33 Funny Life Hacks That Are Hilariously Bad

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If you are our subscriber, you’ve already known that we at Life Hack Solution are specialized in making life hack content to make life easier. In this post, we’ve decided to make one funny life hack content.

There are tons of funny life hacks that existed in the internet. You might find them hilarious and it is indeed just for fun!

Check out the complete 33 funny life hacks that circulating online: (Note: We do not recommend to try them!)

1. Scared of Needles? Try This One!

funny life hacks

2. Is your arm too tired in holding your umbrella? Try this bumbrella!

Umbrella life hacks


3. It is unethical to blow soup when it hot in some countries. Show them how you blow them!

Hilarious life hacks

4. Bought this dumbbell a month ago. Here’s how I used it.

funny life hack

5. Lazy to clean dishes? Just print out a picture of a clean sink and place it on top of the dirty dishes.

Hilarious life hack

6. Grandpa: “This portable eating table is great. But why does it smell like toilet?”

funny life hacks that actually work

7. Don’t buy new socks. Use a permanent marker instead.

hilarious life hacks that actually work

8. Use this vest to protect your personal space in the subway

funny life hack that actually work


9. Reverse your hoodie to make it as the popcorn holder.

popcorn hoodie

10. How I motivated myself to study:

life hack to stay motivated at study

11. Heat up that cold bread between laptop chargers!

fun life hacks

12. Poop politely!

public toilet life hack

13. No Microwave? No Problem!

ridiculous life hack

14. Having a shitty day? Put on sunglasses! Now, you’re having a shitty evening.

ridiculous life hacks

15. Fill a rubber glove with warm water and put it on your hand when you feel lonely

life hack for lonely people


16. Want to get rid of wrinkle fast? Try a rattlesnake bite!

Funny Life hack to get rid of wrinkle fast

17. If you remove your wipers, parking inspector are unable to give you a penalty ticket.

avoid parking penalty life hack

18. Your friend pranks you by shaking the soda bottle so that you can’t open it straight away. Hold it upside down while you open it. This will force all the gases away from the neck of the bottle so that you don’t need to wait for the gas to tone down.

Life hack to avoid soda burst

19. Saving Hacks: If you sleep until noon, you only need to pay for 2 meals instead of 3.

funny life hacks

20. Use your snake pet to hold your pasta easily.

life hack to hold pasta


21. If Your Car Is Making An Unsettling Noise, Just Turn Your Radio Up Until It Disappears

funny life hacks

22. Say no more of losing key

funny life hack to never lose key

23. Get a free wedding gift.

wedding life hacks

24. Feeling alone on valentine’s day? turn off the lights and watch a horror movie. After a while, it won’t feel like you are alone anymore!

valentine life hacks

25. Oh. Of course.

hilarious life hacks


26. Stranger: “How do you make your sheep does not run away?” Me:

funny hilarious life hack

27. New tinder life hack!

tinder life hack

28. Find it challenging to measure the trees in your backyard? Take a picture of yourself and copy paste yourself multiple times until you reached the top. That way you can multiply your height and know how tall is the tree.

life hack to measure tree

29. Easiest and cheapest way to make earthquake detection kit.

life hack to make earthquake detection kit

30. If you don’t remember her name in the morning, take her to Starbucks and get her a cup of coffee.

life hack if you forget someone's name


31. You feel like want to work outside but it is sunny and too bright until you can’t see your screen? Put your laptop in a box, so you still can see your laptop screen. It also keep your laptop cooler.

funny life hacks

32. Tips for drunksitter.

life hack for drunksitter

33. Job Recruiter: “How was he in the previous job?” My Friend: “He works 24 hours a day.”

job referral hack