10 Tips to Reduce Anger and Help You Stay Calm

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tips to reduce anger

When anger peaks, we can do things that we don’t want to other people who don’t necessarily do something wrong to us. This will obviously make the situation worse. That’s why, it is necessary to do several tips to be able to cool down, reduce or control anger. Let’s check them out!

1. Divert Your Attention

Getting angry doesn’t just happen to a person. As a human, we will face a problem that can provoke our emotions. If it explodes, what should you do?

One of the tips to reduce anger, try to shift your attention. Each anger must have a trigger. Find out what triggers the anger and shift focus away from it. You can think of other things that can make you relax. Imagine something funny for example.

Nowadays, we can easily find funny content on the internet. It could be photos, moving images or videos. When you are angry, immediately open your smartphone and look for funny content. It is very effective for easing emotions. Instantly you will forget what made you angry.

2. Do the “Counting” Method

If you have ever been angry and that anger exploded in a public place, surely you will feel ashamed someday. Embarrassed because you get angry in public, do things that might harm yourself and others, and show people that you can’t control your emotions well.


You have to find a way so that it doesn’t happen again. One way to do this is by do the “counting” method in your mind. This is one of the tips that is quite effective to reduce anger. Before venting your anger, try to calm yourself down by counting numbers in your mind, like 1 to 10.

3. Think Before You Speak

Want to talk to people when you are angry? Think again. Are you sure you can say good words when emotions are running high? If you’re not sure, don’t even try to talk. Take some time before speaking. Trust me, you will avoid a bigger problem.

You may not know that you have said harsh words because you are overflowing with emotions. But people who hear can be annoyed and hurt. The spoken words can be sharper than a knife. If you apologize and are forgiven, people can already be hurt and may keep their distance from us.

4. Listen to Music

Whatever the genre of music, listening to the music you like can provide many benefits. One of them is to relieve emotions and reduce anger.

So, each time you feel that you can’t control your emotions, grab a headset and play the song you like. Any song that is important can make you calm, be it jazz, reggae or rock, it’s up to you.


5. Timeout

Have you ever been angry and exploded? Try to ask anyone who saw the moment when you were angry. The effects when we lose in controlling our emotions can make us embarrassed, traumatized, and many other bad effects. Aware of the bad impact, before it explodes we must know what to do.

Take a timeout for you to calm down. The timeout referred to here depends on you. What do you want to do during the timeout that can help calm yourself down. Being alone, listening to songs, drawing, sleeping, things that can make the heart and mind calm, do it.

Anger that is at its peak can make a person lose control. People around us can be affected. Even though they don’t necessarily have a hand in making us angry. So that we don’t target other people to vent our anger, immediately get away from crowded places and be alone.

Being alone is intended so that we can express the annoyance that is in our minds and hearts without having to disturb anyone. You want to scream, hit the wall, no problem. It’s better to be angry with yourself than to be angry with other people when other people don’t know anything about the problems we face.

6. Take a Deep Breath

When your mind and heart are controlled by emotions, try to keep your emotions under control, don’t let those emotions control you. There are many ways to be able to control your emotions and the one you probably hear most often is to take deep breaths. Breathing deeply for a period of time is quite effective.


Take a deep breath and release it slowly, make sure you look for a place that has clean air from dust and vehicle fumes. You can also add aromatherapy because there are several types of aromatherapy that are effective for calming the heart and mind. Maybe you could say this method is similar to yoga where you isolate yourself in a cool, calm, quiet, and fresh place.

8. Wash Your Face

This might be sound ridiculous, but it help for some people. Whenever, you’re angry, immediately go to the toilet by yourself.

Calm yourself down, and wash your face. It helps to cool down your emotion somehow!

Seek Expert Help

If you feel that our anger is too much and frequent, and there is nothing you can do to help it, seeking for an expert help might be your last destination.

Asking for help can be from anyone, it can be parents, relatives, friends or even experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists or mental health counselors.


It is important to seek help from someone who is an expert so that we are not constantly controlled by emotions. You don’t need to be afraid if you are given medicine later because the psychiatrist will definitely give it according to the prescription.

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