12 Tips on Saving Electricity Bill That Will Save Your Money

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tips on saving electricity

Upset about the electricity bill getting bigger every month? Why not try to anticipate by saving the following electricity? In this post, we’re going to list down effective and easy tips on saving electricity bills.

Electricity bill can be one of the monthly expenses with a fairly large household budget allocation. Especially if you have a lot of electronic equipment in your house. Typically, the burden of electricity bills swells because of everyday electronic devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs or even dispensers.

The use of electronic devices that are not managed properly is what can actually make monthly electricity bills in your house continue to swell. So, how do you cultivate electricity saving at home? You can save electricity at home right now by trying the following 12 ways to save electricity:

1. Unplug Cables and Equipment When Not Used

Are you used to leave your cell phone charger plugged in when not in use? If so, you must immediately get rid of this bad habit.

Although not used, electricity still flows in the cables that are still connected to the electric socket. This automatic electricity flow is a wastage and can create additional unnecessary bill!


2. Set Habit to Use Lights only If Necessary

Turn off Light During Daylight and Before Leaving Home

The habit of turning on the lights during the day or when leaving home is also one of the bad habits that need to be eliminated.

If it’s not needed, it’s much better to turn off all the lights in the house. You can still use sunlight as natural lighting during the day.

In addition, you can also get around the lighting at home in several easy ways without having to turn on the lights continuously.

The easiest way to remind you is by creating a daily reminder on your phone to turn off the lights before going out or every morning.

Set Habit to Always Turn Off All Lights at Home Before Sleep

If you want to save more on your electricity bill, you should set habit to turn off all lights before bed time.


However, this won’t work for some people as we know that some people are scared of darkness. They might prefer to keep on the lights the whole night in case they want to go toilet or take a drink at night.

4. Use the Air Conditioner Wisely

The use of air conditioners turns out to require greater consumption compared to other electronic devices.

Open the Window During Day

The first thing you need to do is limit its use as needed. You can minimize the hot air at home by maximizing the regulation of fresh air at home, so you don’t have to use air conditioning.

Use Fan Instead

If you don’t mind of using fan, that would be better! It can save you more electricity bill.

In addition, you can also use this type of air conditioner with energy saving technology. For example, which has an automatic temperature setting.


5. Use Washing Machine Effectively

Next, one way to save electricity at home is to avoid using washing machines that are not as needed.

The greater the capacity of the washing machine, the electricity consumption will automatically become more.

Choosing a washing machine according to needs will further save the cost of washing machine maintenance and also monthly electricity costs.

If you really want to reduce the monthly electricity bill, then the effort to save electricity also needs to be very much considered.

6. Minimize the Use of Dispenser

The next tips on saving electricity is related to electronic devices for drinking water which is dispenser.


Cumulatively, the use of heating and cooling water machines in dispensers apparently consumes more electricity than air conditioners and refrigerators.

So, avoid the use of heating and cooling water machines in the dispenser. In an effort to save electricity, you can cook hot water on the stove and cool the water in the refrigerator.

7. Use the Refrigerator Wisely

Just like air conditioning, a refrigerator also requires a very large power consumption. Therefore, one way to save on fridge electricity that must be tried is to be wiser in using it.

When you want to travel for a long time, do not forget to lower the refrigerator temperature to the lowest temperature. If possible, you should turn off the refrigerator when it will be left.

8. Use Boiled Water Instead of Cold Water for Rice Cooker

Then, how to save electricity rice cooker? How to save electricity rice cooker is actually very easy, but apparently not many people know.


When cooking rice, try using boiled water instead of cold water, so the electricity consumption is not too large. That way, the cooking process will be shorter and the electricity used will be more efficient.

9. Select Iron With the Automatic Heat Regulator

Ironing usually lasts for several hours, right? As known, irons that do not have automatic heat regulators will work to deliver electricity continuously.

That’s why you need an iron with an automatic heat regulator so that electricity consumption can be controlled so that it becomes more efficient.

10. Don’t Leave the Electronic Device On when Sleeping

The next activity that makes electricity wasteful is the habit of leaving an electronic device on or when it is sleeping.

For example, leaving the TV on all night when no one is watching it. It’s a good idea to check all electronics before you go to sleep and make sure everything is safe and doesn’t turn on.


This method in addition to being able to save electricity can also prevent your house from the danger of fire!

11. Make Good Air Ventilation

Try to improve the air ventilation system at home! The use of good air ventilation in the house will greatly help flow fresh air so you don’t need air conditioning, fans, and lights.

That way, air ventilation can flow light and natural fresh air whose effects can make electricity consumption more efficient. So, try to adjust the air vents in your home with natural ventilation or mechanical ventilation.

12. Using Alternative Energy Sources

The last tips on saving electricity is to install alternative energy sources. Some alternative energy sources that can be tried are solar panels or natural power plants. 

However, the easiest option as an effort to save electricity is solar panels. Solar panels do not need fuel in the process, so they do not require additional costs and do not produce gas emissions. Solar panels are great with smart energy management solutions such as smart electrical panels. These systems allow you to optimize the power usage and get more from your solar panels.


In addition, the production of electricity produced can meet daily needs. If you have more budget, it would be far more profitable to choose solar panels as a way to save electricity at home.

Bottom Line

Saving on electricity bill is one of the useful tips if you want to cut down unnecessary spending.

Let us know if you have additional tips on reducing electricity bill that we did not covered yet! Share this post to your families and friends!