Experts Explained 8 Tips to be Photogenic in Every Photos

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how to be photogenic

Sometimes, a decent looking person can have a better appearance if they know the tricks on how to be a photogenic in every picture.

Photographs through selfies or selfie groups have become a mandatory habit every time there are gatherings with friends. For the reason of “Make a memento”, or just to stay updated on social medias.

When taking selfies, people are trying to take their best shot. But unfortunately, sometimes the best effort is more often defeated by the photogenic appearance.

Although, some of the people don’t need to make extra effort of being photogenic as they have good looking appearance. Meanwhile, the others are struggling to hide their chubby and fat.

The solution is simple. You just need to be a photogenic! Check out these easy tips to be more photogenic especially for you.


1. Display Your Side Face

It is said that the left side of your face will look more attractive to others. Shifting your face allows your cheekbones to be exposed, giving the right contour to your face.

A study published in the journal Experimental Brain Research shows that the left side of the face is the side that most makes people who see your photo feel interested.

In that study, it was observed that the pupils of 10 people who saw photos with 2 different types: photos that show the right side of the face and photos that show the left side of the face.

The result is that most people who view photos showing the left side of the face show symptoms of enlarged pupils (a sign of interest in something.) They also say that photos showing the left side of the face look much more interesting than photos that show the right side of the face.

“If you want to look more attractive, you have to shift your body slightly when photographed to expose more of the left side of your face, Dr. Schrillo”

2. Avoid to be The Person Who Hold The Camera

Being a person who hold the camera will make you look disproportionate. The proportional cross section of the face seen in the photo will affect the results of your photo.


For the sake of trying to be more photogenic from now on, try not to get too close to the camera every time you take a selfie group photo.

Don’t be the person holding the camera, because this means your face will look bigger than your other friends. Always take an equal position with friends – and hey, this is why selfie stick created! Take out your selfie stick every time you want to take pictures so that everyone can get the best photos.

3. If You’re Standing, Take a Picture from a Low Angle

Taking photos of the whole body means that you don’t have room to hide the flaws. This is why models make good money – because they have to look perfect every time. Well, what about us whose face and body are far below those model?

According to experts, there are 5 ways to make you look taller-slimmer and proportionate without having to use Photoshop:

  1. Take photos from a low angle.
  2. Make sure your entire body is included in the photo frame.
  3. For the sake of the foot that looks more level, place one foot in front of the other foot when photographed.
  4. Choose pants with a high waist cut (high waisted bottom)
  5. Take a long step when taking photos with a walking pose. This method will make your legs look much longer than the original.

4. If You’re Sitting, Take Picture from High Angle

You and friends like to take pictures while hanging out in the café? Take out the selfie stick and take a photo from the top. Or, you can ask the photographer to take from high angle.


Likewise, when you do a photo studio that requires you to be photographed while sitting – ask the photographer to put the camera on the face so that you are the one who has to move your face to face the lens.

A high angle shot will expose your jaw more clearly so that (again) can provide the appropriate contours.

5. The Proportional Photo Frame

Make sure the whole body goes into the photo frame, place one foot in front of the other foot when photographed (so the legs look more level), choose pants with higher waist cuts, and take long steps when taking photos (just like people are walking). A good photo should show your body in a proportional shape.

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6. Look at The Camera

If you’re not taking candid photo, try to focus on the camera. Make your eyes look alive, for example by talking to the photographer, closing your eyes and opening them again, staring at the window.


7. Hand Position

Another important aspect is to pay attention to the position of your hand. When taking pictures, don’t let your hands sit still, play, and move awkwardly.

For example, by placing your hands on your shoulders, putting your hands on your chin (when you are sitting), or other positions. Hand position helps you to appear more photogenic in front of the camera.

8. Put Your Tongue Behind Your Teeth and Smile

Smile pose is a favorite pose of a million people. However, sometimes we unconsciously smile too wide to produce a creepy impression, rather than friendly and warm.

Place your tongue behind the teeth as you smile. This will prevent you from pulling your lips too far to the right and left.

Four easy steps to create a relaxed and unrequited smile:


  1. Put your tongue behind your teeth so that your smile doesn’t seems awkward.
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Before camera shutter sounds, close and open your eyes, or right before your finger presses the “capture” button.
  4. Smile!

Bottom Line

That’s all the tips on how to be photogenic according to the experts. Remember that, having a good looking appearance is not a key to get a good picture.

Sometimes, a decent looking person can have a better appearance if they know how to be a photogenic in every picture.

Which one of those tips is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!