10 Tips to Improve Your Self Esteem

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how to improve self esteem

Do you often feel inferior? Low self-esteem is an attitude of distrust of oneself. People who feel inferior always feel themselves low and worthless compared to others. When we see someone who feels low on himself, we should help him to be able to restore his confidence. But what if the one who has low self-esteem is ourselves? Before helping people with low self-esteem, make sure you don’t have a problem with self-confidence. So, check out below 10 tips to improve your self esteem:

1. Live at The Moment

Having low self-esteem is hard to get rid of. Especially if you experienced it since childhood and continuously into adulthood. It will be very difficult to be able to improve your self esteem. But it’s better to try first than give up before trying, right? One way is to live life at the present.

Some people can look ahead and plan what to do. People with low self-esteem are better at focusing on what they are facing right now. Thinking about things that are far ahead can actually lead to worries and can lead to overthinking. It’s better to focus on what’s happening right now and don’t think too much about the past and the future.

2. Get Rid of Negativity

There are positives and negatives in life. We should absorb and learn positive things while negative things should be avoided. The problem is, if these negative things are in our minds, our friends are negative, or even our parents are also a negative influence, what should we do?

All negativity must be removed. By leaving negativity behind, we can live a calmer life. Not messing around with unimportant things can help us think more clearly. We can avoid bad situations with more positive thoughts. Even if something bad happens, we can take the positive side of the bad experience.


3. Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Every human being is unique. Each human has their own strengths and weaknesses. Not to mention coupled with the way of life and the choices taken can be different. This should be a reason to stop comparing yourself to others as you can’t be someone else.

We are ourselves, stop comparing ourselves to others. Different mindsets, different paths of life, and different decisions can make the things we face different from others. Comparing ourselves with others will only make us feel inferior. Instead, just live this life yourself, if someone else is successful, make it as a motivation.

4. Sports

Who says that low self-esteem can’t be eliminated by exercise? Precisely this sport is effective for overcoming a sense of distrust with yourself. Exercise is not only good for the body, lose weight, but also can have a positive impact on the mind and improve self esteem.

Because there are many kinds of sports, you can freely choose which sport you want to do. Make sure to choose and do sports that you like and can. Don’t forget to do it regularly to get the effect. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which can make you feel happy and relaxed.

5. Love Yourself

We only know ourselves. There are times when we are hard on ourselves as a lesson to be able to live this hard life. But we don’t always have to be hard on ourselves, let alone torturing ourselves with negative thoughts and stress. Your existing problems are even more severe, your sense of inferiority will not go away.


Love yourself, don’t keep torturing yourself with all the mistakes you’ve made, with a bad past. Forget it all and start over again. Start loving yourself, slowly but surely, your self esteem will definitely improve. Never expect or depend on others to make yourself happy.

6. Celebrate Your Achievement

People with low self-esteem will think long before doing something. They don’t want to do it because they don’t believe that what they are about to do will work. When in fact they are capable, but this low self-esteem actually becomes a barrier.

Once they do and succeed, not many people will glance at the success. Don’t care about other people, as long as what you do is good and the results are good, it’s worth celebrating. If other people don’t want to appreciate and celebrate, we must appreciate and celebrate our own success.

7. Change Your Circle

Our environment such as friends, colleagues can shape our mindset, nature, and character. People who have friends who think negatively, are always pessimistic, give up easily, and have low self-esteem are more likely to be attracted to the negative as well. So choose friends carefully.

If you notice that you have problems with self-confidence, don’t befriend people who also have problems with low self-esteem. Put yourself in a positive and supportive circle of friends. This can help you get out of low self-esteem issues and if there is a problem, you can get the right support and help.


8. Seeing Different Perspectives

When we face something, our perspective or perspective on the problem can determine the outcome. Some people, especially those who have low self-esteem problems, will usually be immediately pessimistic when faced with a problem. Instead of solving the problem, the chosen one is to run away. This is done because they are afraid that what has been done will fail.

This perspective must be changed if you do not want to continue to be dominated by low self-esteem. Why give up before trying? Better try it first and see the results later. That’s what should be in the mind. Sometimes with more positive thoughts, the results can also be positive. It’s not necessarily that what you think is bad, difficult, or will fail will actually happen.

9. Trying Other Things

Are you one of those people who feel inferior? What makes you feel that you can’t do it? Or if you do it will surely fail? Everyone will experience failure. This is because there is a limit to the ability that each person has. Of course, we also have limitations.

Maybe we can’t do it in one way, but why not try something else? Everyone has different advantages. Continuing to try new things might make you discover that this is where our expertise lies. Then by doing this, we can slowly get rid of our low self-esteem.

10. Relax

Too many things to think about can make a person feel inferior. It’s true to live in a harsh and troubled world, but that doesn’t mean we always burden our minds with problems to deal with. There is a time for us to relax or calm down. This can help overcome low self-esteem.


Calming yourself is different, people can also do it differently. The most common is yoga or meditation. Meditation or yoga can reduce the burden on your mind. By reducing the burden on our minds, we can do things better. Making decisions also becomes calmer and more mature.