10 Obvious Signs That You Have Low Self Esteem

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signs of low self esteem

Having a self-confidence is necessary in order to face everything in life. With low self esteem, a person will easily feel down, weak, and give up before doing anything. This low self-esteem is clearly a serious problem that must be resolved. However, sometimes we just don’t realize that we have one.

Here are 10 signs that you have a low self esteem:

1. You Can’t Accept Criticism

No human is perfect in this world. Everyone has their own weaknesses and made mistakes. And when we are criticized for our weaknesses and mistakes, it doesn’t mean that the person wants to bring us down. Instead it is a warning that we have shortcomings and must change for the better.

One of the signs that you have low self esteem is you tend to see criticism negatively. Pay attention on how you responded to every criticism that you received. Did you always being too defensive? Did you respond it negatively?

2. Always Comparing Yourself With Others

It’s not a good thing if we compare ourselves with others because each one has their own uniqueness. If you like to compare yourself with others, it is one of the signs that you have low self esteem.


Try to stop comparing yourself to others. If you feel not so good in something, that doesn’t mean that you’re not good in other thing. For instance, if you’re not good in math, it doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Remember, even a majestic king of the jungle lion will become a small piece when it placed in the middle of the sea!

3. You Always Apologize

It is a good behavior to apologize if you made any mistake. But what if you always apologize in most of the time? That might be one of the signs that you have low self esteem!

People who always apologize indicate that they are not confident. Instead of getting into bigger trouble, they prefer to apologize first. Or, they always feel whatever they do is wrong, so they need to apologize. If you didn’t do anything wrong, why need to apologize?

4. Hesitating When You Want To Decide Something

Every human being will be faced with a choice. This choice will determine what will happen next and we cannot run away from that choice. Sometimes there are complicated choices but there are also easy choices. Are you one of those people who find it difficult to decide something even though it is a simple thing? It could be that you don’t have enough confidence.

Someone who has low self-confidence will find it difficult to decide something. They are just confused what to choose. If making choices is difficult, they will usually find it difficult to think about the impact of the choices they make. We need to train ourselves to be able to decide something in order to show that we are confident. If it is difficult, you can ask for support from your friends and family.


5. Slouching Posture

A confident level of a person can be judged based on body language. Although not 100% accurate, at least we can get a little idea of ​​someone’s character. Even people who have problems with self-confidence can also be seen from their posture.

People who have high self-confidence tend to have good posture. Good posture is meant as standing or walking upright, not looking down. Unlike people who are not confident. They tend to hide themselves, keep their heads down, and have a slightly bent body posture.

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6. Easily Give Up

One of the most obvious signs of a person a low self esteem is giving up easily. No matter what problem faced, whether it is easy or difficult, what immediately crossed their mind is that they are unable to do it.

It is this nature that is always easy to give up which will not only prevent you from advancing but also make you shunned by people. People who give up easily will not be included in any activities because all they have in mind is the word surrender. It is better to fail trying than to give up before doing.


7. Care Too Much About What People Think About Your Appearance

Always appear the best anytime, anywhere is good. But sometimes, we are faced in the situation when we are not equipped with all the make up (for girls), or a good outfit and need to do something urgent.

If you find yourself care so much about what people think about your appearance, then you have a low self esteem!

8. You Feel Worthless

People who have high self-confidence and can think positively know that each person is unique and valuable. So they can give respect and appreciate everyone. Unlike the case with those who do not have self-confidence. They actually judged that they are worthless person.

Feeling yourself worthless will make you stay away from people, judge yourself of not being worthy of praise.

9. Reject Too Many Gathering Request

Do you find yourself rejecting too many hang out or gathering request although you’re not too busy? If yes, it might be sings that you have a low self esteem.


People who withdraw themselves from the society tend to have a low confidence that they think they won’t be accepted in the crowd.

10. Reluctant to Express Opinions

Have you ever been involved with group work or meetings with employees in the office? In group work or meetings there will certainly be an opinion exchange session. In this moment we can express our opinion and listen to the opinions of others. Take a look around you, are there people who don’t express their opinions during the discussion?

Those who are reluctant to express opinions are usually people that has low self-esteem. There is a fear that their opinion will be wrong or that they will not be heard. People who have this problem should not be kept away or silenced. Instead we should help them to express what they think.