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The Wine Glass That Can Float on Water

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Hopping to a swimming pool during a hot summer day, enjoying a cup of glass wine on top of swim ring to chill down. Sounds enjoyable isn’t it?

As the time passed, you didn’t realize that your swim ring already located in the center of the swimming pool, far from the side where you put your wine glass. Sounds familiar to you?

If you’re one of the thousands people that experience this, then floating wine glass is your solution!

Floating glass wine

Floating Wine Glass

Floating wine glass


Floating wine glass is a wine glass that able to float on the water, allowing you to chill anywhere in the swimming pool without carrying your wine glass around.

With this, you don’t need to swim all the way to the side just to pick up your wine glass and drink.

Besides swimming pool, you also can use it while chilling in hot tub, jacuzzi.

Different from the normal wine glass, the floating wine glass is designed with a sharp corner at the bottom, allow you to stick and place them steadily on the sand when you’re on beach vacation.

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wine glass that can stick on sand

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I’ve purchased this floating wine glass and tried it on my personal swimming pool. The glass has it advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage, I can chill anywhere in the swimming pool and enjoying more frequent sip of wine since it is always near me by floating on the water.

However, if you make a strong wave on the water, there is a chance that the water will go inside your wine glass. Or in worst scenario, the glass will spill to your swimming pool.

But in my opinion, it is still good to have it when you’re chilling by yourself with a calm situation (when you just chill on the swim ring, or not actively swimming around).


Besides, I also like to bring them to the beach when sometimes there is no place to put your glass around on the sand. I like how steady it is when I stick them on the sand, without worrying your wine glass will spill.

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