bad habits that make you age faster

10 Bad Habits That Make You Age Faster

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Good or bad habits that we do can affect the age speed. You’ve must have seen people who are still young but their appearance is much older than they should be. This is because people who are young but look old are doing unhealthy habits. These bad habits makes the skin wrinkled, not bright, and makes the age faster. If you are looking for treatments to help fight signs of aging, consider NAD IV therapy. There are many benefits to the treatment, and a low risk of NAD side effects.

Check out 10 bad habits that make you age faster and you should stop:

1. Lack of sleep

Even though you’ve often heard the quote that says don’t sacrifice your health by staying up late, the fact is that there are still many people who stay awake not only until late at night but also until morning. As the result, lack of sleep makes a person tired, powerless, and mood swing.

If this bad habits continues, the long-term effects can make a person’s skin age. When we sleep, the body will regenerate damaged cells with new ones. If a person stays up late, the body cannot regenerate. Keep in mind that the collagen that makes skin smooth, firm, and youthful can only be produced when a person sleeps or rests.

2. Smoking

Even though each pack of cigarettes has written about the bad effects of smoking and added horrific photos of those whose health has been affected by smoking, there are still many people who continue to smoke. If only the effects of cigarettes were felt in a short time, maybe these smokers could repent.


Of the many health problems that cigarettes can give, one of them is a problem with the skin. Smokers have darker and duller skin. This is because cigarettes contain chemicals that can make the skin not only turn dull and also damage its elasticity. Both active and passive smokers will feel the health effects.

3. Stress

Over the time, people who are unable to cope with stress can look older than their current age. People who are stressed will also experience sleep disorders which can cause collagen to stop being produced and make the skin lose its firmness. Make sure you find ways to deal with stress to stay young.

4. Consuming less fat

Many people assume that weight gain is caused by eating too many fatty foods. Please note here that not all fat is bad. If you believe in foods that contain bad fats and don’t want to eat them, you will actually make your body disturbed and you may not look young anymore.

Fat consists of bad fat and good fat. These bad or saturated fats are not recommended for consumption. Good or unsaturated fats can be consumed. Some foods that contain good fats such as avocado, eggs, salmon, nuts, dark chocolate, and tofu. While foods that contain saturated fat such as fried foods, milk and processed products, red meat, and mayonnaise.

5. Coffee

Seeing how many cafes serve coffee indicates how important this one caffeinated drink is for many people. There are many people who depend on coffee because of the effects of caffeine which can make a person more excited and energized to work. Even if it’s night and sleepy, drinking a cup of coffee can make a person strong enough to stay up late.


Indeed, the benefits of coffee are as an energy booster, but it is not wise to drink coffee continuously. Caffeine has diuretic properties, which means it can cause the body to excrete more fluids than usual. If the body fluids are reduced, this can make the body lose moisture, dehydrate, and make the skin look fresh and old.

6. Less Drinking Water

During an interview at the UEFA Euro 2020 event, Juventus superstar from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, surprisingly shifted the sponsor of Euro 2020, which was soda. After shifting the soda, he said not to drink soda but water. This is a sign that drinking soda is not good and choose water.

The human body consists mostly of water, so the fluid needs in the body must be met. One of them is diligently drinking water. Not drinking enough water in addition to making people dehydrated, weak, can also make a person old. Skin also needs water to keep it healthy and fresh.

7. Lack of Exercise

The effects of lack exercise not only have an impact on body weight but also to the skin health. Regular exercise can increase blood circulation in the body, including the skin. When the circulation is smooth, the blood can deliver oxygen properly to all parts of the body. Do you want to look older than your age or stay young by exercising frequently?

8. Consuming Too Much Fast Food

If you are the type of person who is very busy and always pressed for time, obviously eating at a fast food restaurant can be an option. The food is delicious and served fast. Especially now that many fast food restaurants are open 24 hours, more and more people are choosing to consume fast food.


But when it comes to health, fast food is actually not healthy food. If you only eat occasionally, go ahead, but if you eat too often this can be dangerous. You may have heard about weight gain and cholesterol. But eating fast food regularly can also make a person older than his/her age.

9. Consuming Too Much Soda

Although refreshing, soda can’t replace water. Drinks containing soda can only please the tongue but cannot meet the body’s fluid needs. Not to mention the high sugar content. Even though it has been labeled zero sugar, it does not guarantee that the soda really does not contain sugar.

Because soda drinks do not have any nutrients and only contain sugar, they are not recommended for frequent drinking. Some of the effects of drinking too much soda such as weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and also the effects of old age. Diet soda products? The product is also not much different for bad health as zero sugar.

10. Holding Grudge

There is nothing positive about holding a grudge. Yes, it is annoying when we are treated inappropriately by others. Especially if those who do the family themselves will certainly have a grudge stored in their minds and hearts. But, think again whether you want to drown with the grudge or not.

Holding grudges only brings health problems. Life should be lived in a relaxed manner, forget all grudges. There are still a lot of people who can appreciate you and it’s fun. Holding a grudge for years will only make the burden on your mind increase and disturb your psychology. By forgetting grudges, blood pressure will return to normal, depression will be reduced, no stress, and anxiety will disappear. This habits what makes a person look older than his/her age.