10 Hacks to Boost Self Confidence in Your Child

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how to boost self confidence in a child

Most of the parents want their children to grow up to be someone who is confident. If you’re a parents that want to boost your child self confidence,

With high self-confidence, children can face all kinds of life challenges that come. Try to imagine if your child does not have self-confidence. It will be very difficult for them to survive in this harsh life.

So, what are the ways that can be done to boost self confidence in your child? Here’s the list.

1. Cheer Them Up When They Failed

Everyone has experienced failure. Even rich and successful people like Bill Gates have experienced failure. There is nothing wrong with failure.

What is wrong is when you experience failure but don’t rise from that failure and instead continue to fall into the abyss of despair. As a parents, you should not want this to happen to your kids right?


We all know that as a parents, we cannot prevent our children from failing. But parents can teach and reach out when children fail. Give advice that achieving something is not always easy.

Give children the knowledge that failure can show that the method is still not right. The opportunity to get up and pursue the same target is still wide open.

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2. Encourage Them Trying Something New

Instead of letting your child pursue for just one thing, there are times when parents teach children something new.

In life there will be many choices and those choices will have different effects and risks. By teaching children something new, their knowledge will increase and may open up opportunities for success in other fields.


Maybe some parents will think that teaching other things to their children is insufficient time. Not really. At the child’s level, children’s ability to learn new things is very good and fast. They can absorb information better than adults.

They also have more time, allowing them to try new things. As the saying goes, it’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick. But puppies can still be taught many things.

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3. Give Praise

Don’t think compliments have no impact on someone. Even as an adult, a simple praise will still be highly meaningful for us. When you achieve your target or complete an office assignment, one word of praise from your boss will make you happy and be more confident in doing your next assignment. Likewise, this what will happen to children.

Good parents will never forget to praise their children when they achieve something good. If they can get good marks on tests or maybe when they solve the problem on their own. The same thing can be done by the child later when organizing.


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4. Teach Them to Be Independent

Learning to be independent is important in order to boost confidence in your child. This is what parents need to teach their children.

Not every time parents can accompany children. No one knows about age, we can die at any moment. Therefore, as long as you are still given the opportunity to live, make the best of that time to guide your children to become mature, responsible, independent, and confident individuals.

Maybe while at home, you are the parents who always provide assistance to their children when they have difficulties. But what about when they are at school? Who would help them when they were in trouble if not himself.

To teach children to be independent, stop always helping children in every difficulty they face. Let them do it themselves. This also can train child to be able to solve their own problems and boost their self confidence.


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5. Teach Them to Set a Target

It is important that someone has a purpose in life. With the purpose of life, we can determine which steps can lead us to that goal. But not a few people stop in the middle of the road because it turns out that the goal is not realistic. To prevent this from happening, parents need to guide their children to create realistic goals or targets.

Children need to be taught from an early age to create targets in their lives. Maybe you can start with something as simple as a lesson score of 80. Or you have to be able to master a bicycle within a week. Teach children to create goals that are as realistic as possible and not forget to encourage and guide every step they take.

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6. Bring Them to a Social Activity

Children need to be taught that volunteer actions or actions need to be done in life. By helping those who need help, we can lighten the burdens of their lives a little. We can also have a positive effect on the world that simple things can bring happiness to some people.


Not only can it increase children’s self-confidence, participating in volunteering also helps children shape character and learn to get along with fellow volunteers. In addition, children can also more or less understand how to organize in organization. Getting out of the comfort zone must be done so that the child does not become a turtle in the shell.

7. Teach Them How To Solve Problems

Humans live in a harsh world. There will always be problems that arise as time goes by. And we are given 2 choices, face it or run.

By facing problems and fears, we will become stronger, braver, and more confident in living life. Parents need to teach their children about how hard life is.

Too early? No, even the problems started when the children were in school. Where children must learn to get along with classmates. Parents need to equip their children with ways to teach children to solve their own problems.

Parents cannot always be there for children to continue providing assistance. Sometimes children have to make their own decisions to be able to solve the problems at hand.


8. Show Love

There is one easy thing parents can do to boost their child self confidence. The trick is to show how much the parents love their children. When they are young, children are still dependent on their parents.

Without guidance, knowledge, lessons, experiences, and love from parents, children can think whether they are really their children or their role in the family does not exist.

By showing love to children, children become aware that they exist and that they play an important role in the family.

Showing love for children can be done in many ways. You can say it directly, you can also do exciting activities with children. Anyway, do everything you can to be able to give a sense that we are there for them when they are sad and happy.

9. Support Their Passion

Every child is born unique. There is no obligation for children to be similar to others, that’s an important note for parents.


Each of these children has different abilities and passions from one another. Have you ever thought about providing support so that the child will pursue or at least do what the child likes?

While the passion does not break the rules and does not harm others, there is nothing wrong with parents to support children’s intentions.

Especially now that success can not only be achieved from school. There are many ways to be a successful person. Let the children do what they choose. As long as they do it with intent and hard work. There is a possibility that passion will lead them to success.

10. Introduce To a Foreign Culture

There are many countries with different cultures. In order not to become narrow-minded and shocked in the future, it is important for children to explore and broaden their mindset. Whether it’s positive or negative, give this information because your child deserves it.

Getting to know foreign cultures more and more can make children understand that differences does exist and must be respected. Maybe there is a culture that is not suitable for us to imitate, so we just don’t need to follow it.