Scared of Bugs? This Bug Catcher Will Save Your Life!

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bug catcher

You are probably one of the millions people that are scared of insects. Whether it is cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, or any bugs. You just don’t want to see them and wish that they never appeared in your house.

However, you can’t avoid that these bugs will just come to your house in anytime. With their tiny size, these bugs can just sneak in to your house even from the smallest hole that you can’t ever imagine.

If you’re still curious of what kind of insects that most probably sneak in to your house, you can read: 13 Creepy Bugs That Live in Your House.

Although some of these insects are not harmful, some of them can bring some serious infection and disease if they made contact with human. Check out here to see how are these insects can do harm to you.

But what if we tell you there is a life hack gadget that can save your life from these insects? Check out below!


Bug Catcher

bug catcher

Bug or insect catcher is basically a stick that designed to catch any tiny creature such as insects without killing them.

The idea of this stick is to capture them by closing the bristles which making them unable to escape, and with just a simple release button, you can release them outside the house.

bug catcher

This bug catcher has average of 26″ length which is far enough and perfect for those who scared of insects or bugs! With this length, you can catch them comfortably without risk of possible infection by catching them directly.


If you don’t know how long is 26″, it almost equal to 4+ feet. For the easier illustration, you can refer to below picture.

bug catcher life hack solution

How does The Bug Catcher Work?

In order to catch the bug or insect, simply do the following:

  1. Squeeze the handle which will make the bristles open.
  2. Place the open bristles over the insect
  3. Release the handle so that the bristle close and trapped the insect in it.
  4. Now, as the insect is trapped inside the bristle, go outside your house and release it by squeezing the handle again and let the bristle open.

It’s easy right?

If you’re still not sure, take a look on below live illustration by Insider.


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Based on our personal experience, we have tested this bug catcher on several insects and bugs.

This bug catcher work perfectly for spider, moths, centipede, and small cockroaches. However, when we tried on huge cockroaches, sometimes it is too fast before we can capture them.


For a fast moving and really tiny insects, you’ll need more effort to capture them.

But overall, this bug catcher is still a must have gadget in your house as it can capture most of the insects or bugs that you can find in your house.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy now here!