Worm in the Bathroom? Here are Tips to Get Rid and Repel Them

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how to get rid of worm in bathroom

We all know how scary it is when we spot a long black line that is moving in the bathroom floor. Until you realize that it is a worm that already manifested your bathroom.

The first thing that comes to your mind will be: “How did they end up in here? Can I get rid of them from my bathroom?”

You have eliminated them several times but they keep coming back on the next day. Why? Because even when you spotted one worm in your bathroom, it means there are more of them hidden under your floors. And, it need special treatment.

If you experienced this, Do not worry. Here we’re going to give you a full step-to-step guidance on how to get rid of these worms and make sure they won’t come back again.

Make sure to read until the end!


Dangers of Worm in the Bathroom

Before getting to the solution, let’s have a quick look on the danger if you don’t get rid of this worm quickly from your bathroom. These worms can actually cause several health issue such as:

1. Digestive Infection

Even if the worm don’t bite, the worms found in the bathroom can cause digestive tract infections. It is caused by the bacteria and parasitic that come from the worms.

The symptom include vomiting and diarrhea. Normally, digestive infection can only be infected if the number of the microorganism is too many. Therefore, you might want to get rid of the worms quickly before it’s too late!

2. Intestinal Worms in Children

Children are very susceptible to worms. The characteristics of children with worms can be seen from the loss of appetite. Another symptom is, the child will become weak and no energy even though they have eaten enough portions.

3. Itching and Skin Diseases

Don’t underestimate the worm problem in the bathroom. Water that has been contaminated with worms will usually cause itching and skin disease if you use the water for bathing.


How to Get Rid of Worm in The Bathroom

Without further do, let’s jump to the solution and get rid of them once for all!

1. First, Eliminate All The Existing Worms

If the worms have already appeared in the bathroom, you need to immediately take steps to get rid of them. Killing one or two of them doesn’t solve it since there might actually more of them under the bathroom tiles. Or the worse case, the eggs too!

how to get rid of bathroom worm

Step 1: prepare an empty bucket and fill 3/4 of it’s capacity. Then, add below items inside the water:

  • Salt 
  • Soap
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar

Stir them for 1 minute.


You’ve should at least have 3 out of all the items above to create a perfect mixture to kill the worms effectively. The bathroom worm’s body are sensitive to these substances.

Step 2: Get a mask and hand gloves to protect you from the chemical above to prevent any skin irritation.

Step 3: Get the cleaning brush and start to brush off your bathroom’s floor and the bottom part of your bathroom’s wall using the mixture above. Please remember to cover all the floor area of your bathroom and make sure to brush the floor tiles properly.

Step 4: After you finished, you will find your bathroom will be full of foam and the chemical smell. Leave it like that for about half an hour (the longer the duration, the better the result). Do not rinse them during this period so that it can kill the worms effectively.

Step 5: After 30 minutes, your bathroom is now ready to be rinsed of using water. Rinse the surface with the clean water.


At this stage, all the existing worms and the eggs in your bathroom should have not survived.

However, it doesn’t mean the new one will not enter your bathroom again. Let’s go to the next step to prevent them coming back!

2. Always Keep Your Bathroom Floor Dry

Keep bathroom dry to prevent centipedes

According to the research, worms are more likely to appear in the wet bathroom type than in the dry bathroom type. Worms prefer a wet and watery environment.

Bathroom floor that always wet or flooded is a great location for worms to live and even breed.


Here’s how to keep your bathroom always dry:

Make sure your bathroom has a proper ventilation

Bathroom is used at least once per individual every day. When your bathroom has improper ventilation, the moisture from the showers will remain in the bathroom and lead to a damp and wet environment.

Add Bath Matt

The bath matt help to absorb the excess leftover water after you shower. Reducing a lot of moisture before the water gets into the floor.

When you choose the bath matt, it is recommended to use either cotton, microfiber, or memory foam material. Here are some recommendation that you can consider:


Wear Bathroom Slippers

Although you have already place the bath matt, bathroom slippers come in handy to keep the water off from your bathroom. After shower, simply slip into your slipper and let them absorb the water from your feet.

Install Dehumidifier If You Don’t Have Any Bathroom Windows

We understand that not all bathroom have window. Therefore, installing dehumidifier is a perfect option for you. And guess what, it is cheaper cost than installing a new window.


Having a dry bathroom can indeed prevent any new worms to enter your bathroom since it is not attractive anymore for them.

3. Create a “Repellent” on The Bathroom Drain

how to get rid of worm in the bathroom


Bathroom drain is the main and favorite entrance for worms.

After you do the cleaning on point number 1, it should have also cleaned the drainage from the worms. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t enter again from the drain.

Therefore, create a “barrier” by spraying a salt on top of the drain periodically. You can do this once  a week after the point number 1.

Another option, you can put some mothball on top of the drain too! The worms will think twice before coming out to the surface.

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4. Seal Any Leakage Pipes, Floor Tiles, and Walls in Bathroom

worm in the bathroom repel

The drains is not the only access for worm to enter your bathroom, so does cracked pipes, floor tiles, and walls.

Seal the hole leading to the drain in the bathroom and refill the gaps between the bathroom tiles that have been eroded. Over time, holes in the floor, wall, or bathroom tub are inevitable. However, you can still prevent worms from making a nest in the hole by immediately filling the hole with cement.

5. Install a Water Resistant Tiles

If you feel that point number 2 is too troublesome, then you can consider to change your bathroom tiles to a water resistant type of tiles.

Here are 3 recommended waterproof floor types for bathroom:


Ceramic, Vinyl, and Porcelain.


Bottom Line

Worms are less likely to appear in bathrooms with tap water than groundwater since the tap water has been treated in such a way by the supply company to inhibit the growth of organisms.

The use of tap water does not guarantee that the bathroom will be worm-free because other factors.

However, if you have done all the tips above, we are sure that your bathroom will be worm-free. Just remember to do periodical check if the worms are still there. If they are, you can call the professionals and let them eliminate for you.

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