how to stop being hungry

7 Tricks to Stop Being Hungry and Get Your Ideal Body

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Do you feel hungry all the time? Its like your stomach can’t just remain full and screw up your diet plan. If so, this article is perfect for you! We’re going to show you 7 tricks to stop you being hungry.

If you want to lose weight, being hungry all the time is just making it impossible to achieve. 

Here are the 7 tricks to stop being hungry which deliver a shocking result!

1. Stop Carbo and Change it to Protein and Healthy Fats

Not all meals equal to satisfy your hunger. Protein and certain fats are proven more effective to satisfy your hunger or keep you full for a longer time, as compare to carbohydrates. They help to reduce appetite and cravings.

Now, you might want to consider of changing your meals from carbo to these protein and certain fats.


Here are the Healthline recommendation for high-protein meals:

  • Eggs
  • Dairy Products such as Milk, Cheese, and Yoghurt
  • Soy Bean, such as Tofu
  • Seeds and Nuts
  • Lean Meats, Fish, and Poultry
  • Broccoli
  • Tuna
  • Fish ( All Types )
  • Shrimp

2. Yoga 

While working out can boost your appetite, Yoga has the opposite effect – stop you from being hungry.

If you’re on diet now, you must have think that working out will help you reduce weight. This is true as the work out activity will burn your calories, but you must be careful as it will increase your appetite as well!

Your body is using up your glycogen when you working out, which stimulates your appetite.

Why we get hungry after working out:


  • Exercise boost appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Depleted glycogen stores
  • Inadequate pre-workout fuel

On the other hand, below are the explanation why yoga can help to suppress your appetite. 

According to the research, more than 90 percent of people who practice Yoga, claimed that they’re not feeling hungry after practicing the Yoga. This is due to some Yoga Pose that helps your body to control a hormone that create hunger. This way, the appetite is curbed considerably and instead of having to control the hunger pangs, you experience none at all.

3. Eat Slowly

Rushing your meal will make you end up eating more. This is because your stomach does not have enough time to send signal to your brain that it is full. Instead, take your time to eat, chew slowly, and have a mindful eating!

4. Stay Busy

A study says that boredom is one of the major factor of overeating. If you have so many free times, chances are you will fill it with food.

Don’t get yourself time to think about food! Stay busy the whole day by doing something productive. 


Here are some activities that you might try to keep you busy:

  • Find some new hobbies
  • Meet with your friends
  • Taking a short walk
  • Find a new way to do your side income

You can stay busy with anything, just don’t be “busy eating”!

5. Drink Coffee 

Coffee has proven to reduce decrease appetite. A research found that a coffee increase the release of peptide YY or PYY hormone. According to Healthline, this hormone is produced in the gut in response to eating and promotes a feeling of fullness. 

Decaffeinated coffee produces the highest reduction in hunger, which makes you stay full in the next 3 hours after consumption.

6. Drink Full Glass of Water 

Whenever your stomach started to feel hungry, you can trick it by drinking one full glass of water. 


The first reason is, one of the reason of hunger is dehydrated. Hence, not enough hydrate can result in tired and hunger. The health medical even suggest to drink water before taking meal to make you full faster.

7. Get Enough Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep, believe it or not, it will affect your hunger.

How is that so? The medical science has found out that not getting enough rest can affect your body hormones that is used to control your hunger. People who has less sleep habit tend to have bigger appetite and find it harder to feel full.