Here’s How You Can Improve Eyesight Naturally

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how to improve eyesight naturally

Minus eye conditions can inhibit and slow down a person’s productivity. It happened due to some unhealthy habits or even genetics! What if we tell you that there are some ways that you can do to cure it and improve eyesight naturally?

People with minus eyes or myopia is unable to see clearly objects that are far away. Many people experience this condition due to some reason.

One of it, might due to the habit of interacting too much with electronic devices such as smart phone, laptop, and TV. Excessive of viewing gadget is bad for vision if done continuously.

1. Exercising Your Eyes

Eye exercise is the first way you can try as the eye strain treatment.

Here are the steps that you can follow:


  • Move your eyeball left and right.
  • Make a circular motion.
  • Blink your eyes 100 times.

Perform the above methods every day regularly. Besides being able to treat the short-sight, this exercise also use to lubricate the eyes and cleanse them.

2. Consume More Carrots

Carrot is a well known of it’s goodness for eyes and it can become natural cure for shortsighted.

The reason is, these vegetables contain beta-carotene that the body needs to produce vitamin A which needed by the eye to stay healthy. Eat 2 glasses of carrot juice every day for a month to help treat the minus eye.

3. Consuming Aloe Vera Juice

Besides carrot juice, you can also use aloe vera juice to naturally improve your eyesight.

Scientist believes that consuming aloe vera juice could be the most effective way to treat short sighted. If you don’t believe, try to consume it regularly for a week, and see the difference!


4. Betel Leaves

Betel leaf is a food that is useful for various needs, one of it is to naturally improve your eyesight!

Follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare 2 betel leaves.
  2. Wash thoroughly.
  3. Stick to eyes before sleeping and take it off in the morning.

Besides the method above, you can also try the method below.

  1. Prepare several betel leaves.
  2. Wash under running water until clean.
  3. Soak betel leaves that have been cleaned in a basin filled with water.
  4. Squeeze the betel leaves in the basin until the water inside turns green.
  5. Soak eyes in basin water and open-close the eyes until the water enters the eyes.
  6. Perform the above activities for 30 minutes every day regularly.

Check out other benefits of betel leaves here.

5. Candle Exercise

Yes, candle! you read it correctly. But the method to use candle here is not like the other method above,


In fact, some people claim that this is the fastest way to cure severe minus eye.

  1. Here are the methods you can try:
  2. Prepare candles and lighters.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Look at the candle for a few minutes and try not to blink often. Stop this activity if tears have come out. Do it regularly to get the maximum results.

6. Drying the Eyes in The Morning

Drying the eyes is said to cure the minus eye naturally.

Below are the ways that must be followed:

  1. Close both eyes.
  2. Direct your eyes to the sun.
  3. Stay in that position until your eyeballs feel warm.
  4. You should do this exercise in the morning so that your intake of vitamin D for the body can be fulfilled properly.

7. Apply the Eye Palming Technique

The eye palming technique can be used to cure minus eyes as well as cylinders.

Lets see the steps below:


  1. Rub both palms until the surface feels warm.
  2. Close your eyes. Stick both palms (no need to press).
  3. Make sure that no light enters.
  4. Repeat this method until the eyes feel comfortable.

When the eyes feel tired and tired, you can also try the method above to feel relaxed.

8. Practicing Focus Using the Index

This method is actually almost the same as the candle method. However, the difference is the object being seen, that is, the origin of the candle flame being the index finger.

Here are the steps to follow if you are interested in trying it:

Place the index finger 10 cm from the nose.

Make the eyes focus in the direction of the index finger and then move the focus to an object located far behind the index finger.


Perform this activity without sliding your head or glancing.

Do the steps above 10 times a day to improve eyesight naturally. Also, make sure you also prepare the most comfortable sitting position before trying the methods above.

9. Take Off The Glasses

Who would have thought if removing glasses was one way to cure high minus eyes? Apparently, wearing glasses makes the eye accustomed to focusing on the center of the lens or the glasses.

If it continues to be accustomed, it will cause the eye muscles to become stiff caused by the eyeball that rarely moves.

10. Eating Beets

Beets apparently have a good content to reduce the minus on the eyes. To get the properties, just make juice from this one fruit and consume it regularly.


For a more effective effect, you should add star fruit or carrots when making this one juice.

11. Practicing Indian Trataka

The next way to improve eyesight naturally is by practicing Indian Trataka. This exercise aims to achieve a clear picture of something, before the eyes feel tired.

You only need to sit in an open space while staring at a small object, such as a candle. Focus on the object and try not to blink.

Record every detail of the object you see in your memory while closing your eyes. Blend the way to cure this minus eye for 10 minutes.

Bottom Line

These are some ways you can do to improve eyesight: Check your eyes and chronic conditions related to vision, such as diabetes and hypertension, regularly.


Use UV-proof sunglasses when you have long activities outdoors to protect your eyes Rest your eyes regularly on the sidelines of work, especially if you work in front of a computer screen every day.