8 Great Tips to be Less Clumsy

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how to be less clumsy

Being clumsy will be a common symptom as we grow older. Adulting makes us feel overwhelmed with more responsibilities. This is one major contributing factor that leads to clumsiness in our daily affairs. 

If we continue being clumsy and accumulate the mess due to our clumsiness, we will be in deep trouble as time goes by. We might be too busy and overlook this issue but a major problem might still exist. Thus, we need to tackle this bad habit with the help of recommended methods.

If we can reduce errors and mistakes due to this bad habit, we can also save much time and effort for our own good.

1. Play Brain Stimulating Games

Playing brain stimulating video games could help alleviate our cognitive function of our body, thus resulting in improved memory power in the long run if cultivated consistently. This could possibly happen because during playing brain stimulating games, speed and accuracy is the number one factor in winning the game.

While playing these brain stimulating games, it forces us to train our brain to make decisions at a fast pace accurately. With this habit, we can reduce clumsiness as we will get used to quick decision making skills. It challenges our memory power, tests our attention and improves concentration skills.


Complicated mind stimulating brain games require a certain intelligence and skill in order to win in the game, which often can be misunderstood by some people who do not experience real gaming. This is also another form of workout for your mind which stimulates executive function and brain processing speed.

According to Forbes Health, brain games are really good for aging adults as it can help reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease and aging sickness like dementia. Based on sources from Dr Zaldy Tan who is the Director of the Cedars – Sinai Health System/Memory:Aging Program and Medical Director of the Jona Goldrich Center for Alzheimer’s.

2. Think Ahead of What is about to Happen Next

Preparing in advance helps reduce clumsiness because when preparing early, your mind is in a calm state. A calm mind helps you think properly and decide correctly. Thus, clumsiness could be avoided.

As compared to a panic attack, your mind would go blank and forget many things that you would have remembered if you were calm.

Thinking ahead also means looking at consequences that would happen in the long term view instead of the short term gain.Take note and be alert to the bigger picture when making a decision and the impact on all elements in your life, do not rush but do not be too late in deciding too.


3. Have Daily Proper Rest and Sleep

Many grown ups and adults end up being clumsy due to overworking on their daily job. These people are workaholics who focus on finishing their job.They end up forgetting their own sleep and do not have proper rest.

When they are not well rested, their brain and mind will slowly become less alert. Gradually, the body becomes clumsy due to lack of rest or sleep.

Practicing proper sleep daily could bring us alertness for the next morning. When we are more alert, we can avoid being careless.

4. Monotask – Do One thing at a Time according to Priorities

Many of us tend to be clumsy when we have too many tasks in such a short time. In this situation, it is very crucial to stay calm and start ranking the tasks by priorities.

Learning to organize the busy schedule of ours during this busy season, helps us to make fewer mistakes. In this situation, we can practice prioritization of tasks to know which to start first before the next followed by the final tasks.  After completing the most important task, we will naturally feel more calm to proceed to the next job.


5. Build up your Core Strength by doing Balance Exercises 

Clumsiness could happen due to lack of body strength in us. It could be as simple as falling down for no reason and mysterious bruises around your body. There are known to be 3 key balancing exercises which are static, static plus weight shifting and dynamic balance.

Doing squats helps to increase our leg strength and improve your core and increases muscle stability. This exercise helps to stretch loosen tight muscles which also helps improve not only balance but also beneficial to our body posture.

Meditation is another form to improve our coordination and motor skills. Our physical coordination will naturally become smoother. According to research, a practice of meditation could enhance our alertness because our brain will develop a capability to pay attention to mistakes. With this, meditation helps in our performance and daily functioning right there in the moment.

A little daily exercise never hurts, focus on your core and improve agility which can help you catch yourself from tripping over an object or even spilling your morning coffee cup.

6. Type of Daily Food Intake and Supplements could Help

It is essential to have a daily healthy food intake. We will be formed based on what we eat. In order for us to be less clumsy, we can focus on food and supplements good for the brain.


Some food recommendations for brain food are blueberries, dark chocolates, nuts, salmon and pumpkin seeds. These foods have vitamins and minerals focusing on enhancing your brain capabilities and health.

Adding the following brain food, could sharpen your alertness level and of course tackle the main concern of reducing clumsiness.

7. Practice Attentiveness as a Habit and Personality

If you ever notice sometimes, there comes a situation when you talk to children, they may tell you something so detailed that you as adults did not even notice. Kids are known to be better learners than adults because they notice everything as they have high attentiveness at that stage of life.

Being observant and attentive is a good habit and personality to cultivate since young. With a simple example in our daily life, if we become more alert and attentive of where we last put our remote control for the TV or air-cond, we will not have trouble finding it. We can avoid the clumsiness of misplacing items when we need it if we put the extra effort to be attentive for just that few seconds when we last place that object.

8. Tackle your Panic Attack with a Different Approach

When we are suddenly struck with a panic attack, we tend to do things we do not usually do. This means, when our mind is not calm, mistakes are prone to occur which results in clumsiness.


If you are someone who gets panicked easily, you may always be seen as a clumsy person by others. This will not be good in the long term for our daily job or work. 

To solve this, we need to change our approach when having this panic attack. Try to take a deep and steady breath and count till ten. Each time an attack comes, stop whatever you are doing and try this method.

Bottom Line

Clumsiness is inevitable. Even the most careful person will sure once in a while be clumsy. Do not stress over a mistake from your clumsiness too long, as it will not help to solve the issue.

The only way to prevent this is make a change in the way you do certain little things in your daily life. This small change will help bring a big change one day.

 If you are someone who hates wasting time or hates to redo things. You need to cure your clumsiness in every possible way as these are the factors consuming your precious time and energy in your daily routine.


If we are more cautious and careful, by not speeding up certain quality checks, we can stop clumsiness from invading our daily lives.