14 Cool Microwave Hacks to Use it on Full Potential

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microwave hacks

You might have a microwave at your home and knows that it only function is to reheat the leftover food. In this post, we’re going to show you what other useful or even cool thing you can do with these microwave hacks!

Microwave Hacks #1: Heat Two Portions at The Same Time

microwave hacks

Due to limited space of microwave, we’re unable to reheat the two portions of food at the same time. If you’re going to enjoy meal with your spouse, leaving other portion behind might look a bit uncomfortable and uneasy.

Well, save your time and get your foods ready at the same time! You don’t need to have two microwaves to solve this issue. Just put an empty glass upside down besides the plate and put another plate on top of it.

microwave hacks


If you’re having a super big plate that fit the whole microwave, you can put the upside down empty glass in the middle and put the other plate on top of it.

Microwave Hacks #2: Keep the Pizza Crust From Getting Though and Chewy

microwave pizza with water

Though and chewy pizza is horrible! This is a common issue for reheating the leftover pizza. Don’t worry, solve it by putting a cup of water inside the microwave when you reheating the pizza.

Fill a cup with two third full of the glass. The water here is actually fluff up the pizza crust and used to revitalize the toppings. When you reheating the pizza without water, the pizza absorb more than the microwave can emit causing it to heat and dry quickly. As the result, your pizza will become though and soggy without water. So, don’t forget to add cup of water when reheat your pizza!

Microwave Hacks #3: Peeling Garlic in 20 Seconds

peel garlic using microwave


Most of the people hate peeling garlic as it is time consuming and tedious. However, there is actually a trick that help you to peel garlic in just 20 seconds!

Take the head of garlic and put it inside the microwave at high temperature for about 20 seconds. It might take a little bit longer or less depending on your microwave. Afterward, take out the garlic and you’ll be surprise that the clothes just slip right out from the garlic without any effort.

Not only garlic, this trick also applicable to help you pill onions as well!

Microwave Hacks #4: Shape the Food into Ring to Heat Evenly into Microwave

Did you often find some part of your food still cold after reheat it using microwave? This is because you did not do correctly and makes the heat not evenly distributed.


To prevent this, shape the food into a ring and leave a hole in the center. Spread the food evenly to the surface so that the heat can be absorbed evenly.

Microwave Hacks #5: Check Easily if The Container is Microwavable or not

test if container microwavable or not

We’ve all been in the situation when you’re not sure that the container can go inside the microwave or not. Apart from checking the material product of the container, there is an easy hacks to check whether it is safe for microwave or not.

The trick is by placing the container with water in the microwave and heat it for 2-3 second with high temperature. Now, take out the container and test. If the water is hot and the container is cold, the container is safe for microwave. But if both water and container is hot, it is not safe to microwave it using that container.

Microwave Hacks #6: Fix the Soggy Chips

microwave hacks to fix soggy chips


Is your potato chips become soggy after being left open for few days? Here’s a clever trick to make it crispy again! Put the chips on a paper towel and heat it for about 15 seconds.

The paper towel function is to absorb the moisture from the chips and make it crispy again. You can do this trick on soggy beans, lentils, and etc.

Microwave Hacks #7: Prevent Explosion From Thick-Skin Foods

Do you know that foods that have a thick skin often to explode when we heat them in the microwave? These foods are; potatoes, tomatoes, and squash.

You can prevent this by piercing the skin using fork. Do it evenly on the skin before microwave these foods!

Microwave Hacks #8: Revive Dry Mascara

revive dry mascara using microwave hacks

If your mascara getting dry and clumpy, don’t throw them yet. Instead, put them inside microwave for 30 second and it will revive the mascara.


The heat from microwave will make the mascara soften again and it will be easier to apply the fluid once again. You just save your money and time to go to the store for buying a new one!

Microwave Hacks #9: Fix Stale Bread

fix stale bread using microwave

You might be in the situation when you forgotten to eat your leftover bread for your breakfast and it turned stale when you just remembered. Don’t throw them yet!

Put the stale bread on the paper towel and microwave it for 10 seconds on the high temperature. It fix the stale bread right away!

Microwave Hacks #10: Say Goodbye to Waiting Days of Drying Herbs Under Sun

dry herbs using microwave

Dry herbs gone still have purpose. Instead of waiting days for the herb to dry under the sun, you could speed up the process just by using microwave. To do it, place the herb inside the container, and microwave it for around 2 minutes.

Just be careful on certain herbs such as basil or mint as they might not able to coop with the microwave strength.


Microwave Hacks #11: Sterilize Kitchen Tools

sterilize kitchen tools using microwave

Sometimes, cleaning the kitchen tools normal way might not be effective to kill all the bacteria and leaving your next food in harm. This idea will kill all the 99% gems on your kitchen tools such as spoons, forks, cutting boards, and knives.

Place them inside the microwave and heat it for a minute. Be careful when take them out as it is super hot now!

Microwave Hacks #12: Quickest Way to Clean Microwave

microwave hacks cleaning

After several usage, your microwave will get dirty with all the leftover food particle in all over your microwave surfaces. Your microwave need a cleaning. But what is the quickest and easiest way?


Let us share you one simple and easiest trick. Squeeze and cut two lemon halves into a bowl with water, and microwave it for around five minutes. Then, take the bowl out and wipe all the inside microwave.

Lemon juice is known of its antibacterial and antifungal, and at the same time, it also safely compatible with microwave. Not like a soap, a leftover lemon juice won’t harm you on the next microwave use!

Microwave Hacks #13: The Most Effective Sponge Cleansing

clean sponge with microwave

Before throwing the used sponge, you might need to consider after knowing this trick. This trick will allow you to remove all the leftover food on the sponge and also kill 99% of the bacteria.

Put the sponge inside bowl filled with water and place it inside the microwave. Heat it around 2 minutes and take it out. Your sponge is ready to be used back now!

Bonus Microwave Hacks: Use Microwave as Your Shrinking Machine!

We added this hacks for fun, apart from all the usage mentioned above, there also other cool hacks that you can use with microwave!


Put an empty chip bag inside the microwave and heat it within 5 second with high temperature. Don’t be surprised when you find your chip bag turn into a miniature.

Note: This trick only applicable for aluminum foil material chip bag.

Bottom Line

The microwave has been one of the most useful tools in the kitchen, assisting us in preparing quick and simple meal when we need it. But did you use it to its full potential?

Not only for reheating the leftover foods, it turn out that there are so many potential usage that microwave could do. This might save you time, money, and even energy!

Are you ready to use your microwave to it full potential?