Anti Spill Mug: The Mug That Won’t Fall

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anti spill mug

Have you ever felt clumsy? Spilling mug on your paper, book every single time? We understand that feeling. Here’s why we’re going to introduce you an anti spill mug, the mug that won’t fall!

Yes, you read it correctly. Unlike the normal mug that fall with any slight bump or knock, this anti spill mug grip strongly to the table and prevent any unwanted spill.

Mighty Mug

With a simple lift straight up, this mug will release it grip and you can have a sip from your mug. Magic isn’t it? No, it is science.

Anti Spill Mug

anti spill mug


This mug that stand up steadily against all knock and bump. It uses smart grip technology which strongly lock once it placed down. If you want to release the grip, simply lift up the top part and it will release straight away from your desk.

With the cool grip invention, it has a kind of suction cup type of mechanism on the bottom of the mug. Therefore, the grip does not work well on surfaces that has many cracks.

Just as like other mug, this mug can contain any drink such as coffee, water, soda, and etc. It is made from a strong, BPA free sturdy plastic to ward off any harm.

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Gadget Lab

We have personally tested and bought the product from Mighty Mug.


The mug does not keep hot coffee for too long, but it is still better than a Styrofoam cup or glass mug. The mug seal very well and does not leak.

The best part of it, it can’t be knocked over even with force. And when we tested to lift it up, it is very easy, just like a normal mug.

In the design perspective, this mug has a decent look. If you’re expecting a mug with a beautiful pattern or design, then this mug is not for you. But if you want to save yourself from any unwanted accident, then it is recommended.

We personally love this mug as it save us ton of spills.

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