50 Problem Solving Products on Amazon That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

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50 Problem Solving Products on Amazon That Everyone Went Crazy Over It
50 Problem Solving Products on Amazon That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

Nowadays, people are looking for something that can simplify their daily activities. They were looking for tools and products that can make their life easier, or make their daily task more efficient. Life is just too short to use boring and subpar products that take forever. Problem solving products are created to solve everyday’s life issue.

You might never know if these products existed, but everyone out there has been crazy over it! Lucky for you, we’re going to list down these incredible problem solving products that are completely change your life. We hope that this article can help you to find the problem solving products that can solve your daily issue. 

Here are 50 problem solving products that you can find on Amazon:

1. Space Saving Hanger

Space Saving Hanger

Problem: Wardrobe too packed and no more space.

Solution: A hanger that is adjustable in vertical way when you want to save space. It assist you to utilize some dead space in your wardrobe so that you can put more clothes!


2. Unbreakable Glass

Unbreakable Glass

Problem: Breaking glass lead to minor injury caused by pieces of tiny broken glass.

Solution: A cup or glass that will never break! Designed from a plastic silicone and safe for use. No more breaking glass that can lead to minor injury.

 3. Anti Hand Pressure Pillow

Anti Hand pressure pillow

Problem: Uncomfortable arm position while snuggling in bed with your partner.

Solution: A pillow that specifically designed for couple, allow you to avoid the pain caused by uncomfortable position pressure. This pillow fix any sleeping posture problem as well.

4. Waterproof Leak Fix Tape

Waterproof Leak Fix Tape

Problem: Any water leak such as pipe leak, leaked water gallons, and etc.


Solution: A super strong waterproof tape that made from high quality fibre allow you to fix the water leak in just a second. If your house has emergency situation where there is a huge leak pipe, calling a plumber will take quite some time. All you need is just paste the tape to the leaking area and it will fix it straight away!

5. Silicone Shoe Protector

Silicone Shoe Protector

Problem: Raining season or any outdoor activities will easily make your shoe dirty.

Solution: A shoe protector that made from high quality silicone. You can wear it every time you go for outdoor activity without worrying your shoe will get dirty.

6. Space Saving Clothes Bag

Space saving clothes bag

Problem: Overload luggage.

Solution: A clothes bag that allow you to save up your luggage space by 75 percent by compression. You can bring more item inside your luggage now!


7. Lazy and Go Cosmetic Bag

Lazy and Go Cosmetic Bag

Problem: Having problem to find make up inside your make up bag.

Solution: A quick make up bag that open flat, make you easier to find any make up in the flat position. After done, just simply fold the bag in quick and easy way.

8. Hand Free Automatic Shoe in Cover

Problem: Image the situation when you accidentally left something in your house, but you’re rushing and lazy to open your shoe lace just to pick that item. 

Solution: A shoe cover that automatically attach to your shoe, helps you to keep your floor clean.

9. Furniture Lifting Strap

Furniture Lifting Strap

Problem: Difficulties to move all the heavy furniture such as wardrobe, sofa, and etc.


Solution: A strap that designed to create a proper lifting technique that is impossible to do with human’s bare hand. Now you can lift a heavy furniture such as sofa just with 2 people!

10. Wine Glass That Can Float

Problem: When chilling in sand beach or swimming pool, a nice drink will be such a good accompany. However, you’re not sure where to put them.

Solution: A glass wine that designed to have perfect balance bowl, allowing it to float in the pool. In addition, the bottom part is designed with an elegant stem that allow you to inject them to the sand and put them steady on the sand beach.

11. Drink Holder on Sofa

Drink Holder on Sofa

Problem: Watching and relaxing in the living room’s sofa is not complete without nice drink. Every few gulps, you need to put back to the table to rest your arm. Isn’t it troublesome?

Solution: A drink holder that is designed to be placed on your sofa. It will keep your drink bottle stand steadily on the sofa.


12. Collapsible Water Bottle

Problem: Bringing an empty bottle during outing can be troublesome as it is can take a big portion space of your bag.

Solution: A bottle that designed to collapse to half size and expand it when you’re going to refill it.

13. Mug Warmer

Coffee Warmer

Problem: Hot coffee that went cold after a while and lose it taste.

Solution: A gadget that can keep your coffee and tea mug’s temperature so that it always taste the best.

14. Clothes Board Organizer

Clothes Board Organizer

Problem: Mess your wardrobe every time you’re looking for one of your favorite shirt.


Solution: A board organizer that designed special for clothing, makes you easier to search any of your clothes without messing them.

15. Anti Spill Tumbler

Problem: Accidentally spill your drink on the desk and ruin all your important stuff.

Issue: A tumbler that stand up steadily against all knock and bump. It uses smart grip technology which strongly lock once it placed down. If you want to release the grip, simply lift up the top part and it will release straight away from your desk.

16. Anti Snore Device

Anti Snore Device

Problem: Wake up in the middle of night because your partner’s snoring.

Solution: A tiny device that eliminate the snore simply just by plug it into the nose. Not only that, it also improves your breathing by filtering the dirty air.


17. Adjustable Stand Desk

Adjustable Stand Desk

Problem: Placing your laptop on your lap is dangerous for your health. Read: The Danger of Placing Laptop on Lap

Solution: A table that is adjustable to meet your desired height. It’s perfect for chilling while you can put your leg under the table.

18. Anti Wrinkle Bed Clip

Anti Wrinkle Bed Clip

Problem: Tired of making up your bedsheet every morning.

Solution: A bed clip that makes your bedsheet always tidy and neat without any wrinkle. Now you don’t need to waste your time to make up your bed every day!

19. Automatic Fruit Peeler

Automatic Fruit Peeler

Problem: Having a hard time to peel fruit or potato with knife as there is a small risk to cut your own finger if you’re not careful enough.


Problem Solving Products: A tools that automatically peel your fruit without any wastage. Now all you need to do is just wait for it and do other thing while it peeling the fruit for you.

20. Cabinet Lock For Children’s Safety

Cabinet lock for children's safety

Problem: Your toddler can just open a wardrobe cabinet and it can just harm them from a cabinet knock off.

Solution: A cabinet lock that prevent your toddler to harm themselves from a cabinet knock off.

21. Grocery Bag Grips

Grocery Bag Grips

Problem: Multiple grocery bag can hurt and make your hand discomfort.

Solution: A grocery bag grip that allow you to hold multiple grocery bags in much more comfortable feeling.


22. Easy Microwave Cleaner

Easy Microwave Cleaner

Problem: You’re just too lazy and always forget to clean your microwave after usage

Solution: A unique designed microwave cleaner that always make you remember to clean your microwave. Simply just put vinegar and water to this gadget and place it to the microwave for about 5 to 8 minutes on high temperature. Wipe your microwave afterwards.

23. Flexible Phone Holder

Flexible Phone Holder

Problem: Your decent phone stand that can’t just stick anywhere that you desire and it’s boringly not adjustable.

Problem Solving Products: Introducing Flexible Phone Holder, a phone holder that allows you to stick anywhere you want and adjust it position according to your need. You can rotate it until 360 degree and move it towards anywhere.

24. Hidden Shoe

Hidden Shoe

Problem: Walk around in sand beach with barefoot is fun, but it might hurt when you accidentally step on something sharp and hurt your feet.


Problem Solving Products: A hidden shoe that makes you feel as if you’re walking in barefoot. In the same time also protecting your feet from anything that can hurt your feet.

25. Laser Scissor

Laser Scissor

Problem: You’re having trouble to cut in straight line.

Solution: Introducing a scissor that has a laser guide on top of it, ensure you to always cut in straight line. It’s perfect for cutting fabric or wonky lines.

26. Mini Luggage Scaler

Mini Luggage Scaler

Problem: Worried that your luggage will exceed weight limit.

Problem Solving Products: A mini scaler that allow you to scale where ever you want due to it’s small size and portability. Worry no more about exceeding weight limit!



27. Junk Laundry Catcher

Junk Laundry Catcher

Problem: You have issue of removing hair, extra fiber, or any junky items from your laundry.

Solution: A beautiful designed mini item that helps you to catch any junky items from your laundry. Simply put the Anti Junk Laundry Catcher inside the washing machine when you’re washing your clothes. It’s a very useful item and easy to use.

28. Insect Catcher Stick

Insect Catcher Stick

Problem: Removing insect and bug that you found in your house could be a scary thing to do for some people and also might be a little bit harmful.

Solution: A stick that allows you to grab the insect from comfortable distance, just by squeezing the handler to open the bristle and release it when you want to close the bristle. You can easily move the insect from your house without killing them!

29. Hydro Jet High Pressure Sprayer For Cleaning

Hydro Jet High pressure sprayer for cleaning

Problem: Cleaning the stain on your outdoor surfaces such as floor, fences, wall bricks, and car will require bunch of your energy, time, and effort.


Solution: This high pressure sprayer will make your outdoor surfaces cleaning much more easier and effective. Just by aiming the sprayer to the dirty area, and it will turn any of your dirty surface to a clean one just by few second! It will make your floor, fences, bricks, and car look like a new one!

30. Boiled Egg Peeler

Boiled Egg Peeler

Problem: Peeling hard boiled egg is one of the time consuming thing to do. Especially when you’ve just finished boiling it, and you need to wait until the temperature calm down before peeling it.

Problem Solving Products: A small shaker that specifically designed just to peel a hard boiled egg. All you need to do is just put some water inside and start shaking it. Now peeling hard boiled egg shell will be much more easier!

31. Electric Lunch Box

Electric Lunch Box

Problem: Packing your lunch to office and turn out that the food has gone bad by the time you’re going to eat it.

Problem Solving Products: An electric lunch box that plugged using power plug, allow you to keep your food warm and the taste good for a long time.


32. Magic Sponge

Magic Sponge

Problem: Hard stain or rust that stuck in your pan and dishes for long time.

Solution: A magic sponge that can made from emery. This sponge will eliminate all the hard stain and rust that has been stick in your pan.

33. Watermelon Slicer

Watermelon Slicer

Problem: Cutting a watermelon with knife can took you longer time and effort. There might also a risk of getting your finger accidentally cut.

Solution: An easy to use slicer that allow you to cut the whole watermelon into pieces in just less a second.

34. Portable Door Jammer

Portable Door Jammer

Problem: Worry about someone will break in while you’re staying in hotel or AirBnB?


Solution: A portable door jammer that you can bring whenever you go travelling. The door jammer will ensure that no one is able to open the door from outside even though they have spare key. If someone still forcing to open, they will need to break the door first!

35. Space Saving Shoe Organizer

Space Saving Shoe Organizer

Problem: Not enough space of the shoe rack.

Solution: A shoe organizer that designed to utilise the dead space vertically so that you can fit more shoes on your shoe rack.

36. Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring Mug

Problem: A though morning where you’re just still lazy to do anything, including stirring your coffee.

Solution: A mug that can stir itself just by pressing a button on its grip. 


37. Sand Absorber Mat

Sand Absorber Mat

Problem: A cat or dog owner will face this issue where their pet bring a tiny portion of sand or dirt from the garden.

Solution: A double layered mat that designed to absorb all the tiny sand and dirt when the cat passed by it, and collect it on the second layer. You need to throw all the sand from the second layer frequently. No more sandy floor!

38. Robot Window Cleaner

Problem: Some area of the window is inaccessible to reach and to be cleaned.

Solution: A robot window cleaner that automatically clean your window just by turning on the remote control. Now you can reach all those impossible to reach area and chilling on the bench while the robot do the hardworking for you!

39. Travel Mini Perfume Bottle

Travel Mini Perfume Bottle

Problem: Over capacity perfume bottle that unable to pass the airport checking’s liquid limit.


Solution: A mini bottle that is specifically designed for travelling or go outing. You don’t need to bring the whole perfume bottle now. Just refill some to this mini perfume bottle and lighter your bag!

40. Anti Mess Shaving Apron

Anti mess shaving apron

Problem: A messy sink after finished shaving. 

Solution: Keep your sink clean and neat after shaving with this anti mess shaving apron. Stick the other two ends to the mirror and your neck. All your hair will be collected on the apron and you can just simply throw them afterwards.

41. Stretchable Food Cover

Stretchable Food Cover

Problem: Just opened a sauce can? Cut any fruits? If you just simply put them uncovered in the fridge, they will turn bad easily and it also not hygiene anymore as the bacteria will go inside your food.

Solution: A stretchable food cover that can fit almost most of the food container’s shape.


 42. Space Saving Pants Hanger

Space Saving Pants Hanger

Problem: Not enough space left for your wardrobe.

Problem Solving Products: A hanger that able to utilise the dead space vertically. Similar to point number one, just that this item is specifically for pants while point number one designed for shirts.

43. Portable Coffee Maker

Portable Coffee Maker

Problem: For coffee addicts, a coffee machine is a “live-safer” for them. However, not every place got one, right?

Solution: A coffee maker that you can bring around due to its size. Now you can make an amazing coffee anywhere you want!

44. Reusable Super Strong Sticky Tape

Problem: Do you want to stick something to the wall such as clock or picture frame without nailing and damaging your wall?


Solution: A double sided tape that can stick surfaces such as clock or picture frame to the wall. It also can be washed using water and use it back for the next item.

45. Kitchen Sink Aerator Extension

Problem: A normal sink aerator is unable to reach each corners of your kitchen’s sink.

Solution: A sink extension that allows you to aim flexibly (360 degree rotation) and spin it to change the sprayer mode (2 type of sprayer mode).

46. Phone Holder That Stick on The Wall

Phone holder that stick on the wall

Problem: Tired of a common phone holder that are boringly stand steady?

Solution: An extraordinary phone holder that able to stick on any wall! You can stick it on your bathroom wall while bathtub-ing, on your car’s window, or any of your wall! It also flexible where you can adjust the shape of it


47. Fridge Space Saver

Fridge Space Saver

Problem: Your fridge is overload and no more space left.

Solution: A space saver mini shelf that allows you to utilize the dead space in your fridge. It also will beautify your fridge appearance!

48. Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

Problem: If you have unfinished snack, closing back hole using rubber might still have possibility for air to come in and lost your snack crispiness.

Solution: A plastic bag sealer that able to seal the hole completely when you didn’t manage to finish the snack. It use heat to melt the plastic and powered by battery.

49. Smart Shoe Dryer

Smart Shoe Dryer

Problem: Drying your shoes under sun is not efficient enough as it won’t dry the whole inner part completely.


Solution: A shoe dryer that dry and eliminate the moisture inside the shoe. It also has violet lamp steriliser that eliminate the bacteria growth and any shoe smell!

50. Portable Mini Washing Machine

Portable Mini Washing Machine

Problem: If you’re going for a trip, you’ve might be worrying about your laundry.

Solution: A portable mini washing machine that allow you to bring inside the car while travelling to out of the town. You don’t have to worry about your laundry anymore!

To Conclude

Each of these problem solving products helps people to solve different problems they normally had in every day’s life. We hope that we can help you find one of the item that can solve your current issue.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in life hacks, feel free to explore our website for more! We have everything from problem solving products recommendation, tips and tricks article and life hack tips – all to make your life easier!