10 Hacks to Get Rid Termites in The House Naturally

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termites in house

Termites are a problem that is often found in house or furniture made from wood. Apart from being annoying, the presence of termites also makes house materials and wooden furniture not durable.

There are actually many ways to get rid of termites at your house, but you should not rely on chemical drugs as a way to get rid of termites because of the health risks they cause. On the other hand, it is considered safer to get rid of termites naturally.

For those of you who live in wooden houses or have a lot of wooden furniture, let’s take a peek at the following 10 tips on how to get rid of termites naturally!

1. Don’t Be Stingy at The Vent!

Termites tend to like places that are damp and have little sunlight. If you have a house and lots of wooden furniture, the first way to get rid of termites is to build adequate ventilation so that sunlight can enter every corner of the house. That way, wooden furniture will not be easily eaten by termites.

If some of the furniture made from wood is already attacked by termites, then the next way to get rid of termites is to dry the furniture in an open area. This makes it easier for direct sunlight to repel termites.


2. Clean The Yard From Standing Water

Where there is standing water, that’s where the termites will breed. The way to get rid of termites from the outside of the house is to prevent stagnant water, either in the yard or gutter.

This method of getting rid of termites needs to be done, especially during the rainy season. Instead of having a lot of standing water, it’s a good idea to have a rainwater collection like a pond for easy cleaning.

Clean sewers regularly, apart from being a way to get rid of termites, you can also get rid of mosquitoes at your home!

3. Repairing Damaged Ceramics or Pipes

This way might looks a bit trivial. However, damaged ceramics can make it easier for moisture to enter the house. As a result, the house becomes damp.

Not to mention that if your house has a leak in certain pipes, the humidity level in the house will increase. So don’t be surprised if termites are lured into the house. Therefore, don’t underestimate minor damage.


The way to get rid of these termites is to repair any damaged ceramics before termites enter and build their colonies. In addition, try to prevent any possible leaks in the house pipes from seeping everywhere.

This method of getting rid of termites is better than waiting until your house is completely attacked by termites. Of course, it will be more difficult to eradicate termites, which are too large in number and eat away at the furniture in our homes.

4. Seal The Cracks on Each Side of The House

The most important thing for those of you who own a house is to periodically check the condition of the house. We will never notice a crack if we are not examined carefully.

The cracks that appear can be a way for termites to enter the house so that we are overwhelmed to find ways to get rid of termites when the termite colony has formed. Therefore, inspect your side of the house carefully.

If there are any gaps or cracks, close them immediately. Usually these cracks can be closed with the help of white cement which is quite easy to obtain. You can also ask a builder to close it. Thus, your house will be safe from termite attacks.


5. Avoid Contact of Wooden Walls to Ground

For those of you who have a house with a building containing wood material, always pay attention to the distance between the wood material and the ground. This method is useful for eradicating subterranean termites which usually enter buildings with wood media.

In addition, if the wood material used is not wood that is properly processed, the material can easily collect moisture. This condition is very popular with termites.

Termites have enough food and a favorable temperature. How to get rid of termites by avoiding direct contact between the soil and wood is quite effective because you block the termite’s path to your house.

6. Drying Wooden Furniture to Get Rid of Termites in House

The way to get rid of termites that like to eat wood material is to keep the material from becoming damp. Your furniture made of wood is mandatory for drying regularly in the sun. Make sure you dry the furniture for a long time so that no side of the furniture is too damp.

This method of getting rid of termites will be more effective for this type of wood termite. In addition, always use varnish regularly on your furniture so that moisture does not easily enter.


As a precautionary measure, provide a distance between wooden furniture and the wall so as not to lure termites that enter from the wall cracks to move towards the furniture.

7. Using Rice Washing Water

For those of you who like to cook, of course cooking rice is an easy matter. Usually, after washing rice, the rinse water is just thrown away, right?

We recommend that you don’t throw away the rice water that you wash immediately because the way to get rid of termites naturally can be done using rice water.

Simply collect the water used for washing the rice, then spray it on the places affected by termites. Termites will decrease slowly and leave the place. This method of getting rid of termites is very easy and cheap, right?

8. Using Bay Leaves and Basil to Get Rid of Termites in House

This kitchen spice is certainly no stranger to the people of Indonesia. Apart from being suitable for kitchen spices, the strong aroma of bay leaves and basil will be very effective in killing termites.


How to get rid of termites with this technique is quite easy to do. Just put the leaves on your furniture. Termites will not approach the furniture. In addition, this material is also safe to place in the wardrobe because it will not make clothes smell. So, this method of getting rid of termites does not have a negative effect.

9. Using Camphor

Camphor does have a myriad of benefits. Camphor with naphthalene in it can be used as an effective way to get rid of termites. Apart from keeping out small insects in your home, the strong smell of camphor is also very displeasing to termites.

Put mothballs on the furniture of your house and some corners of your house. Termites will avoid these locations.

10. Clean Dry Wood

In keeping the house clean, you don’t only pay attention to the cleanliness of the house on the inside but also outside the house, especially if you have a garden. Areas like this are very prone to finding subterranean termites.

The way to get rid of subterranean termites that can come attacking is to always remove dry branches or wood that have accumulated around the house.


Dry wood that is on the surface or in a humid temperature will be a target for termites to enter. Dispose of the wood immediately before the termite colony arrives and makes your house vulnerable to termites.

Bottom Line

During the rainy season, humid air is inevitable. The arrival of termites often cannot be prevented. But now you know 10 tips on how to get rid of termites naturally.

Besides the ingredients are readily available and easy to practice, this method of getting rid of termites naturally doesn’t waste your money, right?