Proof of Time Travel: All The Evidences That Will Blow Your Mind

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proof of time travel

How many times have you wished you could jump in a time machine where you can go the past or the future? Time travel sounds like some wild fantasy that only happens in sci-fi movies. But what if I tell you there are some evidences that proof time travel could be existed?

Time travel or what we known as jumping into different timeline is still being debated and discussed by a lot of people.

While most of the people don’t believe of it existence, there are actually some proof of time travel that makes us think back and wondering if the time travel actually exists.

Jump into different timeline to see how the world’s going to be in the next 5, 10, or even 20 years is something that interest so many people.

Or maybe, moving backwards when you can undo things you’ve done in the past.


There are also some different concepts that applied if time travel actually exists which we will discuss later on.

While the existence of time travel is still debatable until now, bunch of time travel proofs keep coming out from time to time.

Apart from it validity, these are proof of time travel that will make us wonder if the time travel actually exists:

1. Sights of Time Traveler Using Phone in 1940

Proof of time travel
Man spotted using cellphone in 1943, while phone was not invented on that time.

The sighting of the time traveler was taken in Owan Beach, Cornwall, and uploaded by Stuart Humphrys.

Earlier, he didn’t notice the time traveler’s alleged presence when he just took the picture.


In the post on Stuart Humpryes’ Twitter social media account, he mentioned that ¨ British war workers are fleeing to shore – Cornish Coast photographed in September 1943 (It would be great if one of you could identify which beach!)¨.

However, when he uploaded the photo, his twitter followers spotted that there was something strange and obstructed by the appearance of the photo.

Did you manage to spot it?

If you don’t, take a look on below close up!

proof of time travel

One of the accounts named South London History then answered the uploaded photo with the question: “Is it just me or this person seen checking his cellphone, in the 1943s?”.


Many similar responses then emerged and resulted in a wave of public assumptions guessing that the time machine was right.

It is impossible for anyone to have used a cell phone in the early 1940s, while the cellphone itself was not produced in those years.

2. Astronaut Statue in 16 Centuries

proof of time travel
“Astronaut” look like statue in 16th centuries.

One well-known piece of time travel proof is a photograph of the “astronaut” carved into a 16th century Spanish cathedral in Salamanca.

This cathedral is known as Cathedral Nueva.

It has a strange, modern figure of what looks like an astronaut wearing a helmet on the entrance wall.


This space suit, complete with tubes and boots, provides an accurate depiction of what a man in space would be equipped with.

The image that circulating the internet, could easily cause a person to pause and even rethink their position on the validity of time travel.

If the creators of this cathedral can accurately predict what astronauts will look like, is it possible that time travel is actually exist?

This is actually what Erich von Daniken proposed in 1968 with his book Chariots of the Gods.

This book championed the concept of ancient astronaut theory and quickly became a best-seller, bringing the notion of art depicting extraterrestrials to the public consciousness.

With images of astronauts in an old cathedral, it might be tempting to believe that Erich von Daniken and the long-haired man were right all this time.


While the photo may circulate claiming that these astronauts statue are the proof of time travel, nobody can’t confirm it until now.

3. 1100 Years Old Mummy with Adidas Shoes

Proof of time travel
1100+ years old mummy with Adidas shoes.

In 2016, the Siberian Times reported the mummified finding of a woman wearing shoes with red stripes.

It looks similar to the look of today’s Adidas brand shoes.

Since that discovery, the female Mongolian mummies have been cleaned and researched.

However, archaeologists and ethnographers are still curious about the ‘fashionable’ appearance of the 1,100-year-old mummy. 


Meanwhile, there are other shocking things that are found.

In the grave, there is a bag of flops which nowadays could be the dream accessory of today’s women.

Archaeologists also found objects in stores of beauty tools, namely mirrors, combs and knives.

Galbadrakh Enkhbat, director at the Mongolian Cultural Heritage Center, said, “The boots are knee-high, the soles are leather, and the front shield has a bright red strip stitching”.

“With the stripes, when the findings were announced, there was an opinion that there was a similarity to the Adidas shoes with 3 strips.

In that sense, they became an object of interest for ethnographers’ research, mainly because of their very modern style”.


Scientists also suspect that the mummy sustained serious head injuries.

However, it is not clear whether that was the real cause of the woman’s death.

The mummy is now on display at the Mongolian National Museum.

4. Ancient Greek Statue Proof Time Travel Exists

Proof of time travel

The carving, entitled “Grave Naiskos of an Enthroned Woman with an Attendant”, features what is thought to be a notebook.


The carvings show a woman opening an object that is being held by a child. It looked a lot like a notebook from the side.

The conspiracy theory is supported by the two USB ports at the side

“I am not saying that this is depicting an ancient laptop computer,” StillSpeakingOut, a conspiracy theorist who publishes online videos.

“But when I look at the sculpture I can’t help but think about the Oracle of Delphi, which was supposed to allow the priests to connect with the gods to retrieve advanced information and various aspects.”

Although, the scientist are not confirmed about this, it is still one of the possible proof that time travel actually exists.


5. Switzerland Watch Found in 400 Years Old Coffin

time travel proof

The “Made in Switzerland” watch found in the coffin is 400 years old.

A team of Chinese archaeologists found the coffin at Si Qong’s cemetery in December 2008.

The coffin is expected to be 400 years old.

When the chest was unloaded, the team accidentally found a small metal which turned out to be a watch.


There are long and short hands, and numbers that show the time.

The clock shows the time 10.06.

Interestingly, on the back of the watch is the words “Swiss”.

In fact, watches were only invented in 1868, according to the Guinness World Records.

If so, how it is possible that this watch found in this 400 years old coffin? Is this a proof of time travel?


6. Donald and Baron Trump, The Greatest Conspiracy of Time Travel

For you conspiracy theorists, you may have heard of Donald Trump’s theory of time travel.

As we know, Donald Trump is the president of the United States who is famous for the sensational decisions that he made.

baron trump time travel proof

Recently, a thread on social media also posted a theory of time travel by Donald Trump and his son Baron Trump.

This theory is based on Baron Trump’s book Marvelous Underground Journey.


For those of you who are curious, let’s take a look at the Donald Trump conspiracy theory and proof of time travel.

Conspiracy Theory from a Book Written in 1892

Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey is a book written in 1892 by Ingersoll Lockwood.

Many people think that Baron Trump in this book is the same Baron Trump, son of Donald Trump.

baron trump time travel proof

Apart from having the same name, both of them also have similar postures and faces.


In the front page of the book, a young Baron Trump is seen wearing 18th century clothing and accompanied by a dog named Bulger.

Not only that, Baron Trump’s trip was also accompanied by a mentor named Don.

Indeed, we cannot immediately assume that the Don in this book is Donald Trump.

The Story of The Book

In the story, Baron Trump discovers a secret portal in an underground building in Russia.

He mentioned that the portal asked him to “World within World” or the world in the world.


Although it doesn’t mention it clearly, many think that Baron made a time travel from that portal.

The book explains that the time travel portal Baron Trump is looking for is in Russia.

Furthermore, the two of them traveled for months to find this portal.

The Last President

Still related to Baron Trump’s time travel book, the same author also wrote a book called “The Last President” in 1896.

This book tells about a wealthy businessman who wants to become a president.


However, no one thought that he would be elected and get the position.

He lives on Fifth Avenue in the United States. Donald Trump himself has a building called Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

As we know, Donald Trump is a rich businessman whose victory was never predicted by the people of the world.

In the book of “The Last President“, it is also told that the public began to hold large-scale protests against the president.

None other than this, this was caused by a controversial decision taken by the president himself.


The story continues when the president has taken office and started choosing people to fill his cabinet.

One of them is Pence, who holds the position of Secretary Agriculture. In Donald Trump’s cabinet itself, there is the same name, namely Mike Pence.

However, Mike Pence is the vice president of Donald Trump.

The book Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey and The Last President written by Ingersoll Lockwood is indeed a work of fiction.

Did the author predict this event more than 100 years ago?

Again, this is still a mystery whether it is just a very rare coincidence or the time travel does really existed.


7. Time Traveler Hipster Spotted in 1940

time traveller proof

Above picture is a photograph from the hotline 41, where a guy spotted wearing a 2000th hipster style.

He was wearing sunglasses, cardigan, as well as the graphic T-shirt that are obviously not from 1941.

The photo is taken during the reopening of Southport bridge in gold bridge British Columbia, where it is originated from the bralorne Pioneer Museum.

However, there are some arguments that pointed by some analyst that against this theory.

Take a look on below close up!


proof of time traveller

Well, side apart the thought of this picture is being photoshopped.

First let’s take a closer look on this guy’s “sunglasses”.

If you look it at glance, it look more like a goggles instead of trendy sunglasses. Which is quite possible for someone to wear those in that era.

How about the Clothes?


Besides the “sunglasses”, when you look closely on the shirt, it is probably just a sweater with a pattern sewn into it.

Hence, it is not necessarily a graphic tee.

Some people said this picture is neither photoshopped or a Time traveler.

It can open a possibility that this guy is just an unusual people who wore some stuff that could be misinterpreted.


Or maybe, it is one of the proof that time travel actually exists?

8. Time Traveler in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film

time traveller in Charlie chaplin

In 2010, the internet was blown up by a viral video that was posted by George Clarke, a man originated from North Ireland.

He posted a snapshot from an old school movie, Charlie Chaplin in 1928 “The Circus”.

It shows a woman that is walking and holding the cellphone in the same time.


Well, a picture definitely won’t show obvious sign, but take a look on below video!

Not only holding something with her left hand, she was also seems talking on the phone.

At that time, cellphone was not invented yet.

However, there are some arguments that arises.

Some people think that the lady is just holding an ice cube bag to relieve her toothache.


9. The “Mr. Pynchon and The Settling of Springfield” Painting in 1937

Proof of time travel

This proof of time travel is also related to the cellphone.

Take a look on above painting by Umberto Romano in 1937 that has title: “Mr. Pynchon and The Settling of Springfield”.

The story behind this painting is about the activities before revolution war that happened before New England tribe and with the native inhabitants of England.

Have you found the weird part yet?

Yes, the tribe man in the middle is holding something on his right hand.


Something that look really similar to what we know as cellphone today.

However, some people also argue that the thing that the tribe man holding is actually just a square shape knife before he going to kill the man that tied with the rope.

10. Mike Tyson’s Match in 1995

While all the time traveler picture earlier showing a picture in the older era, this proof of time travel was taken in the middle of the 90s.

In 1995 during Mike Tyson’s boxing match, one of the audience was spotted using a flashlight camera cellphone. In fact, there is no such phone camera invented in the 90s.


Do you think this is a proof of time travel?

11. A Guy Who Claimed Came from The Future

proof of time traveller

In 2017, reported that someone claimed to have come from 2028.

A man who identified himself as Noah said that he was willing to endanger himself to return to the present in order to warn people that the time machine was really exists.

“I’m not trying to fool everyone, my main goal is to prove that the time machine really exists and I myself am a time traveler,” Noah said in a video posted on YouTube.


In addition, Noah also admitted that because of his time travel, as a result he suffered from mental illness, anorexia and depression.

Noah further claims that he has to take drugs to look younger than his 50 years old.

Scientists Opinion

Scientists have always debated for the existence and possibility of time travel, including Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, to Stephen Hawking.

They have their own opinion about the existence of time machines and time travel.

Seeing the high human curiosity about time machines and time travel itself, many scientists have researched time travel in recent years.


There are at least 20 scientific journals that discuss time machines each year.

Here are some facts about time travel that you should know.

1. Isaac Newton


Time travel may sound like too much of a luxury to actually happen in the world.

Newton, in one of his statements asserted that space and time are immutable dimensions.

Therefore, time can neither increase nor slow down.


It is time that shapes the structure of this universe. In theory, he likens time to an arrow that continues to move forward.

2. Albert Einstein

Image: Medium

Based on Albert Einstein’s theory which emerged in 1905, time traveling can be done easily.

Through his worldwide theory, the theory of relativity, Einstein opened up the possibility of time travel.

In contrast to Newton’s theory which states that time is constant anywhere in the world, Einstein revealed that time flows not constantly anywhere in the world.

The faster you move, the slower time moves. Up to the point in time velocity, the flow of time will stop.


3. Stephen Hawking

Image: Forbes

Another case with Stephen Hawking, NASA genius scientist said anything is possible, before it is proven impossible.

According to Stephen Hawking, time travel is a concept of walking forward or backward to a different point in time, similar to moving through space.

The point is in the concept of time travel we can move back to the past or jump to visit the future.

Hawking said it is possible that people could time travel, jump over time and bend space-time.

However, he also said that the activity of bending space-time can damage space-time itself.


Possibility of Time Travel

Apart from the various pros and cons that exist, in fact the time machine can be proven scientifically.

As Einstein pointed out in his theory of relativity, we might be able to time travel backwards if we were moving at the speed of time.

Einstein’s theory deals with gravity and space-time materials.

Albert Einstein taught the three dimensions of space related to the dimension of time, where time is the fourth dimension.

He called it the space-time system, and eventually this is the model of the universe that we use today.


Yet, Einstein also thought that it was possible to bend space-time, creating a single passage between two different distances.

This phenomenon is called a wormhole, which is visualized as two tunnels with two doors, each representing a certain time space.

Wormholes may naturally exist in space, and Russian scientists are trying to use radio telescopes to detect them.

However, using a wormhole for time traveling may not be something easy.

Cosmic String Theory

Apart from this wormhole theory, there is also the Cosmic string theory.


This theory explained the energy pipe that theoretically extends throughout the universe which is continuously expanding.

Some scientists predict that this tiny space has survived since the world began to exist, containing an enormous mass.

Thus, they can warp space-time around it.

Scientists believe that if two cosmic strings meet or come close together, they can warp space-time.

Since the resulting curvature will be very large, it can cause time travel.


Time Travel Required Enormous Energy

Although in theory time travel is possible, we need enormous energy to achieve it.

We need to move faster than light.

As we know, the speed of light is a measure of the fastest speed at this time.

If something is moving faster than the speed of light, the speed traveled to reach the destination point will result in a negative number.

Thus, in theory it could trigger time travel.


In order to be able to travel in time, it takes unlimited energy.

What Will Happen if Time Travel Really Possible?

What will happen if human could travel to the past and to the future, the same way you could move to your right and left.

Would you able to change the past? And if you did, will it create a time paradox?

Some Paradoxes About Time Travelling

The debate over the possibility of time travel is indeed an exciting and confusing science discussion.

In theory of knowledge, many scientists say that time travel is very logical and possible.


Time-traveling is the concept of moving or moving a material or entity to certain different points of space and time, either in the past or in the future.

However, scientists also not denying that if time travel is carried out it can give rise to a “forbidden concept” which is called by paradox.

The time travel paradox is a theory which states that two identical entities cannot be reconciled in a different space and time.


For instance, imagine you travel back in time and meet a teenage version of your parents who are dating.

And without you knowing it, your actions at that time made them unmarried in the future and of course you would never be born.


Then, the concept of paradox arises, son of whom are you?

There are several time travel paradoxes that are quite well known today.

1. Grandfather Paradox

Grandfather paradox time travel

This paradoxical concept is the most popular among the rest.

In an illustration, try to imagine a situation where you traveled time and killed your grandfather.


In the time you were, your grandfather gave birth to a generation of families that had destroyed human civilization.

You committed murder before your father or mother was born or before your grandfather met your grandmother.

Therefore, your father or mother was never born, and the effect is that you will never be born and will never travel back in time to kill your grandfather.

Then, if you never travel back in time to kill your grandfather, your grandfather is alive, your father or mother is born and you will be born too.

Then, you go back to the past, to kill your grandfather. This paradox creates a ‘timeline loop’.


2. Predestination Paradox

The essence of this paradox is that everything is always predestined, and cannot be changed.

This paradox concept believed that history has recorded that an event is certain to happen and cannot be changed.

The Predestined Paradox is designed to create the same events as it should be.

A time traveler travels in time to the past to change an event, but his efforts make him return to the past to change the event.

In other words, no events are actually modified.


So, we can’t save someone from being assassinated, can’t kill Hitler before he comes to power, can’t stop world wars and all the events that go down in history and have to happen.


Take a look on below sample:

If you have watched the film Time Machine (2002) you will see an example of the predestined paradox.

In this film, it is told that Alexander Hartdegen, a scientist, lost his fiancé, Emma because he was killed in a robbery.

This incident, made him to save his master by building a time machine.


He then use this time machine to return to the past to prevent the death of his fiancé.

However, this death could not be avoided.

Every time he returned to save his fiancée, he saw his fiancée die in a different way.

3. Bootstrap Paradox

This Bootstrap Paradox causes the obscurity or inconsistency of an object as well as an effect of time travel.

For example, If in the present you are a scientist and read ideas about Einstein’s theory of relativity.


Then, you try to time travel by going back in time and teaching Einstein this theory long before he invented it.

Then, the question arises, who invented the theory?

If you are the answer, then certainly not because you read Einstein’s idea.

If Einstein was the inventor, of course not because he was taught by you who went back in time.

4. Butterfly Effect Paradox

butterfly effect time travel


Butterfly Effect Paradox is one of the paradoxical effects created from time travel.

The consequences of time travel and actions taken while in the past can have large-scale effects in the future.

Suppose you are a fan of the movie Star Wars and Indiana Jones, taking a trip to the past to meet George Lucas.

However, for some reason, you actually made him stop studying at film school so that this had an impact in the future.

Star Wars and Indiana Jones then were never produced, and the technology that is created today due to the inspiration of the Star Wars films never existed.


Bottom Line

In fact, astronauts that spent about a year on the international space station are now living in the future compared to us.

Even though it’s just 13 milliseconds in the future, they proof that time travel is possible.

In addition, maybe wormholes could open up a whole different world where the laws of physics work in different ways and travelling to the past is possible.

If there is a time machine in front of you right now, would you dare to step into a time machine not knowing where it would take you?

Do you believe all these paradoxes?


The mystery of time travel has not been solved at all until now.

However, it is possible that one day time traveling can really be realized with the future technology.