How to Speed Up the Unpacking Process and Stay Organized

Unpacking after a move can be a hectic task for many people. It is common to find people still living out of boxes long after moving in. While you can easily sort out the essentials, you might experience difficulty sorting out some of the boxes.

Need help speeding up the unpacking process? Here’s some advice on how to unpack easily after your next move.

Clean your new place

Before unpacking, it is helpful to clean up your home. Ensure that your cleaning essentials are close by as you unload the truck. Whether you prefer dusting or using a multi-purpose cleaner to clean the surfaces, strive to ensure that you have a clean slate. You could also choose to vacuum your new house. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that you showcase your belongings beautifully.

Distribute your boxes

After completing your move, it is usually tempting to pile your boxes and sort them later. While this is the easier option, placing the boxes in rooms where they belong is more prudent. If you labeled the boxes while packing, you should have an easier time distributing the boxes strategically. Such distribution guarantees an organized start to your unpacking.

Also, it would be best if you resisted the temptation to unbox while unloading your truck or van. Only embark on unpacking after unloading and distributing everything accordingly. With proper distribution, you’ll have an easier time creating a to-do list to help you work efficiently.

Unpack By Importance

Once you distribute the boxes, start unpacking room-by-room, depending on their importance. You’ll need to unpack a whole room instead of only picking essential things. You don’t want to end up with boxes full of non-essential items long after settling down. Besides, you could easily feel overwhelmed when you consider unboxing all boxes in one go. Work on your bedroom, kitchen and main living space are excellent areas to start.

Set up your bedroom

You’ll need a place to rest after moving. A tidy sleeping space creates a calm feeling in your new surroundings. Besides, you’ll have an easier time helping your kids fall asleep in the new space. Be sure to ask the movers to help you fix the beds before they leave, then unpack your essential linens.

Unpack your kitchen

Next, you’ll need an accessible kitchen to ensure you don’t fall asleep hungry. An organized kitchen lets you make healthier choices while unpacking the rest of the house. Line your cabinets before placing major appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers in position. Next, you’d want to fix the smaller appliances like the toaster and coffee maker. You can work on the less-frequently kitchen gadgets later. Be sure to sort out foods and seasonings before leaving the kitchen.

Set up your living area

If you still have time on your first day, create a cozy living space for your family. Ensure that you set up a luxurious area where everyone can find rest and entertainment. Your kids might need a place to nap or play while you handle the rest of the house.

Also, this will be the right time to start unpacking things that you stored in the necessities box. This box will contain prescriptions, your care items, essential paperwork, or children’s blankets. You could move to lesser-used rooms like the dining area and guest bedroom. Relegate the supplemental storage areas as the final piece of the juggernaut.

Work Large to Small

It is always easier to arrange your furniture before proceeding to the other items. While you can always tweak arrangements later, ensure that you set up the larger items before removing the smaller items. With a different approach, you might end up with piles of unprotected items on the floor that could get damaged during unpacking.

Declutter the house

While unpacking, always remember that everything has its place. Essentially, whenever you remove an item from a box, you should consider where you intend to put it in your home. If you are unsure about an item’s position, return it to the box.

Once you spend a couple of days in the house, figure out where you’d like to place the rest of the items. You’d also want to ascertain whether you still need part of these items. If you no longer need some items, consider donating or disposing of them.

Also, flatten every finished box and put them together in piles. Essentially, you’ll need to keep the boxes out of the way. Ensure that you also clean up as you go.

Hire Professionals to help you Unpack

Are you experiencing difficulty unpacking your items? Turn to the experts to ease the process. Experienced movers can help set up your new home in the shortest time possible. Once you get the stress of settling down off your shoulders, you could focus on exploring your neighborhood or spending time with your family.

Written by Conny Smith

Conny is the senior author at Life Hack Solution focusing on health and development.