Why Hire a Maid When You Can Have a Robotic Window Cleaner at Home?

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While watching TV in your living hall, you suddenly notice some ugly water marks on your window area. The frustrating part is how inconvenient it is to reach that higher up area to clean that imperfection lingering around the corner of your beautiful house.

You might need to use a ladder or highchair to reach your hands to do the wiping. If you are not careful enough, you might also slip off and fall if you become imbalance.

There are incidents where people with low blood pressure, if doing house chores at high places could cause an accident. This is because, they will suddenly black out and faint which leads to falling down dangerously.

Hiring a maid during the pandemic is risky as you have family members and yourself to protect against the virus. Plus, hiring a professional maid or getting professional window cleaning services can be really pricey too.

Having a stranger at home to do the cleaning is also a hassle when someone needs to be on watch just in case the maid intrudes your home privacy or steals something from home.


But what if we tell you there is a life hack gadget that can save your life from all these dangerous chores and maid troubles? Check out below!

Robot Window Cleaner

robotic window cleaner household

Introducing one of the greatest inventions known at home, the Robotic Window Cleaner! Yes, you heard it right. Now we can have robots at home when it comes to cleaning certain parts of our house.

This Robotic Window Cleaner weights about 2.2 kilograms which converts to 4.84 pounds. Measurements in terms of dimensions are 12.2 x 9.92 x 6.46 inches.

This gadget is powered to clean the windows in a swift of time with sparkly and satisfying results. Featured with advanced detection technology, this robot window cleaner scrubs all parts of the window no matter how hard to reach the area with its sleek design to fit.


The approximate time for one window panel area to be cleaned is close to 1 minute. It operates with a power jack and switch.

With this robotic cleaning gadget at home, you can now rest assure your safety while getting your windows cleaned. It had anti- fall technology and a safety rope. The LED indicators and buzzers are built in for safety notification buzzers.

Besides a remote control, you can also use the app for control. The mobile app that connects the gadget robot is called “ GLASSBOT2”in the App store.

How to use the Robot Window Cleaner?

In order to use this Robot Window Cleaner, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, know that this gadget is powered by an app and also a remote control.
  2. Download the remote-control app for the related gadget.
  3. There is no water compartment, you can wet the microfiber pads first.
  4. Another additional tip is you can spray some water sprinkles mixed with Window Cleaner Soap.
  5. Navigate to the app and you will come across 3 types of modes: (Auto modes, Manual modes, and Intelligent Path)
  6. Take control of this robot at the palm of your hands at ease while resting on a sofa.
  7. The robot window cleaner will start moving within your control and keeping your windows sparkly clean with the strong suction technology.
  8. After finishing the job, be sure to always wash the microfiber pads so that it is always ready and clean for the next time.

This is super convenient and easy!


robot window cleaner feature

If you’re still not sure, take a look on below live illustration.

Gadget Lab

Based on our personal experience, we have tested this Robotic Window Cleaner.

This window cleaner is a must-have for short and small sized people. This gadget is definitely a game changer in our daily cleaning routine.


The concept for this Robot Window Cleaner is somewhat similar to a floor cleaner but this one sticks to your window as they have ultra-powerful suction on the window. Do not need to fear of this gadget falling off.

The machine works in circular motion with the machine washable paddings, which also can be replaced when worn out in the future. You can purchase the paddings separately.

The slight downside of this gadget is there is no drying functionality after cleaning, and you may see some slight water marks on the glass windows.

To tackle this issue, make sure your microfiber pads are always cleaned after a certain usage limit. Thus, getting an extra number of the machine’s microfiber paddings in stock would be an essential.

Next, you can actually take a look, once the water on the window starts to become milky, it indicates its time for a wash for the microfiber pads.


Pro Tip

To avoid seeing the milky water marks, you need to dust off the glass surface with a dry mop or cloth. This can help reduce the first round of dirt.

Getting a Window Cleaning Soap Spray would add the advantage and boost the outcome of this gadget’s functionality. It would work great as a hand in hand product and this tip is very much recommended for odor and shine purpose.

Looking at how this gadget was shaped; it caters for all kinds of windows shapes. Be it rectangular, squares or arch windows, this Robotic Window Cleaner is able to clean them all well and proper.

Note to you, it is called a Robotic Window Cleaner catering for glass materials. You can also use them for any glass surfaces like glass shower doors, glass tables etc.

Overall, this Robotic Window Cleaner is something worth your penny if you hate cleaning glass. Remember to read all the steps carefully, to use it the right way.


It can be useful housewarming gifts to your friends and family. A gadget like this will never go wrong as cleaning is a mandatory routine to all of us.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy now here!