9 Stuff You Can Do and Make in a Microwave

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stuff you can make in a microwave

In addition to heating food, do you know other function of microwave? Most of the people only know that microwave only can be used to heat up left over food. Although, there are many other function of microwave that are rarely known.

Even these various function are very useful both inside the kitchen and outside the kitchen! Microwave actually has a lot of uses, and most of it is not explained when you buy this device.

Hence, we wants to share some tricks to maximize the function of a microwave that you don’t know about. Check this out!

1. Sterilize Cutlery

For those of you who have babies at home or just want to live a cleaner and healthier life, this microwave can actually help you to sterilize various tableware that you have.

Previously make sure your various tableware uses high temperature resistant materials so they don’t get damaged or even melt in the microwave.


If the material of your cutlery does not hold heat, then you can try sterilizing your dishwasher sponge in the microwave.

The trick: put the wet sponge into the microwave that has been set in high temperature for 2 minutes. In this way it is said that as much as 99% of bacteria can be killed and your dishes will be cleaner.

2. Make Popcorn

Popcorn is a tasty and healthy snack. However, most of us always buy ready-made ones instead of making it themselves.

Some people also like to make popcorn themselves, in which it already accustomed to making snacks whose main ingredient is corn.

Making your own popcorn is actually easy, really, besides it’s healthier than buying ready-made popcorn.


Well, microwave itself is the main tool that you can use to make popcorn.

The trick is easy, just enter the raw corn into the microwave and the settings in accordance with the specified time. After a while, the raw popcorn will cook and pop.

You can add some sugar or salt to add the tastefulness of your popcorn!

3. Unfreeze Frozen Food

Most of us may often put the dishes left today into the refrigerator. And yes, this should be done so that you don’t waste food.

But the next day, the food you store in the refrigerator is guaranteed to be cold and even frozen, right?


Well, this is where the microwave functions. Instead of waiting it unfreeze for quite a long time, just use the microwave. In addition to being easy, microwaving food only takes a few minutes to unfreeze the food.

4. Soften Bread

For those who like to eat bread, they will like the texture of bread when they first bought it.

Yes, you could say the texture of bread when it is newly made and opened from the wrapper is very soft.

However, after several days have passed, usually the texture of the bread will be very hard and lost it taste.

Well, here’s another microwave function that you can use. You just need to wrap the bread using kitchen paper that has been moistened with water, then heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds.


The rest of your bread that was already turn hard will return to soft as it was first bought or opened from the wrapper.

5. Restore the Crispiness of Chips

Do you have bunch of crispy snacks like chips that have a sluggish variant because it’s been exposed to air for too long?

Try using the microwave to restore the texture of these snacks to become crispy again.

In addition, using a microwave to heat up can reduce excess oil levels in various types of snacks. As result, your snack chips will become healthier than before.

6. Processing Healthy Foods Instantly

In a way, cooking using a microwave is healthier than using a pan and oil.


The reason is, you don’t need to add oil to cook using the microwave. However, you can’t really cook all the food using a microwave.

One of the healthiest foods you can make using microwave instantly is mashed potato. Yep, this mashed potato dish will be even more delicious if it is cooked using a microwave.

The trick: before putting mashed potato into the microwave, you can add melted mozzarella cheese on top so that when baked there will be a rather charred sensation typical of the grill.

7. Squeeze The Oranges

Even though it has been squeezed using even tools, squeezing oranges perfectly still requires a heavy effort.

Well, the microwave is able to simplify your work when squeezing oranges.


Before squeezing an orange using a tool, before you can heat the orange in the microwave for 10 seconds. The fibers that bind the orange grains will loosen so the oranges will be easier to squeeze until the last drop!

8. Peel the Vegetables or Fruit

Not just to heat it, even a microwave can help you to peel vegetables.

Even various fruits and tubers that are difficult to peel like pumpkin, cassava, yam, yam, and other ‘root’ fruits can be peeled off easily.

The trick:simply heat the various vegetables, fruit, or tubers in the microwave for 2-3 minutes at low temperatures. After that, we guarantee that your vegetables, fruits and tubers will be very easy to peel!

9. Melt Cheese, Chocolate, or Butter for Food Ingredient

For famous chefs, using a microwave to heat food is prohibited. For example Gordon Ramsey, who often gets angry when he knows his food is warmed using a microwave.


Although the function of heating food is usually hated by chefs, but the chefs still use microwaves for some ways in processing their cook.

Usually they use the microwave to melt cheese, chocolate, or butter for cooking purposes. This method is somewhat safer than you cook it yourself using a stove or even blow torch.

In this way you could say you have maximized the function of the microwave!

Bottom Line

That’s 9 tricks to maximize the function of the microwave that most of the people don’t realize.

With these various tricks, a microwave in your kitchen will be far more useful. 


Let us know in the comment section if you know other microwave function that many people don’t realize!