Worm in the Bathroom? Here are Tips to Get Rid and Repel Them

how to get rid of worm in bathroom

Wet bathroom could lead to a perfect nest for worm. Worm appearance in the bathroom should be solved without further waiting as it can lead to some dangers. In this post, we’re going to show you some tips to get rid and repel worm in the bathroom.

Dangers of Worm in the Bathroom

Some of us think that worms in the bathroom are not dangerous. Most of the time, people will just ignore when they spotted 1 or 2 worms in their bathroom. Normally, people will think that by killing them will solve everything. 

Soon, they will spotted a few new worms on the next day and so on. Why? Because even when you spotted one worm in your bathroom, it means there are bunch more of them hidden in between your floor. And, it need special treatment that we will explain further.

Moreover, did you know that worms that are left continuously in the bathroom can cause several health problems? Check out below risk:

1. Digestive Infection

Even if the worm don’t bite, the worms found in the bathroom can cause digestive tract infections. Apart from that, there are various other dangers that can be caused by worms. Immediately find a way to get rid of worms in the bathroom to kill worms and their eggs.

2. Intestinal Worms in Children

Children are very susceptible to worms. The characteristics of children with worms can be seen from the loss of appetite. Another symptom is, the child becomes lethargic and weak even though they have eaten enough portions.

Worm eggs in the water can enter the child’s mouth when he ishes his face or brushes his teeth with water that is infected with the worm eggs. The solution is you have to drain the tub regularly and provide an antiseptic solution to ensure that the water in the bathroom is completely clean of worms and eggs.

Check more about intestinal worms here.

3. Itching and Skin Diseases

Don’t underestimate the worm problem in the bathroom. Water that has been contaminated with worms will usually cause itching and skin disease if you use the water for bathing.

Even if you don’t see worm eggs, you can ensure the cleanliness of the water in the bathroom by draining the tub regularly (once a week) and applying an antiseptic solution to the water.

4. Diarrhea

Just like worms, children and adults can get diarrhea because they use water that has been contaminated by worms. Worm eggs are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Therefore, immediately do the way to get rid of worms in the bathroom that we provide above if you find signs of worms in your bathroom.

Cause Worms Appear in the Bathroom

Some of the causes of worms appearing in a wet bathroom include the following:

1. Water Conditions

Worms are less likely to appear in bathrooms with tap water than in bathrooms that use groundwater because tap water has been treated in such a way by the supply company to inhibit the growth of organisms.

However, the use of tap water does not guarantee that the bathroom will be worm-free because other factors also play a role.

2. Drainage Conditions

Worms not only enter from drains, but can also enter from sewers that drain outside the house. Worms will enter from the drain that is located outside the house, then slowly enter your bathroom.

3. Bathroom Surface Condition

The more soil surface exposure in the bathroom, the easier it will be for worms to appear. Because of this, worms can still infiltrate the gaps between the tiles if they are not completely coated with a dense cement mixture.

4. Wet Bathroom

According to the research, worms are more likely to appear in the wet bathroom type than in the dry bathroom type because these animals prefer a watery environment. Bathroom floors that are always wet, wet, or flooded are great locations for worms to live and even breed.

In addition, the physical quality of the bathroom also determines the ability of worms to infiltrate the bathroom. To get rid of worms in the bathroom, you will need to limit the worm’s living environment and improve the physical condition of the bathroom if necessary.

Coarse salt can help repel worms in the shower. Even so, worms will still appear in the bathroom as long as the physical condition of the bathroom surface is not repaired.

How to Get Rid of Worms

If worms have already appeared in the bathroom, you need to immediately take steps to get rid of them.

The equipment and products / materials you will need are:

  • Coarse salt
  • Washing water
  • Bathroom brush

Follow the steps below to get rid of bathroom worms:

You need to do this on the bathroom walls and floor. Plan these activities in advance, perhaps on a schedule for draining your tub and cleaning your bathroom. Dissolve 500g of coarse salt in 5 liters (about 5 scoops) of fresh water.

Use this solution to evenly flush the bathroom walls and floor. Make additional solutions if less. As an alternative, you can use water used for washing, namely water mixed with detergent. This step aims to lure worms out of the pores of the floor and bathroom walls because their bodies are sensitive to these substances.

Use as much water as possible to get the worms out of the drain or use another method suited to your conditions to get rid of them. Rinse the surface with clean water. Dry the surface if you wish to continue with the precautions below.

How to Prevent Worms from Coming Back to Your Bathroom Again?

Prevention is better than getting rid of bathroom worms. Over time, the water eroded the gaps between the porcelain tiles, making them more porous. In dry condition after cleaning with the method above, refill all gaps with a dense cement mixture.

Make sure there are no open ground levels and no openings connected to the outside of the house. A more comprehensive preventive method could be in the form of remodeling a wet bathroom into a dry bathroom that separates wet areas from water-free areas.

Maintain The Dryness

Apart from being easier to clean, dry bathrooms are also less preferred by worms. Use carbolic acid to crush worm eggs in floor pores and walls. Fragrant carbolic is a ceramic cleaning fluid that contains chemicals that are harsh enough to kill worms and their eggs.

Every few days you should scrub the bathroom and toilet floors using scented carbolic acid. In addition to the smell of the bathroom and cleaner, scented carbolic can also kill worms and their eggs at once.

Fill Any Holes or Gap in Between Bathroom Tiles

Seal the hole leading to the drain in the bathroom and refill the gaps between the bathroom tiles that have been eroded Over time, holes in the floor, wall, or bathroom tub are inevitable. However, you can still prevent worms from making a nest in the hole by immediately filling the hole with cement.

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