8 Natural Pre Workout Meal That Will Boost Your Strength Before Gym

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The problem that often occurs when you want to go to fitness is whether you need to have pre workout meal first or not. There is an opinion that says that meal before fitness can make the body excess energy or can make you vomit while exercising.

This assumption is not always true. Fitness in the morning means your body is in a “empty” state because its energy is burned out while sleeping all night. Therefore, it’s a good idea to fill your stomach first so that you still have energy when you are fitness in the morning.

But you can’t eat just any food before fitness. You must be able to choose what is good for consumption before fitness. Because if you have the wrong food before fitness, it will make your fitness activities run optimally.

The following are pre workout meal choices before fitness that you should consume!

1. Bananas as Food Before Fitness

A study reveals as much as 70 percent of the energy you need when exercising must come from carbohydrates. Carbs can also delay fatigue and improve performance and endurance during training. So don’t be surprised if your pre-fitness food should be based on carbohydrates.


Choose carbs that can be quickly absorbed by the body for pre workout meal before fitness. For example, bananas have starch which is broken down into glucose.

Then the body converts this glucose into glycogen which will be stored as muscle fuel and ready for use during exercise. So, in essence, your fitness activities will be better if you choose carbohydrates to be consumed as food before fitness.

2. Smoothies For Pre Workout Meal

Smoothies made from fresh fruit are one of the best choices for pre workout meal. It contain lots of minerals, vitamins and fiber from fruits and vegetables. This content can keep you energized during exercise.

The protein obtained from this drink can break down quite quickly into fuel for exercise so that your need for energy will be instantly available. As a variation, you can add half a cup of plain low-fat yogurt for additional energy intake and make pre-fitness meals more appetizing.

3. Vegetable Omelet

Omelet with vegetable mixture is a suitable menu for pre workout meals. Like other whole foods, this egg menu has the highest bioavailable levels. Vitamins A, B5, B12, B2, folate, phosphorus, calcium, selenium and zinc are some of the nutrients you can get if you eat eggs and vegetables as food before fitness.


This is a measurement of how much benefit the ability of the protein it contains for the body. These eggs are categorized as food with a biological value of up to 100.

4. Egg Whites

Egg white has a richer protein content than the yolk (about 3 to 4 grams of protein). The amino acid content found in natural egg white protein is also very good as a muscle building nutrient. So it’s not wrong if you eat egg whites before fitness.

In addition, this amino acid is also good for preventing catabolic occurrence (shrinkage of muscle volume) as long as you do a fairly intense exercise. Try eating three egg whites as food before fitness for maximum protein intake to produce the energy needed when exercising.

5. Turkey Meat

Turkey meat is a source of lean protein that is easy to digest and will not cause indigestion. This is because turkey meat is rich in protein and contains few carbohydrates and fats so that it can help meet the daily nutrition for anyone who is doing the body shaping process.

You can consume it by making Turkey Wraps with a vegetable wrap as a wrapper. This vegetable serves to reduce calories and carbohydrates from commonly used bread.


This menu is suitable as a menu for fat loss and muscle building programs. So it would be very good if you choose turkey as food before fitness.

6. Sweet Potatoes

You can also try sweet potatoes as a pre workout meal. Sweet potatoes contain higher carbohydrates than various other fruits such as mangoes, which is about 85.8 calories for 100 grams. Sweet potatoes also have more natural sugars than potatoes, but with fewer calories.

With its ability as a source of carbohydrates, sweet potatoes also contain potassium which can fill 14% of your potassium needs per day.

In addition, sweet potatoes can also improve and prevent muscle fatigue while you are fitness, so it would be better if you eat sweet potatoes as food before fitness.

7. Oatmeal

You can also choose oatmeal as food before fitness. Why is oatmeal on the pre workout meal list? Because oatmeal has properties that are absorbed longer in digestion, so it can provide longer energy when you are doing fitness. Wheat, which is the basic ingredient of oatmeal, is the best source of complex carbohydrates.


Basically, oatmeal does have a bland taste. So, to make your pre workout meal taste more delicious, you can mix oatmeal with various fruits such as strawberries, yogurt, and milk as food before your fitness.

Besides being good for fitness food, oatmeal also helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood, and can also control your blood sugar levels. So, don’t hesitate to choose oatmeal for food before fitness. And consume oatmeal at least 30 minutes before you start fitness.

8. Wheat Bread

The food before fitness that you must try next is whole wheat bread. Wheat contains a lot of carbohydrates which can be a source of energy that you can use while doing fitness.

Whole grain bread contains 80 to 90 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and only has about 1 gram of sugar per sheet. All of these things make whole wheat bread ideal enough to be food before fitness.

But remember, you should choose whole wheat bread that has a minimum of 80 percent wheat content as food before fitness. Because if it is below 80 percent, the bread will contain a lot of flour and sugar. So it is not less appropriate if you consume it for food before fitness.


You can eat whole wheat bread with honey, peanut butter, yogurt, and eggs to increase your nutritional intake before doing fitness.

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Those are 8 pre workout meal that you can try to consume. So, which one is the most appetizing for you?