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19 Tips to Keep Yourself Organized

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Each time we enter a showroom for a new township or condominium, we enjoy seeing the beautiful show house unit. What appears to be is a very tidy and organized living environment.

Things will look more attractive once we know how to seriously get things organized. If we could cultivate this habit of being neat and tidy in our daily lives, in terms of house chores and at workplace we could have a better-quality lifestyle.

The little things we do builds up a mess or a beautiful lifestyle without us realizing it. Here are some tips to keep yourself organized:

1. Write Everything Down

The power of taking down notes is very underestimated these days. Young generation these days do not need the traditional pen and paper notebook, just from the Notes app in the iPhone will save the trouble.

We are forgetful beings as life gets more complicated as we are adulting. Thus, with many tasks and responsibilities at hand, taking down notes, writing everything down is an important habit to get seriously organized.


2. Set a Fix Laundry Day Every Week

Be consistent in your unavoidable task like laundry. You should be able to complete the simple tasks like this no matter how busy you are. Letting your dirty clothes pile up is going to make u regret later.

Get them washed, dried, and ironed on time consistently so that it does not disrupt your morning rush hours. It can be a waste of time in the morning to find your outfit of the day if they are not ready for use.

3. Declutter Your Wallet

Remember opening your wallet and seeing the coins falling off your unorganized wallet? Sometimes even the accumulated receipts piled up from months ago is still sitting and bulking your wallet.

Decluttering your wallet to remove all the unnecessary items could not only make your pockets lighter, also it makes you find the important things in your wallet more efficiently.

This may look like a simple task, but this is a good habit to adapt.


4. Organize Your Wardrobe

After your morning shower, before you head out for work, many times we waste time on picking our outfit of the day.

We can make this daily task easier by having an organized wardrobe which sorts our clothing according to a certain category. For example, organizing your clothes according to the colors and clothing types.

5. Use Containers to Organize Your Drawer

Things in the drawers are one of the messiest hidden messes in every household. Most of the time, I see people digging things from the drawer.

This happens because every random thing just got dumped into the drawers. We can solve this problem by getting containers with various sizes to sort the items in the drawers accordingly.

6. Always Wash Your Dishes Right After Eating

After eating, we need to ensure to cultivate the habit to do the cleaning up immediately. Delaying the tasks will continue piling up mess. Thus, this little habit leads to a huge mess and should not be taken lightly.


7. Wear Matching Lingerie

Something many of us might not realize how everything we do affects us to be organized not only by surroundings but also things we wear.

Wearing matching lingerie for example a pink bra and pink panties as a set automatically make us more organized in the little things. Next, having matching bedsheets with the pillow and bolster cases is also another tip to seriously stay organized.

8. Trash Spam Emails Immediately

Remember see email notifications from your smartphone screen? Swiping it off is just a temporary solution.

We should make it a point to always delete these spam emails immediately. Most of us swipe off and when we will face difficulty in searching through something important one day.

9. Close Unused Accounts

Many times, we sign up for a membership in websites or newsletter to get some welcome and new users deals. Little did we know, these actions we had accumulated a lot of unused accounts due to one-time off usage.


We often forgotten to unsubscribe newsletter or memberships which we do not open. We get informed via texts and emails, but we are just too lazy to close them.

Before it starts hogging too much space in our mailboxes, we should make them to close all the unused accounts.

10. Sort Your Photos in The Folder

Our smartphone galleries are full of duplicate pictures and pictures from different occasions. We often forget to stay organized by not sorting them into labelled photos.

By sorting them according to labels and deleting the duplicates, we could seriously be organized. We should start clearing up and organize our daily personal device.

11. Make Your Bed as Soon as You Get Up

The importance and discipline of making your bed the moment you get up is practiced by many successful people in this world. A simple task like this is underestimated.


If you are able to do this daily and be consistent, you are slowly cultivating self-discipline and leads to a very organized life.

12. Donate Things You do not Need Anymore

Do you have a family member who likes to keep things and not throw or give them away? Are you even one of them?

If you have an item, you do not use in 1 year, please donate them away or remove them. Stop accumulating things that are not useful. We could stay more organized with less things around us.

13. Set a Place for Everything in Your Home

If we fix positions and layout for our things at home, we can spend less time searching for it.

Take the habit to always put back things to where it belongs or fixed for. Do not be lazy and never say “later” as it will usually do not come.


14. Sort Your Laundry According to the Colors

We can have 2 laundry baskets to sort our clothes that we’re planning to wash. Dark color tones and light colors should be separated as we do not want mess.

Mess as in dark tones that smear tones to our white clothes. While dark color tones often get white spots coming from white color fabric.

15. Track Your Income and Spending

Be organized especially when using credit cards for your expense. By not keeping track of your spending in credit cards, a huge mess in bills is yet to come.

We need to stay organized in our income and expense especially if we rely heavily on credit cards which creates a fake image of money, we actually do not own but borrowed from the Banks.

16. Spend an Hour Cleaning Every Week

With a busy schedule at work, and domestic responsibilities often cleaning time is overlooked. Thus, the importance of fixing cleaning time once a week is crucial.


Sunday mornings would be good as if we have work the next day, staying at home could keep us to have enough rest.

17. Stock Up on Things You Use Regularly

We do not like last minute out of stock feeling when we needed it so badly during emergency. To ensure our day is not ruined and organized, always be ready with things we use regularly.

Groceries and essentials like toilet rolls, dish washing soap, laundry detergent and many more should always be stocked up on time.

18. Shop Mindfully and Evaluate Your Purchases

Staying organized also means the way we shop. It affect in the manner we decide to purchase something.

Do not be impulsive to buy something you already have. Be sure to evaluate how useful the item is, is this really something you need, do you have a duplicate of it or is it worth the price.


19. Plan Your Future Goals and Follow it Closely

Most humans change their interests and likings every 3 years. As we mature, we lose interests in certain things we use to love. Life happens this way inevitably.

Thus, we need to stay consistent in our main goal and follow it closely. If we keep changing our life goals, our life will not be organized with no consistent mindset.

Bottom Line

Entering adulthood makes us busy people. We cope to stay organized physically and mentally. There are many ways how your daily habits could actually take back control of your life if you learn to keep yourself organized.

The key to success is to stay organized. Remember this, if you are a messy person now, it is not too late to change and cultivate a new habit to be an organized person.