10 Hacks to Get Rid of Spiciness in Your Mouth Immediately

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how to get rid of spiciness in mouth

Spicy food is interesting but it can burn your mouth in the same time, if you’re not used to eat spicy food! We all know one person that always act confident at first and get spicy after. Well, if you want to help him/her get rid of spiciness in their mouth, share this article to them!

Whether we do it on purpose or not, there are times when the food you eat has a level of spiciness that we cannot tolerate.

People are usually panic and drink bunch of glass water. And yes, the spiciness is still there and it still don’t go away!

Drinking glass of water is not wrong. But here, we’re going to share you better things that you can consume which is more effective to get rid of spiciness in your mouth. Check out below!

1. Drink a Glass of Milk

Milk - how to get rid of spiciness in mouth


Milk contains a protein called casein. Casein is what will fight capsaicin on the tongue so that the spicy taste on the tongue will disappear. All kinds of foods that contain milk in them are also effective in relieving the spicy taste on the tongue.

2. Ice Cream

Eating spicy food is fun but not very cool if the spicy taste is more than we can stand. If so, it’s no longer delicious but terrible. Once it is spicy, usually we will immediately look for water to drink.

However, ice cream is one of the best ways to cool your mouth and get rid of spiciness in your mouth. Just one scoop of ice cream can get rid of the spicy taste on the tongue. Let’s just say ice cream is the most proper dessert after enjoying a spicy meal.

3. Coconut Water

Not only is it useful as a thirst quencher, coconut water can also slightly get rid of spiciness that attacks your mouth.

You could say that coconut water is a lighter version of milk with the same sweet taste. Not only can it restore the body’s electrolytes lost due to activity, coconut water can also be used to relieve the heat caused by chilies.


4. Honey

If your mouth and tongue burnt from eating spicy food, drink honey immediately. Honey relieve the burning sensation on the tongue caused by chilies.

Derived from natural ingredients and has a sweet taste, honey is a great antidote to relieve heat on the tongue.

5. Lemon

Drinking juice or lemon juice is very refreshing during the day when the sun is scorching hot. Not only for drinking when it’s hot, lemon juice can also relieve the spicy taste in the mouth.

The effectiveness of lemon juice in relieving the hot taste in the mouth is not just a figment. This has been proven scientifically.

The acidity of the hot taste can be neutralized by alkaline foods, lemon is one of them. Apart from lemon, you can also relieve the spicy taste with tomatoes, oranges and pineapples.


6. Peanut Butter

Who’s here likes bread? One way to enjoy bread is to spread it with jam. Whether it’s peanut butter, chocolate jam, strawberry or other fruit jam. Apart from it, peanut butter can also be your solution to get rid of spiciness in your mouth after you finish eating spicy food.

Here’s why. Peanut butter contains fat content. This fat content can be a remedy to slightly reduce the spicy taste on the tongue.

The trick is to swallow a tablespoon of peanut butter. For those of you who are allergic to peanuts, you have to find other ways to get rid of the spicy taste.

7. Chewing Bread

In the previous point, it was mentioned that bread and jam are best friends, especially for breakfast.

Before eating spicy food, it’s a good idea to prepare a number of foods or drinks to overcome the spicy taste. Well, this bread is one of them.


Chewing a piece of bread can make you relax a little. It is said that bread can absorb the oil from the chili that makes your mouth burn.

8. Drink Alcohol

Do you like to drink alcoholic drinks as well as spicy food? If that is the case, you no longer need to worry when you experience pain. Why? Because drinks containing alcohol are said to be effective in eliminating the pungent taste on the tongue.

There are lots of alcoholic drinks that you can drink. Call it beer and cocktails. The alcohol content in these drinks can relieve the burning sensation caused by eating spicy food. So, instead of drinking a glass of water which has proven ineffective, you better drink a glass of beer.

9. Eat Chocolate

Chocolate - how to get rid of spiciness in mouth

Chocolate can be one of the keys to relieving the hot taste on the tongue.


Similar to peanut butter, chocolate also has a very high fat content. This fat content will help you to get rid of capsaicin from your mouth. It is clear that consuming a bar of chocolate is much better than you drinking glasses of water.

10. Eat Sugar

When your mouth burnt because of the unbearable spicy taste, don’t immediately seek water to relieve it. Water can only temporarily relieve the hot taste. After that, the spicy taste will come back again. Instead of using water, you can choose sugar instead.

By using sugar, your tongue can be relieved much more efficient as compare to water. The fact is, sugar can help neutralize the burning sensation of spicy food. It is enough with 1 spoon of sugar, then pour it into your tongue.