8 Hacks to Stay Consistent in Business When You’re Bored

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how to stay consistent in business

Every now and then, entrepreneurs feel a little stuck and inconsistent. The part of you who used to be excited and passionate has faded away. Leaving you unmotivated, drained, and exhausted. If you found yourselves in such a case, I’m going to tell you 8 hacks to stay consistent in your business.

Building a business might be one of the most exciting part of entrepreneur life. Preventing dangers and failure might be thrilling at the early stage.

Nevertheless, most of the entrepreneur get bored with their business in the middle stage.

The most common causes of boredom in business are attributed by:

  • Slow business growth, you felt that your company has grown as much as it can.
  • No challenge which lead to no excitement

If you don’t treat this immediately, boredom can be the biggest pitfall in your business.


1. Think Back Why You Started Business in The First Place

Back then, you might had a strong motivation that fuel up your energy. This was compelling enough to hustle you out from the status quo and drive you forward to create your business. After some time, you might become detached and forgot from that initial purpose.

Therefore, I recommend you to set aside one hour of your time that you won’t get interrupted. Get a blank paper and imagine yourselves back in the day when you started your business. Focus on the moment that determine you on setting up the business and list that down on the blank paper.

You might also want to journal down every specific reasons why you felt drawn in your entrepreneurship. Remind yourself that owning your business was a dream of yours and you’ve already achieved that dream. Is it worth to quit?

2. Adding New Color to Your Business

A boredom can develop from your physical surroundings. Human’s brain are made to be attracted to novelty. For instance, let’s say you just moved to a new country. Your brain then will react to it as a whole new novelty and experiences. After few months, you’ll be surprised how ordinary it is and how quickly it became boring.

Likewise, you could try by redesign your office by buying a new furniture and rearrange the layout of your office. Or if you have online business, you can try changing your logo and site design that giving you a new vibes.


By injecting something new color to your business, it will help to boost back your motivation to stay consistent in the business.

3. Stay Hungry to Develop Your Business

It is normal to feel bored when your business routine doesn’t vary much from day to day. If you own a start up, most likely you’re still handling the operation by yourselves. As the result, you might have no time or energy to plan for the business growth.

If that is the case, hiring someone to run the operation for you could be a good idea. Even with a tight budget or cashflow, having someone to do the operation for you is still worth the cost since now you can focus more on developing your business. It also helps you to get rid of boredom by delegating any tasks that make you feel bored.

4. Learn to Rest, Not Quit

Burnout can also happen to entrepreneur, where you’re having a struggle in anxiety, stress, and hard work in maintaining your business. Unconsciously, our body are fighting to stay healthy through out the process.

When you start to feel exhausted, and overwhelmed, maybe it is time for you to go for short vacation. It is important to create a space of rest in order for you to stay consistent. This might sounds unimportant, but our brain can’t do the best work if we feel exhausted. You’ll need a downtime to stay away from the business for a while, and determine your next move.


5. Transform Routine into Habit

According to a study, habits are “actions that are triggered automatically in response to contextual cues that have been associated with their performance.” For instance, when you get into the car, you automatically put on seatbelt without thinking why. Other sample, for bodybuilder, they felt something missing if they skip a day without working out.

Human brain likes habit since they’re efficient. Therefore, when you automate a certain action, you’ll free mental resources for other tasks.

In order to transform your habit into automatic, you’ll need approximately around 18 to 254 days. Some habits are easier to form than others. If you can force yourselves to stick into your business for this period, you’ll stay consistent in doing your business.

6. Time to Set a New Milestone

You might achieved some of your goals in the business and feel bored about it. This is completely normal. While gratitude is important, don’t get too fast satisfied. Pursuing a new milestone and setting up a new goal can helps you to stay consistent in the business.

When you setting up your new goal, don’t forget to set it specific and measurable. For instance, if you’re planning to increase gross sales by $100,000 in one year, it might sounds overwhelming and vague.


Therefore, break the number down and analyze how the goal is achievable. If you want to increase the sales by $100,000 in one year, that means you need to generate $25,000 in a quarter, and $9,000 a month.

Having a specific and measurable new milestone will helps you to have a new challenges and excitement. As the result, it will help you to stay consistent in the business.

7. Get a New Circle

Your circle can affect your consistency in the business. Join some local community and networking entrepreneur group. Participate the online forums and discussion. You can join LinkedIn group via online.

It is important to evaluate the group carefully. Choose a community according to your business industry and seek if they consistently sharing valuable information. By doing this, you’ll stay up to date with the latest trend in the industry.

Getting a new community could also potentially meet you with someone to exchange ideas and perspective in order to develop your business. If you’re surrounded with the correct community, it will help you to stay consistent in your business.


8. Hire a Business Coach

Scaling up your business might not as easy as what it sound. If you have tried all the possible way and still feel that your business is stuck, maybe it is time to get an objective from a professional view.

A good business coach might not only have the fresh idea to shake things up, but also could have better approach in developing your business. In order to find a good business coach, you should do a proper background research about their reputation.

Final Thought

Boredom is a normal part of life that often get talk about. It just happen everywhere, every job if we do it repetitive. Even the athlete get bored with their sports. Even the big bands are bored with their own songs.

The way you deal with your boredom and stay consistent will determine how your business will end up in the future. So? Choose wisely.