10 Worst Things to Do Before Workout

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The goal of workout is to get a healthy body. Not only workout is important, turn out what we do before exercise also crucial. There are some things that should not be done before workout. It can make the exercise less than optimal and the benefits will not be felt. Here are some worst things that you should not do before workout:

1. Exercise on an Empty Stomach

In sports there is a term called pre workout meal. Pre workout meal is food eaten before exercise. Yes, there is nothing wrong with eating before exercising. Especially if what you eat is the right food and the right portion. But don’t try exercise with empty stomach.

Eating before workout is not without purpose. Precisely by eating before workout you will have the energy to exercise. Exercise takes a lot of energy and energy can be obtained from the food you eat before workout. If you eat right, it can help your performance in exercising.

2. Eat Spicy Food

Exercising on an empty stomach, full stomach, and exercising right after eating is a mistake. It would be even more wrong if you consume spicy food before exercise. Even though you have given a break between meals and exercise, it is not a good choice to consume spicy food before exercise.

Spicy food does have a tempting color and a tantalizing taste. No wonder there are people who can not resist the urge to eat these foods. But if you have an exercise schedule, it’s not a wise choice to do it. Chili and other spicy foods can actually make the stomach become hot and uncomfortable during exercise.


3. Cardio Before Lifting Weights

Exercising, lifting weights, or fitness, has become one of the most popular sports. By lifting weights, a person can change his body shape. From fat to thin and thin to muscular. With the right technique, regular exercise, and the right weights, the ideal body is not impossible to get.

If you choose to do weightlifting, then you should not immediately spend time and energy by running on a treadmill or stationary bike. Cardio that is too heavy will actually make the energy run out first before lifting weights. Do moderately 2-3 minutes of cardio just to get your heart used to it.

4. Drink Alcohol

Planning to have a drink containing alcohol before exercising? Better to undo it. If you want to drink alcoholic beverages, yes, please, but do not continue with sports. This is the umpteenth bad habit that many people do. Maybe they think they can make up for drinking alcohol by exercising.

Even if you only drink a glass, alcohol can have a bad impact on the body. Especially if you want to continue with sports. Alcohol can make the heart work so disrupted and the body’s coordination is disrupted. Making the wrong move can actually make you injured. Instead of getting healthy, you get sick.

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5. Doing Static Stretches

Stretching or stretching is recommended to be done before each exercise. It turns out that stretching should not be done haphazardly. Improper stretching increases the chances of injury during exercise. Static stretching is a stretch that is often done by people where it is not effective.

Stretching that should be done is dynamic stretching. That is, stretching is done dynamically by involving muscles and joints. Exercise is not only to train the muscles, but the joints will also move. If the joint is not properly prepared, there is a risk of injury.

6. Eating Too Much

Pre workout meal or eating before exercise is important. Why? Because what you eat will be a source of energy for you to exercise. Sport is an activity that drains energy, so to get that energy is to eat nutritious food and in appropriate portions.

Eating too much before exercising is a fatal mistake. Obviously the stomach will feel full and moving with a full stomach will certainly be very difficult, especially if you have to exercise. Limit the portion of food that will be consumed before exercising so that you don’t feel bloated, nauseous, and vomit while exercising.

7. Lack of Sleep

Even though there is a lot of work, it is not recommended to work late at night or stay up late. The effect of staying up late is bad for the body. Starting from weakness, lack of energy, to mood can also be damaged if lack of sleep.


This lack of sleep also adds to the list of some things not to do before exercising. Keep in mind that exercise is a very draining activity. By staying up late until morning, your body will not be able to recharge the energy that has been used after a day of activities. So, the body will be weak and if it is weak, then the exercise will not be enthusiastic and certainly will not be useful.

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8. Exercise After Eating

Indeed, before exercise it is recommended to fill the stomach first alias eat. But you should also pay attention to the time of the meal. Not that after you eat immediately go to exercise. It is not recommended to exercise immediately right after eating. The effect is not good for the stomach and health.

Want to eat light or a lot, immediately after eating exercise can make digestion become disturbed. Stomach can immediately feel nauseous because forced to do strenuous activities. Forcing yourself can allow vomiting to occur. Of course, it’s not fun to throw up at the gym. Take about an hour after eating before exercising.

9. Take Pain Relief

Pain killers or painkillers are one way that some people use to relieve pain. By taking a few pills, the pain experienced can be reduced or even disappear. It doesn’t go away permanently but only for a while. And its use must be under the direction of a doctor.


Even though you have received doctor’s instructions, you should not take painkillers before exercising. It’s understandable that you are sick or don’t want to get sick while exercising, but taking painkillers means that something is wrong with your body. Prioritize recovering and using non-pharamcological painkiller devices before exercise rather than relying on painkillers.

10. Drink Too Much Water

It is true that we must keep our body properly hydrated. One way is to drink water. But that doesn’t mean you can drink lots of water. You will know for yourself what the consequences are if you drink too much water. Stomach bloating, discomfort, and frequent pacing to the toilet.

Drinking too much is also not allowed if you want to exercise. Abdominal bloating is clearly not going to be comfortable when moving. In addition, drinking too much water before exercise can also make you dizzy and cramp. If you have cramps, you won’t be able to continue exercising and you will have to relax your muscles.