that classic taste and will be way faster than you can imagine!

– Lap Desks Can Be Helpful.

When you need to do some reading, take notes as you listen to lectures, or proofread that lengthy assignment, it’s high time to rest your back and find some comfort as you sit on top of your bed. Purchasing a lap desk can be a saving grace since these keep you even more creative and help to take away that nasty feeling of having to do homework. An even better life hack is cooperating with a top essay writer and getting your tasks done on time. Even if you need to check your paper’s structure or seek an opinion, it’s the way to go!

– Keurig Trick.


If there is a Keurig around the place, it should not be limited to coffee alone as there are other creative ways to use it in your college dorm. You can also make pasta and even enjoy oatmeal when you are hungry. Just drop oatmeal packets into a bowl and put them under the Keurig by choosing the smallest cup available. Then let it sit and cook for a few minutes as things are getting cooked! The same hack works with the noodles!

Washi Tape Solution!

Regardless of whether you are using these to mark your dorm cords or need to distinguish your toothbrush or any other object, you will always know what is what or what belongs to you!

Personal Hygiene Safety Aspect

It’s not often mentioned but personal hygiene matters should come first as you keep your items in a safe place, meaning that getting a special lock is a good idea. Use a plastic bag for your toiletries and replace it from time to time. The same relates to wearing good quality slippers as you will deal with these dirty halls and communal bathrooms. Even when there’s an emergency situation, and you need to leave the dorm room for some reason, turning to reliable UGG slippers is a great option to consider!