10 Important Daily Tips to Maintain Your Kidney Health

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how to maintain kidney health

Despite their small size, the kidneys have very important functions in the body. The kidneys function to filter and also remove substances that are not needed in the body. If the kidneys unable to function properly, these substances will be stored in the body and can cause health problems. That’s why it’s important for all of us to do things that can keep our kidneys healthy. The following are a number of things you can do to maintain kidney health.

1. Avoid staying up late

All kinds of excuses that people use when they choose to stay up rather than sleep are actually not justified. Why do you all work hard and end up getting sick? The body is like a machine, it needs rest. If you don’t get enough rest, your body will become weak and get sick easily.

It’s understandable when there is work to be done as soon as possible. But try to see the deadline, is it that close so you have to skip sleep or not. What you need is good time management so that your work continues to run smoothly and your sleep is not disturbed. The body needs a minimum of 8 hours of rest every day to stay healthy and fresh.

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2. Do the Right Diet

Food is one of the things that determines the health condition of a person’s kidney. Indeed, nowadays there are more and more restaurants that serve food quickly and of course with delicious flavors. But delicious and fast is not necessarily good for health. We must be able to determine what food enters the body.


Determining the right combination of foods can make and maintain your kidney health. These foods that are rich in fiber, protein, and low in sugar are actually good for the kidney. Therefore, never be afraid or lazy when you see vegetables. While you can find the protein itself from animals or plants, the choice is yours.

3. Blood Sugar Control

You must also control blood sugar to maintain kidney health. There are many cases where people have problems with their kidney because they forget to check their blood sugar. High blood sugar can be caused by several things. Such as lazy exercise, being overweight, unhealthy diet, alcohol, and many other causes.

Because we cannot see how high blood sugar is, we should regularly see a doctor. At least once a year you have to check how high your blood sugar is in the body. If you find that you have problems with blood sugar, continue to follow the instructions from your doctor to reduce or eliminate these blood sugar problems.

4. Control Salt Intake

It is true that unsalted foods will taste flat, tasteless, and tasteless. So at least add enough salt to add flavor to a food. Keep in mind that added in moderation, do not add excessively because it is not good for health.

Suppose you cook your own food and add salt to taste. But if you go outside, eat at a restaurant or buy snacks at the supermarket, these foods are also processed using salt. So you have to really take care of the food you eat. Do not also anti-salt because salt also has positive benefits for the body.


5. Drink enough water

Soda, alcohol, and other drinks besides plain water are delicious. But still water is most important for the body and easy to find anywhere. Lack of drinking water not only makes a person dehydrated and dizzy. Even the kidney can be affected if we don’t have enough fluids in the body by drinking water.

Get enough fluid in the body by drinking water. You don’t need too much, don’t even lack. About 3-4 liters per day so that the body can still work properly. Too much drinking can make your stomach bloated and make you often go back and forth to the toilet and make the kidney work extra hard to get rid of excess substances in the body.

6. Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes

It is very surprising to see that many people like to do things that are in fact bad for health. But when doing things that are positive for their health, they are reluctant to do it. Take cigarettes and alcohol, for example, there are many people around who are smokers and also drink alcoholic drinks. It is clear that these two things are not good for health.

Just for cigarettes, many diseases have been caused by smoking this small object. Even in the packaging alone, it is given information about a number of health problems that can potentially arise from smoking. Alcohol is equally dangerous. Frequent drinking of alcoholic beverages can have a bad impact, especially the kidney and liver.

7. Weight Control

We really can’t choose what kind of parents we want to be born in. But what happens next, the choice is yours. For example, a child is born in a family that has an obese background. The child will certainly have the genes for obesity. But that doesn’t mean the child is just giving up.


Letting the weight gain uncontrolled can actually harm the kidney. To maintain kidney health, we must control our weight, not the same as being overweight or obese. How to control weight like what? You can control it by eating, resting, and actively moving.

8. Sports

The emergence of several new diseases has made many people begin to realize that maintaining health is important. It’s useless to have a lot of money if we’re sick. Money that has been hard earned has to be wasted to restore health to normal. One way to maintain health is by exercising.

There are no definite standards regarding how long a person should exercise. Especially considering the busyness of different people. At least you can choose one type of exercise that you like and then do it regularly, that has become a positive step to maintain a healthy body. Blood pressure and blood sugar are maintained, energy levels will also increase.

9. Be careful in consuming supplements and drugs

It should also be noted that the consumption of drugs and supplements can also have an effect on kidney health. First it needs to be made clear that supplements are different from drugs. Supplements are nutrients or additional elements that are consumed to complement or support the body’s performance. You are free to take supplements or not.

If medicine is something that must be consumed to treat health problems. So this drug is mandatory for consumption. Taking drugs and supplements cannot be done carelessly. You need to consult the doctor’s name. Let the doctor determine the right dose for you to consume. Careless and excessive consumption of drugs and supplements can make kidney failure.


10. Routine Health Checks

We can’t judge someone from the outside alone. Maybe on the outside he looks fit, fresh, and healthy, but that’s just an outward appearance. What is really going on in the body, we cannot know. Even this person does not necessarily know the health condition in his own body. That’s why something needs to be done to determine the health condition in the body.

The only way is to regularly see a doctor. Not only when there are strange symptoms in the body, we just went to the doctor, even before there are symptoms we should routinely get checked out. If something happens in the body, we can prevent it from getting worse.