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11 Sports That Make You Taller in No Time

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Having a tall body is the dream for many people, especially for those who want to undergo a particular profession or career which requires minimum height requirements. In this posts, we’re gonna tell you list of sports that can make your body taller!

Apart from all the improvement supplements, it turns out there are also some sports that you can rely on. There are several sports that are claimed to be able to stretch muscles and elevate the body.

In fact, genetic factor is the main determination of your height, while sports factor come after. The good news is some sports can make a person’s posture look better and taller! Not only that, regular exercise also helps to keep muscles tight.

Here are 11 types of effective sports that you can do to make you taller:

1. Basketball



For a long time, basketball was known as a height-increasing sport. Not only men, women also like to play basketball. Said to be a sport enhancement is because basketball has a combination of jumping and throwing movements that can stimulate bone growth. Do it 3-5 times a week for maximum results.

2. Spot Jump

spot jumping

Or you can do a spot jump. This exercise, which is a basic exercise, is often applied in schools, so it’s very easy to do it. First of all, you have to position your body in a squatting position, then jump as high as possible, and squat again. Perform these movements according to your ability. This is believed to extend your leg bones.

3. Swinging on the Pole

hanging on the pole

The following exercise is very easy. It only needed a pole to withstand the burden of the body.


You only need to hold the horizontal pole, then stack all your body weight on both hands that are gripping the pole. Place both feet in front and start swinging. If the device is not tall enough, you can bend your knees. Most importantly, feel the area of ​​the body that feels tight and hold that position for at least 20 seconds. Do it regularly for faster results.

Hanging allows gravity to gently pull and lengthen your spine by increasing the distance between your spine. This heightening exercise is also a simple way to stretch your arms, back, and even legs.

4. Trampoline


Jumping is the easiest height enhancing exercise to do. You can do it whenever you want and without tools or using tools.

Do this exercise regularly, for example in the morning. This really helps you to get taller. If you want to jump easily, you can use a trampoline. Put the trampoline outside the room so that your body can leap freely and your head won’t be stuck in the roof.


5. Swimming

swimming can get you taller

Swimming is a full-body workout that engages multiple muscle groups, including those in the arms, legs, core, and back. Regular swimming can help strengthen these muscles, which in turn can support good posture and healthy bone development.

Strong muscles also aid in maintaining proper alignment of the spine, which can positively impact height. Do it regularly, at least 3 times a week.

6. Alternative Foot Kick Stretching Method

Alternative Foot Kick Stretching Method - sports that can make you taller

This style is also known as the alternative leg kick. This sport will focus on your lower back. You need to start by lying on your stomach on the floor with your stomach touching the floor and your body fully stretched.


Stretch your arms straight ahead with the palm facing down. Keep your legs straight and lift your right leg off the floor as far as you can. Hold this position for at least 4 seconds before slowly replacing with the other leg. Set the target at least you can hold it for 20 seconds. Move like you are swimming, then hold the position for longer over time.

7. Crab Stretching Posture

Crab Stretching Posture - exercise that can make you taller

Other sports that can make you taller is crab posture technique. You can do this way to increase your height. You can do this easy exercise as often as possible regularly in the morning. In addition to increasing height, this exercise can also strengthen the back muscles, when lifting the buttocks up and down.

8. Cobra Posture

cobra posture to make your body taller

The following movements can actually be found during yoga. However, you don’t need to do all the yoga moves, just take one of these movements to accelerate your height growth. The way to do it is quite easy, lie on the floor, then your palms rest on the floor. Push the body using both hands so that the body is curved. Do well in order to get maximum results.


9. Bending Your Body

exercise that makes you taller

Bending your body regularly such as above picture is believed to be one of the sports that makes you taller. When you bend your body, try to position your legs straight. After that, touch the fingers to the toes. Start slowly and gradually.

If it is permissible to do sports improvement exercises as above, hopefully you can get the height you want. But still grateful for any changes that occur, do not overdo yourself.

10. Roman Chair Lower Leg Lift

exercise that makes you taller

This movement actually aims to strengthen the lower abdomen, but can also be used to improve spinal posture and help you stand tall.


Strong lower abdominal muscles can also improve the anterior pelvic tilt, and return the spine to its normal shape so that your spine will be more upright and you stand taller.

To do this heightening exercise, use an upright roman chair available at the gym. Hang from your feet on a pole with your lower body straight toward the floor and your upper body supported by the armrests.

Position your back on the back cushions, hold your stomach, and press your feet together. Bend your knees and pull towards your chest with smooth movements.

Lower your legs so that your body position is straight back The exercises above are referred to as height-increasing sports because they can strengthen bones and muscles, help you maintain weight, and trigger the production of human growth hormone (HGH) which plays a role in a person’s height measurement.

11. Cycling



One way to increase height is to ride a bicycle. The trick is by adjusting the height of the bicycle seat higher than usual.

The goal is that you have to stretch your legs when pedaling the bicycle. But remember don’t set it too high. Because, this can damage your joints.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that exercise is not the only factor that affects your posture. genetic factors, gender, certain health conditions, to nutrients that enter your body also play a role in determining your height.