10 Best Reptiles to Have as Pets

best reptiles to have as pets

Lizards, snakes and geckos are only a small part of the types of reptiles we know of that can be kept as pets. If you are interested in trying to keep reptiles as pets, there are several reptiles that you can take into consideration. No need to worry because these reptiles can still be handled even by those who are beginners!

1. Chinese Water Dragon

chinese water dragon
Image: TheSprucePets

There are several types of water dragons or newts. Among the many, there are 2 that are easy to care for, namely the Chinese water dragon and the Australian water dragon. About popularity. The Chinese water dragon is more popular and widely kept by people. Even though maintaining this one lizard is difficult but easy.

To raise a Chinese water dragon, you need a rather large place. As much as possible design the cage to suit the habitat he lives in. Make sure it gets the right moisture to survive. The size of the cage is recommended around 121 cm – 182 cm. Also prepare water because this lizard really likes to swim.

2. Argentine Black and White Tegu

Argentine Black and White Tegu
Image: Latesly

If you want to find a reptile that is easy to care for, you can try keeping Argentine black and white tegu. This black and white tegu lizard is found in South America. Maybe the only thing you need to pay attention to is the size of this tegu lizard.

Argentine black and white tegu lizards can grow up to 120 cm long. If you feel that this size is not a problem, you can keep it at home. Even though it is quite large, the tegu lizard is relatively tame. Very possible to hold and also very smart. Their diet includes mice, insects, and fruit.

3. Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon
Image: Wikipedia

Do not forget to mention the Bearded dragon as one of the recommended reptiles for pets. These lizards are so popular because of their characteristics. He is easy going, friendly, docile, and willing to be held. So those of you who are doubtful or afraid of lizards, can start with the easiest one first.

Bearded dragon comes from Australia. These lizards have a fold of skin under their chin that forms like a beard or beard. Different from other lizards that are active at night, Bearded dragons are active during the day. For food selection, Bearded dragons, which are omnivores, can eat insects and fruit. Don’t forget to give them a supplement that contains calcium.

4. Corn Snake

Corn Snake

Included in reptiles, snakes can also be used as pets choice that is different from people in general. It’s just that for those who have a phobia with snakes, it will be difficult to get close to snakes even though the snake is not venomous. But for those who want to learn to care for and overcome their phobia of snakes, they can start with the Corn snake.

The common corn snake only grows up to 180 cm, making it safe enough to be held in the hands of both adults and children. The colors are very varied, allowing us to freely choose which one. There is no need for special lighting and the food is only rats. Make sure to handle snakes often so that they get used to human hands.

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5. Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko
Image: ZooReptilia

Are you all familiar with the name gecko? Gecko is one type of lizard with a smaller size. Similar to a lizard but bigger. Geckos themselves are unique animals, so many people are interested in keeping them. There are many types of geckos, the first of which might suit you the Crested gecko.

Crested geckos are native to New Caledonia, an island group close to Australia. Like most geckos, Crested geckos love to climb, so make sure you build a cage that is tall, warm, and also humid. No need for special lighting because geckos are nocturnal animals.

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6. Uromastyx

Image: Usherp

Uromastyx, a beautiful lizard with a name that is difficult to name. You can call these lizards Spiny-tailed lizards. This lizard is still in the same family as the Bearded dragon. Uromastyx is found mostly in the Middle East, has a yellow-gray color combination and spends more time on land.

No need to bother thinking about a cage for this lizard. Uromastyx is generally only 14-16 inches in size. However, their bodies were quite large and heavy too. Uromastyx has a hobby of digging, so just make sure you have an area where they can dig. For food, Uromastyx is a herbivorous lizard. Sometimes they eat insects.

7. Green Basilisk

Green Basilisk

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