10 Biggest Animal in The Ocean

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biggest animal in the ocean

Our sea has a vast size, filled with various kinds of living things. Some of them have a really enormous size that you will never imagine! Below are the top 10 biggest animal in the ocean:

1. Lion’s Mane Jellyfish – 36.6 Meters

biggest animal in the ocean

Blue whale can be lined up as the biggest animal in the ocean, but keep in mind that it is a whale. There are many other inhabitants who live in the sea and are larger than the blue whale. And the largest inhabitants of the sea fall on the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish. Not just any jellyfish, but this type of jellyfish has the largest size of all types of jellyfish.

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish has a size of up to 36.6 meters and is the ruler of the sea today. Its unusually long legs are what make it superior to blue whales. As we know that jellyfish forage for food by using their long legs or tentacles to ensnare and sting their prey. With such long legs, the prey will find it increasingly difficult to escape from the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.

2. Blue Whale – 33 Meters

biggest animal in the ocean


As a mammal, it is true that the blue whale is the biggest animal in the ocean. The size is no joke, blue whales can live up to 33 meters in size. This size even surpassed the size of a dinosaur. Speaking of weight, blue whales can weigh up to 200 kg.

If you dissect a blue whale and look at its heart, the heart of the blue whale is the size of a car.

3. Sperm Whale – 24 Meters

biggest animal in the ocean

Continue to the third biggest animal of the ocean. In this position is occupied by the whale with a type of sperm whale or sperm whale. The sperm whale can grow to a size of 24 meters. One of the uniqueness of this animal, sperm whale, is one of the whales that has teeth. Though usually the whale is toothless.

The sperm whale has a very loud sound. In water, the sound has a power of up to 230 decibels. When compared on land, the sound could be equivalent to that of a rifle with a power of 170 decibels.


4. Whale Shark – 18.8 Meters

Whale Shark biggest animal in the ocean

You can be afraid of sharks because these fish are not only big but have rows of sharp teeth that are ready to tear anything they bite. But there is one sea creature that has a name similar to a shark, namely the whale shark. The whale shark is a large mammal that is quite friendly with humans.

Although the name contains a shark element and its large body, the main food of the whale shark is plankton. The whale shark can grow to 18.8 meters. Whale sharks are friendly animals, it is not uncommon for whale sharks to be seen swimming with humans and not attacking humans. What is very unfortunate is that the whale shark population has been decreasing due to hunting. This animal is now included in the category of endangered and protected animals.

5. Basking Shark – 12.27 Meters

Barking Shark - biggest animal in the ocean

Still included in the shark family, this basking shark is similar to the whale shark where their main menu is plankton. The best known thing about this basking shark is its mouth, which can open very wide when it is eating. The largest basking shark ever encountered is up to 12.27 meters tall.


Basking sharks can weigh up to 5200 kg. Not only is the food menu the same as the whale shark, the basking shark also has a calm nature.

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6. Giant Squid – 12 Meters

Giant Squid - biggest animal in the ocean

If we discussed the octopus earlier, now is the turn for the squid. Both belong to the chepalopod class and people are often confused. If the octopus has a round shape, this squid has a long body shape. Both octopus and squid are equipped with long, grisly tentacles.

The squid we usually consume is definitely not scary, but if you meet the giant squid, the story will be different. Giant squid can grow up to 12 meters in size. With this size, we can be eaten by them. If we get caught by its long tentacles, then that’s over.

7. Giant Pacific Octopus – 9.8 Meters

Giant Pacific Octopus


Have you ever heard the story about the Kraken? The Kraken is an octopus sea monster originating from Scandinavia. The Kraken has a very large size of 13-15 meters. With that size, the Kraken could easily destroy a ship. Currently, no octopus that has such a size has been found, but the giant pacific octopus is known to grow up to 9.8 meters.

Although not as big as the Kraken, this size was still terrifying. Octopuses are included in marine animals in the chepalopod class along with squid. The difference is, the octopus has a round shape with many long tentacles. These tentacles are used by octopuses to catch their prey.

8. Oarfish – 8 Meters


With its unique and dragon-like body shape, oarfish are often referred to as sea serpents or sea dragons. Oarfish itself is actually included in the type of fish regalecidae. Not being found carelessly, oarfish prefer to swim in tropical or warm waters and they rarely show themselves.

Oarfish swim at a depth of 1000 meters below the surface of the water. But there is one oarfish that washed ashore. The oarfish had no scales, had large eyes, and reached 8 meters in size at that time. Since oarfish swim in deep sea areas, it is still possible that there are oarfish that are larger than that.


9. Great White Shark – 7 Meters

Great White Shark

In every place there must be a predator who occupies a position at the top of the food chain.

Great white sharks are notorious for being fierce and unforgiving. They have a sharp smell, so they can find injured prey through their blood. They also have a high level of curiosity. People who are surfing will be approached to check whether they are among the prey or not. It’s not that the great white shark targets humans, but the great white shark often mistakenly thinks that humans are seals or sea lions, which are the main menu of their diet.

The name itself is a great white shark, of course its size is also big. Great white sharks can grow to a size of 7 meters. With their size, they can easily prey on other sea creatures weighing up to several hundred pounds.

10. Giant Ocean Manta Ray – 7 Meters

Giant Ocean Manta Ray


Starting the list of the largest creatures living in the sea with stingrays. There are many kinds of stingrays. But one that has the biggest size animal among other types in the ocean. It is a type of giant ocean manta ray. Giant ocean manta rays are most commonly live in tropical and subtropical waters. Don’t confuse manta rays and stingrays. Manta rays do not have spines on the underside of the tail like the stingray.

From a number of manta rays that have been found, the largest giant ocean manta ray recorded has a size of 7 meters. This type of giant ocean manta ray is the largest type of stingray. Not only their size, manta rays also have the largest brains compared to other fish.