10 Brilliant Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets That You Wish You Knew Sooner

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10 Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets That You Wish You Knew Sooner
10 Brilliant Kitchen Gadgets That You Wish You Knew Sooner

“I wish there is something that can make this thing easier”. If this is the thought that you had while doing your daily kitchen routines, then this article is for you! It is crucial to have the best kitchen utensils and gadgets which will affect the result of your cooking.

We have listed down useful kitchen utensils & gadgets that you might never know it existed. We’ve also provided the link to our recommendation which is the most trustable and reliable vendor for you.

1. Foldable Kitchen Board

Foldable Kitchen Board

This kitchen board is designed to have multi 3 in 1 function, which makes you to have only one item instead of 3 items in your kitchen utensils & gadgets list. It designed from a flexible silicone at the side, allow you to change it from the normal chopping board to a basket. It can be used as chopping board, fruit/vegetable basket, and washing bowl.

2. Stretchable Food Cover

Stretchable Food Cover

Do you have leftover watermelon that you still want to keep for other day? Or maybe did you lost your jar or food container cover? This stretchable food cover is made from a flexible silicone which can fit almost any of food container shape. It’s a perfect solution if you want to address above issue and always want to keep your food fresh.  

3. Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

Plastic Bag Heat Sealer

This device use the heat to seal the plastic bag which eliminate the chance of air come in to the plastic bag and spoil the food. It also provide protection against the tide, mould proof. The sealer use 2 AA batteries as it power.


4.Watermelon Slicer

Watermelon Slicer

Eliminate the risk of injure your hands from cutting a watermelon by using this watermelon slicer. Furthermore, you can save a lot of times by using this slicer! To use it, simply just push down to the bottom using both of your hands with equal strength!

5. Magic Sponge

Magic Sponge

The reason they called it “Magic” is because this sponge can solve more issues while a normal sponge only can use for a cleaning dishes. Magic sponge can clean a hard stain and even rust on your pan/dishes/etc. 

Furthermore, it also can be used as knife sharpener.

Magic Sponge

6. Multi Function Sink Aerator

Multi Function Sink Aerator

Have you ever feel it’s hard to rinse the side off the basin after wash your dishes? Don’t need to worry as they have the sink extension that is flexible 360 degree rotation.

Additional bonus for you, this sink extension also have two type of sprayer that you can adjust accordingly.


7. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Have you ever feel lazy or maybe forgot to clean your microwave every time using it? Angry mama is a mini gadget that simplify the cleaning process and make you never forget to clean your microwave! 

With the ease of using it and it’s effectiveness to clean every hidden corner of your microwave, this gadget will save you a lot of time and energy!

 8. Fridge Space Saver

Fridge Space Saver

Too much stuff in your fridge? With this fridge space saver, you can utilize the “dead space” in your fridge. Not only that, this fridge space saver will also help you to organize your grocery stuff properly. You can put chili in one drawer, egg in one drawer, and etc. Furthermore, with it beautiful design and various color, it will make your fridge to look better as well.

9. Incredible Ice Pop Maker

We know that there are a lot of concern from people that their ice cube trays took a lot of space in their fridge. Or maybe the way to take out the ice from the trays is too hard. Not anymore! With this Incredible ice pop maker, it will make your life so much easier. With it’s small size, it save the space in your freezer. It made from elastic silicone, allow you to collect all the ice cube just by pressing the silicone in. It also become your ice cube bucket at the same time!

10. Grocery Bag Grips

Grocery Bag Grips

Have you ever feel that the grocery bag is hurting your finger even though u have switch it to your other hand? Thanks to those who invent this grocery bag grips! With this grip, you can carry as much plastic as you want without hurting your hand.


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