Here’s Why You Need to Start Sleeping With a Bolster (10 Bolster Benefits)

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benefits of sleeping with a bolster

Do you have certain habits while sleeping, for instance: not being able to sleep without a bolster? Take it easy, not being able to sleep without a bolster pillow is not a strange thing. A bolster pillow turns out to be able to provide good benefits for health when you’re sleeping!

Sleeping using a bolster pillow can get you a more quality sleep.

Are you curious on how a bolster pillow can give you more than just comfort and have many health benefits? Check this out!

The Benefits of Sleeping With a Bolsters for Body Health

If all this time we have embraced a bolster just for the comfort factor, it turns out that we unconsciously get many benefits. Sleeping with a bolster is a comfortable way to rest that is healthy.

These are the unexpected benefits of sleeping with a bolster for the body:


1. Relieves Back Pain

Believe it or not, the benefits of sleeping with a bolster every night can relieve back pain.

Sleeping position using the right bolster can increase blood flow around the legs. This makes the muscles more relaxed, thus avoiding aches and pains.

The correct position to sleep using a bolster is to slide the bolster between your knees, then bend your knees until you feel comfortable. The position of the spine must be confirmed straight!

A bolster pillow made from material that is not too hard and not too soft like polyester fiber can help support and support your body perfectly while sleeping.

Likewise if you put the bolster behind your body following the direction of the spine. If you are discipline in using a bolster pillow in this way, you can avoid back pain when you wake up.


Sleeping using a bolster pillow can prevent injury to the bones due to an uncomfortable sleeping position.

2. Improve Posture

If you have a bad posture, especially slouching a little, then sleeping with a bolster is the right solution.

You only need to hug a bolster while sleeping to improve posture.

The benefits of sleeping with a bolster can actually keep your spine straighter, so that you can stand straighter.

3. Blood Circulation

The next benefits of sleeping with a bolster is that it is able to increase blood flow in the body.


When sleeping with a bolster, there are parts of the body that are lifted which are the legs and hands. With these part is lifted, it will make the blood circulation and flow smooth.

When the blood flows smoothly, there are many health benefits that will be obtained for the body. You can avoid various threats of dangerous diseases.

4. Relieves Muscle Tension

Using a bolster pillow indirectly provides muscle stretching therapy while you are resting, especially for those of you who have just finished a full day of activities.

To fully relieve tension in your muscles, you can use a body pillow, which is a long rolling pillow that also serves as a head pillow.

A bolster pillow placed under your neck can help relieve tension in your neck muscles.


This bolster pillow can also be useful for pregnant women by reducing muscle tension throughout the body.

5. Get Rid of the Snoring  Habit

Do you know that sleeping on your back will make you snoring more?

This is caused by the base of the tongue covering the throat wall, so there will be sounds during sleep.

One solution to overcoming snoring is by side sleeping.

Not many people are comfortable with side sleeping. Hence, they need help with bolsters. Thus, the habit of snoring will slowly disappear.


6. Recovering Back Injuries

Hugging and rolling sleep routines can also help reduce pressure on the hip bones because the back becomes straight during sleep.

Of course this will be very useful for those of you who have spinal problems, one of which is scoliosis.

7. Proper Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women

It turns out that the benefits of sleeping with a bolster are also felt by pregnant women. Sleeping position during pregnancy sideways to the left using a bolster will prevent the uterus from pressing on the liver.

This allows the bolster function to pass oxygen to the baby through the placenta. In addition, the blood circulation of pregnant women is also smoother, so it will avoid cramps during sleep.

Pregnant women can also add a bolster on the back to make it more comfortable.


8. Safer for Children

Using a bolster while sleeping is actually safer than a regular pillow.

This is due to the stiff texture of the bolster, which makes the bolster will not dampen breathing while sleeping.

Children usually cannot control homing properly, so it is better to use a small bolster while sleeping.

9. Sleep Better and Calm

There is research that states that sleeping while hugging and snuggling will make sleep more relaxed. In other words, hugging a bolster while sleeping can have a comforting psychological effect. You who have trouble sleeping well can try this method!

10. Improve Sleep Quality

Have a sleep disorder? You can try sleeping with a bolster which is believed to improve sleep quality.


Some sources state that when sleeping using a bolster and facing one side, it can relieve stress in the legs.

When is the Ideal Time to Change Bolsters?

After knowing the various benefits of sleeping hugging a bolster, of course you also have to pay attention to the bolsters you use.

It is highly recommended to change the bolster every 18 months. The ideal time to change the bolster is not without reason.

Bolsters that are used for too long are not able to support the body properly, accumulate germs, and can even cause disease.

Selection of the wrong roll will make you not get the various benefits above.


One way is to adjust the stuffing material to air temperature and humidity.

To roll in hot weather, you should choose from materials that are easy to pass by air so that it is not damp and moldy.

Meanwhile, during cold weather you can use a bolster that absorbs heat to keep it warm.