10 Healthy Ways to Increase Weight

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healthy ways to increase weight

There are those who are undergoing a weight loss program, there are also those who want to gain weight. Nowadays, there are indeed many drugs and supplements that claim that they can increase weight in a short time. Instead of using drugs and supplements, why not try an easier, simpler, and certainly safe way for your health? For those of you who have a thin body and want to increase weight safely in healthy ways, try the tips below.

1. Make a Meal Note

If people want to pour their heart out without anyone knowing they will usually write it down in a diary. In this diary, all complaints are written and stored. It’s not just life’s complaints that need to be written in a diary. Diet plans, diet goals, and so on should also be noted.

The diet diary contains the purpose of the diet, what stages to do, and the food menu. This is all intended so that we can learn what things have an impact on changes in body weight. What foods to eat along with the size of the calories also need to be noted so that we don’t forget and lose our direction.

2. Overcome Stress

With so many problems to solve in life, people are very susceptible to experiencing stress. Stress is very influential not only mentally but also physically. Weight can change drastically when a person is stressed. Stress also makes dieting more difficult.

Therefore it is very important for us to pay attention to what can be stressful and try to relieve that stress. Stress can kill hunger and lose weight for some people. In fact, if you want to increase weight in healthy ways, you have to eat more and be nutritious.


3. Sports

Only having to eat a lot and often can really make you gain weight. But what goes up here is most likely fat. Of course, if the fat goes up, the body will become unhealthy and can become a hotbed of disease. So do something so you don’t gain fat but muscle.

The way to increase muscle mass is to exercise. Put on your favorite sports clothes and start working out. There are many kinds of sports and you are free to choose which sport you feel is suitable. Whether it’s lifting weights, martial arts, football, basketball, every sport has a focus on training certain muscles. Do different exercises on a regular basis so that each muscle is well trained. The more trained the muscles, the fat burned will be more optimal.

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4. Eat More Often

Weight will not increase if you only eat that way. If your weight stops reaching a certain number by eating normally, it means that to increase it you need to eat more and often. Keep in mind that the formula to increase weight in healthy ways is that calories in must be greater than calories out.

To be able to achieve the desired weight, you must eat more and often. As much as possible do not skip breakfast and dinner. These two things are important keys to being able to increase weight. As a suggestion, eat more often for example 4-5x a day with moderate portions. This can make you gain weight and reduce the possibility of hunger, ulcers, and the urge to snack to disappear.


5. Sleep

Rest is needed by the body to be able to regenerate damaged cells and replenish energy. In the program to gain weight, adequate rest should also be done. Especially after a long day of work and added exercise, the body needs time to recover.

Make sure you get enough and quality sleep. At least you should get 7-8 hours of sleep. Less or more can make the body become weak and the mood is damaged. Make the room atmosphere as comfortable as possible so you can sleep quickly. Dim or turn off the lights and get rid of the cellphone so that there is no temptation to stay up late.

6. Increase Protein

Protein is an essential component to helping increase weight gain. But like all things, it should be balanced in terms of consumption. Too much protein can put other bodily systems under stress, and too little can result in low blood pressure, Anemia, and other health-related problems. If you’re struggling to meet your nutritional needs on your plate, you can look towards taking weight gain supplements to combat this issue.

7. Add Calories

One of the keys to being able to gain weight is to count calories correctly. If you want to lose weight, the key is that the calories out must be greater than the calories in. Conversely, if you want to gain weight, the calories in must be greater than the calories expended.

Those of you who want to gain weight have to add more calories than what you usually eat. At least you have to add about 200 or more calories in order to gain weight. These calories can be obtained from food and drink. However, it is necessary to pay attention to what foods and drinks are high-calorie but still healthy.


8. Choose the Right Snack

Often even though you have eaten more and often, your stomach still feels hungry or your mouth feels itchy to eat again. Usually if this is the case, people will look for other foods that are light and fast to consume. The tendency of the chosen food is sweet and high salt food.

If you eat random snacks, then the weight gain is not healthy. Determining the right snack is very necessary to gain weight. Instead of choosing candy, chocolate, ice cream, and chips, it’s better to switch snacks to healthier ones like fruit. Fruits like bananas, oranges, and apples are enough to keep your mouth busy and delay hunger.

9. Drink High Calorie Drinks

Gaining weight is not only done by consuming food. Drinks are also needed by the body to keep the body hydrated and help gain weight. How can drinking make you gain weight? Water doesn’t have calories, so you can’t gain weight?

The answer lies in juices and smoothies. It’s true that water has no calories so it can’t help you gain weight. But if juices and smoothies have calories that are greater than water but still in small limits. Drinking fruit juices, vegetables, or smoothies can help meet the calorie needs needed to gain weight. This is definitely more healthy than drinking soft drinks.

10. Eat Before Bed

There are two moments that one should eat but don’t. These two important moments are forgotten by many people even though they are the key if you want to increase weight in healthy ways. The first one is obviously breakfast. And the second is dinner. If you really want to gain weight, dinner is a must.


Of course the selection of foods that must be consumed at night must be considered. For the evening, the priority that must have a larger portion is protein. Carbohydrates can be eaten but the portion is smaller than what you consume during the day. Do not go to sleep immediately after eating. Give a pause about 1 hour after eating before going to bed.