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9 Hacks to Increase Hunger Even If You Have No Appetite At All

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Whether you’re just having stress at work place, sick, or even heart broken, these factors can suppress your appetite down. You know that it is necessary for you to eat, but you just don’t have appetite at all!

A lost of appetite can last for several days and cause malnutrition that worsen your health condition. This condition could be a nightmare if you’re having a skinny body and aiming to build mass. So, check out 10 easy ways to increase hunger:

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Rushing and busy schedule in the morning makes most of people skip their breakfast. In fact, breakfast can be the answer to increase appetite and weight for those who undergo a diet program.

The habit of skipping breakfast has even been proven through research that it makes people to even eat lesser than usual!

All activities carried out by humans need a calorie, no matter how simple they are. Breakfast can help with the thermogenesis effect, which makes your body burn more calories in one day.


This will automatically increase hunger and appetite as well. If you want to eat more, breakfast is a must. As obligatory as lunch and dinner.

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2. Eat Smaller Portions and More Frequent

Eating normally where large portions are normal will be very difficult when your appetite is down. Especially if what you eat is not tasty, you will definitely be more reluctant to finish it. One of the tips to outsmart it is to adjust the portion of the meal.

To provoke an appetite, try to divide your large portion of your meal into smaller portions. By dividing the portion smaller, you will automatically eat more frequent. From a large portion you can divide it into 4 or 5 meals. When your appetite returns to normal, you can increase your food portion a little.

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3. Hot Food / Chili

Chili and spicy food has proven by scientist to actually increase hunger. But be aware of the risk of unpleasant taste in the stomach for those who are sensitive to spicy food.

Although the effect may sound daunting, adding a spicy effect to food can increase one’s hunger. Red chilies, green peppers, peppers, contain capsaicin which can increase hunger. Even when cooked, the spicy smell that comes out can also make saliva drip.


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4. Blend The Food into Drink

When there is no appetite, drinking something is easier than eating as liquid is much easier for our throat and brain to digest it.

Now, the trick is, you can use blender to blend all the foods and make it into a drink that easier for you to consume. For instance, you can blend chicken breast, peanuts, olive oil, carrots and broccoli.

If you still fill disgusted to drink it, just add some seasonings to make it more tasty. However, please be noted that by using blender, you actually lost some of the fiber nutrition inside the food.

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5. Sports

In fact, exercise is not only useful for changing body weight, making the body healthier, and refreshing the mind. Exercise can also be the answer for those who have problems with low appetite. Instead of trying to take supplements for which we don’t know what side effects, let’s try this natural method first.

By exercising, the body will burn more calories than usual. After exercising, your body will definitely be hungry, at this time you will inevitably eat. The more routine exercise, the more food you eat. This is due to the more calories wasted, while the body still needs calories to do other activities.


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6. Reduce Fiber Consumption

In fact, reducing fiber can help to increase hunger too. This fiber can be found in all kinds of vegetables. And this fiber has the main function of making the stomach more resistant to hunger. This is why if you’re going for diet or lose weight, eat more vegetables is recommended.

If you want to increase your hunger, you can skip the vegetables for a while until your appetite rises again. Remember, only temporarily, do not completely stop eating vegetables as this will also have a negative impact on digestion.

7. Schedule Your Meal

As more and more activities are carried out, we often forget our regular meal hours. For example, lunch hour that supposed to be 12pm, you delay it until 2 or 3 o’clock.

Some of us might have no choice, due to rushing work which leads to sacrifice meal time. However, this habit can actually destroy your meal schedule in the long term.

Hunger usually signals that it’s time to eat. But what if you are hungry and there is no appetite? One solution is to create a meal schedule. What time do you have to set as meal time. Of course this can only be effective if you can stick to the eating schedule and be consistent.


If you need some advises to schedule your meal, go check out here to schedule your meal easily!

8. Eat Your Favorite Food!

Following a strict diet is boring and can make you lazy to eat. Even fitness models and body builders can get bored if they just follow this normal diet.

Once in a while or twice, it’s okay to forget about the mandatory diet menu and eat the food we like. We called it “cheat day”.

What food do you like? Pizza, burgers, chocolate, light snacks? Just take one day of “Cheat day” and enjoy them.

The purpose of skipping the diet here is just to increase hunger. When your appetite is normal, you can go back to your discipline routine.


9. Choose Nutritious Foods

As mentioned above, it is okay to eat all these fast food like pizzas, burgers, and etc. But these foods, they have large calories that can make your body weight and fat skyrocket.

Assuming you have eaten your favorite food, you must immediately return to the normal menu where you have to meet the needs of carbohydrates, fiber, fat and protein. You can get this important nutrient from fish, brown rice, oatmeal, eggs, and other healthy foods.

Not Working? Time to Take Supplements!

If you feel the natural ways above is not working, the last thing you can do to increase your hunger is by taking supplements.

Nowadays, there are so many supplements that are sold to solve health problems experienced by someone. Not only in pharmacies, but even supermarkets sell supplements to increase hunger.

But remember, before buying and consuming those supplements, consult with a doctor or do some research!


Consult with the doctor whether you really need to take those supplements or not. In addition, consulting a doctor can make things clearer about what supplements to buy and how much intake to take.