Tiny Bugs on Wall That Keep Appearing Non Stop

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Tiny Bugs That Crawl On Wall

Does your room has these very tiny bugs on the wall or ceiling? Well, you won’t notice them until you go really near to spot them.

You might want to just ignore it at first, until they started to bite you as their number keep increasing because you’ve been ignoring them too long.

By the time you just realized and try to eliminate them, a group of new batch will keep appearing the next day as if it is unstoppable.

Guess what, it’s already quite late since they have already spread their eggs in all over your room. Although this tiny bugs on wall invasion case is considered seldom, it’s a good thing to know how to prevent bed bugs!

Cases Reported

According to AsiaOne, a Chinese family in Singapore claimed that the daughter had been experiencing itchiness and she has to kill the bugs almost every night before sleep. The young lady claimed that she spotted that these insects were able to move very fast. Even after they kill the insect every day, the new one will keep appearing the next day.


Another case was reported by a regular traveler on the trip advisor review. A man was staying in one of a hotel and he felt that something was biting his ankles. He spotted these mini insects on the bed and kitchen floor and some were jumping around. He claimed that these insects are very hard to spot and even harder to catch.

How They Look Like

When reading this, you might be wondering if the bugs that we’re going to discuss in this article are the same as the one crawling on your wall? 

You don’t have to worry, because the method of getting rid of them is applicable to most of the bugs!

However, if you’re still curious, take a look on below close up:

bugs that keep appearing nonstop on wall

The baby is almost unseen, whereas the adult can be seen as small dot on the wall. 


  • Light brown to dark brown color.
  • It looks similar to booklice.
  • Moves very fast.
  • They have no wings.
  • They can jump around.
  • Normally it stays on your wall and ceiling.
bugs that keep appearing nonstop on wall

Below picture is the bad shape situation where the bugs already reproduce too much:

bugs that keep appearing nonstop on wall

Check Your Wall Now!

Let’s pause reading and take a look of your room’s wall now!

After you managed to spot one, you will get to identify the others easier. They usually hanging in your wall in their favorite spot.

If your wall is clean without these very mini bugs, you can take a breath now! However, if you’re curious on how to prevent them existing on your wall in the future, you can continue to read this article.

If you find out that there are actually bunch of them on your wall, don’t panic! We will give you tips to get rid of them. Just make sure you read it until the end to get the full information.


What Are These Tiny Bugs on The Wall?


With all the matched descriptions and symptoms, this pest is believed to be the bed bugs. Bed bugs are the tiny vampires that are feed on the human blood!

Unlike other pest, this bed bugs does not have wings. Hence, they only able to jump around from surface to another surface.

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Where do These Tiny Bugs on The Wall Come From?

Bed bugs come from infested areas and old furniture. These tiny bugs basically can hitch anywhere in the house such as luggage, surfaces, table, bed, wardrobe, and etc. 

If the area you live in are considered an old housing area or apartment which highly chance that already infested by bed bugs, then the higher chance you will have one soon. This is because, they can travel between multi-unit buildings.


Or in other scenario, one of the member that live in your house could bring the bed bugs back after they came back from travelling.

In most of the cases found, the bed bugs are hiding inside the luggage and bag that placed on the floor or near the hotel’s furniture that already infested.

Are These Pests Dangerous?

Bed bugs can bite once it jump or drop to your skin. So if your room has dominated by bunch of them, you will be experiencing these “mini bite” frequently.

fleas bite mark

The bite sometimes can transmit diseases such as myxomatosis and plague. When you got bitten by bed bugs, it will have common symptoms such as red dot together with it itchiness. Scratching it will damage your skin or even worse, will cause the bacteria infection around the bitten area.

How to Get Rid of These Tiny Bugs on The Wall?

There is no point to kill the insects as the new one will keep appearing. Bed bugs reproduce quickly. In order to get rid of them permanently, you need to do some extra work.


When the number of these insects already numerous, it’s a bit harder to totally eliminate them as the eggs were already spread. 

1. Eliminate Them Totally

The first thing that you should do is to eliminate the existing bed bugs in your room. Instead of killing them one by one, the easiest way to get rid of these insects is to spray them using anti-bugs spray. To be more effective, spray it to the whole room including your wall, ceiling, and furniture’s. Don’t miss an inch!

Tips: one or two anti-bugs spray bottles would be sufficient enough to spray one whole room.

If you don’t manage to buy this, you can use a mop by adding a little bit pressure while mopping to kill them away. However, this way is not so effective since this bugs are known of their capability to move very fast. There is a chance that they could just avoid you and jump to the other place.

2. Clean All Fabrics

The first thing you do is to take out all the carpet, pillow, bed sheet from your room and clean it. They are the most favorite place where bed bugs laid their eggs. Wash all your other laundry as well.


3. Scrub Your Wall and Ceiling

Bed bugs hates clean place. So if you don’t want to see them hanging around your walls and ceiling anymore, start to scrub your wall and ceiling with brush together with the Clorox/soap.

By doing this, it will also remove all the leftover eggs/bugs that are still survive after you spray them earlier.

4. Clean Your Floor and Every Furniture in Your Room

After cleaning your wall and ceiling, any dead body of the insects will fall to the floor and your furniture. This is the reason why you need to clean your floor and every furniture AFTER you have done cleaning your wall and ceiling.

5. Eliminate Any Possible Causes

It’s not funny if one day the bed bugs come back to your wall and ceiling to give you another nightmare. Now it is time to eliminate any possible causes for it. 

When you go travelling or even pay a visit to other places, pay attention on the furniture age condition. If they’re seems old enough, you need to be cautious of the possibility of bed bugs infestation. 


Avoid putting your bag or purse on the floor, or anywhere near the furniture.

6. Call The Pest Control

If it still does not work even after you have tried all the tricks above, the last thing you want to do is to ask for professional help. Call the nearest pest control and let them eliminate for you.

Bottom Line

The case caused by this tiny bugs that crawl on your wall was considered seldom.

Although you’ve done all the above steps to eliminate these tiny insects on the wall, these insect will keep coming back if you live in the environment that has poor maintenance and dirty environment. One of the common environment that support the growth of these insects is when a lot of stray dogs can be found within the area.

We hope that this article can answer all the questions that people have been asking when they found these tiny bugs that crawl on their wall and ceiling. Also, we hope that it can help people to get rid from their nightmare caused by these tiny bugs.