9 Best Jobs to Choose if You’re an Extrovert

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best jobs for extroverts

You’re an extrovert and been looking for jobs, but you’re confused whether the job is suitable for you. Well, choosing a job is like choosing a partner. If you’re enjoying your job, it can boost your mood, performance, and most importantly, live a longer life!

According to research, 7 of 10 people choose to have a satisfaction in their job as compared to another higher paid job with the lower satisfaction. This means, money is not everything. Your mental health is!

Therefore, here are 9 best jobs to choose if you’re an extrovert:

1. Project Manager

When a project enters a company, this will be the project manager’s job to do this task. As a project manager, your job is to meet with clients and discuss things needed related to the project. From the information obtained, then the project manager will arrange and form a team to work on the project.

In short, the project manager is like a bridge between clients and workers. A project manager must have good communication skills. Communication with the project team as well as communication with the clients. In addition, project managers must also understand good budgeting, project strategy, reporting, and time management.


2. Public Relation

Introverts find it tiring and exhausting to work with lots of people, especially if there are different people. It’s not that they hate, but their limited energy makes them have to work extra hard when getting a job that requires them to meet many different people. On the other hand, extroverts are not like that, they love being able to work and meet new people.

If you’re an extrovert who are looking for jobs, maybe working as public relation can be taken into consideration. Public relation is one of the jobs that makes a person regularly meet new people in frequent times. The main task of a public relations officer is to ensure that the company where they work has a good goals and benefits for the society. Hence, a good communication skills is very important for this job. Explore the public relations jobs on Jooble.

3. Human Resource Development

In the company, HR is responsible for selecting prospective employees, assessing employee performance, training employees, and so on. When a company open for job vacancies and there are many people applying, HR will assess and select the prospective employees.

This job not only require you to meet people but also need to learn their characters. A HR must be a bridge between all parties in a company. Employees between employees and also employees with superiors. Because HR often interacts with other people, this job is more suitable for extroverts to handle.

4. Consultant

A consultant’s job requires them to meet people. There are many types of consultants, which are accounting, sales, HR, information technology, and tax consultants. All of these types of consultations still require them to work with people. Not a moment that introvert personality expect.


If you are an extrovert and looking for jobs, you might be consider taking a job as a consultant. You just need to find out your interests and abilities in which direction and then choose what type of consultant you want. A consultant also doesn’t have to work alone, they can also work in a team if they feel the task is big and heavy.

5. Lawyer

When you get into legal problems that make you have to go through court proceedings, you can’t help but use the service of a lawyer. A lawyer is a person who provides legal assistance. It can be outside or inside the court. It is clear that people in this profession must be good at talking and understand the law.

Maybe introverts could also take this job as the law can be learned. However, when it comes to walking into a courtroom and being confronted by a crowd, it feels different. Lawyer have to speak in front of a large crowd which is not suitable to be taken by an introvert. A lawyer must also be articulate and convince judges & people, present in court.

6. Lecturer

Whether it’s a school teacher or lecturer, it is one of the jobs that will bring us together with new people.

For extroverts, their energy seems inexhaustible as they really enjoy hanging out and talking with people.


7. Event Organizer

Organizing an event could be headache and requires a lot of hard work. This is why, event organizer existed to handle this job. With event organizer, they will settle all the arrangement, including proper schedule, organize interesting event that can make your event alive, and many more!

The nature job of event organizer is by connecting with other people. t will take extra energy if this work is done by people with introvert personality. If you are an extrovert person, this one of the jobs can be fun as you can meet and get acquainted with new people every day.

8. Sales

Any company that sell product as their nature of business will need sales to approach their customer. They will need to set a proper strategy for marketing and sometimes interact directly with the clients.

If you’re an extrovert, sales could be one of the best job for you as you will need to meet and interact with a lot of new people. A sales is happen from a good communication skills of the sales. The better communication and interaction skills that you have, the more sales you can achieve!

9. Social Media Manager

In this advanced era of technology, there are so many social media out there. Where initially social media was only used as a means of adding friends, now it is being used for the benefit of the company. Many companies use social media to promote their products.


A social media manager must understand how social media works and set a strategy on how to promote a company or brand as attractive to the crowd as possible.